How to Make a Flyer on Google Docs

In a world of leaflet, pamphlet, poster, booklet, and brochure templates, you can’t forget about one of the most quintessential yet highly effective advertisement tools in print—flyers. This folded or unfolded document can promote your product, business, or any subject you can think of. And if you are a constant Google Docs user, then you should know that they have a wide array of flyer templates. So for those who ever wondered about how to make a flyer in google docs, continue reading this post. how-to-make-flyer-on-google-docs

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  • Log on to Google Docs, select Template Gallery, then select any template that resembles a flyer and edit it to your heart’s content afterward.

How to Make Flyers Using Templates In Google Docs

Whether you use Windows or Mac, the only prerequisites you need to create flyers using Google Dos are a stable internet connection and a reference document containing every text or detail to add to a flyer. And once you have prepared both requirements, proceed to follow these steps below:

1. Open your browser and log on to to access Google Docs.

Note: You cannot access Google Docs without a Google account yet. So make sure to sign up until you can make and create as many documents as you want with Google Docs.

2. Once logged in, click Template Gallery. The template gallery is located in the upper right section and is also beside the Start A New Document section. From there, you get to see the whole general collection of templates from Google Docs.


Note: If you can’t see the template gallery button, click Menu which is found on the upper left side. Its icon consists of three dots. Next, click Settings from the menu and toggle on Templates. That way, the templates section will be marked.

3. Now that you can see the list of premade templates from Google Docs, choose the perfect template that resembles your preferred flyer.

Note: Are you looking for more flyer templates to save and customize? Head on to, specifically the flyers in Google Docs.

4. As you select your favorite template, you will be directed to Google editor. And that tool lets you edit the title, design, text, and other elements. This is where you insert the flyer data you prepared from the reference document earlier. Thus, start exploring the customizable features of Google Docs. And don’t forget to add pictures and other media to embellish your flyer.


5. Do you want a custom-made flyer? You can also create flyers out of scratch with Google Docs. Just select Insert on the tab group so you can add images, graphs, and other media from your local and cloud storage. Moreover, the Format section enables you to alter the font style, text spacing, font size, and many more formatting options.

6. Lastly, conduct final observations to rectify any errors and improve the flyer’s content or format. Fact-checking should not be taken lightly too as it could err your document right away. Once you are confident with the results, print your flyer and publish it.