HR Dashboards – 7 Benefits You Need to Know

Human resource (HR) managers constantly perform HR planning in their respective HR roles. They facilitate hiring processes, employee-related documents, employee performance, and many more. Because the scope of their duties covers every department of a company, most HR managers take advantage of HR dashboards. hr-dashboards-7-benefits-you-need-to-know

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HR Dashboards – 7 Benefits You Need to Know

What Is an HR Dashboard?

An HR dashboard is a software tool that assists HR personnel in performing their tasks. It’s considered as an HR analytics program with components that can support processes such as employee recruitment, employee checklist, and report gathering, employee performance/attendance monitoring, payroll calculation, and more. In addition, the use of an HR dashboard is among the hiring tips for recruiting prospective workers.

7 Benefits of HR Dashboards

If your own human resource department hasn’t taken advantage of HR dashboards yet, you should consider implementing them as soon as possible. The benefits they provide will make everything easier and faster for your HR team. Here are seven of those benefits:

Hiring Process

With HR dashboards, it’ll be more convenient to integrate the profiles of newly-hired employees into the company’s computerized systems. During the hiring process, HR dashboards can help employers measure the competency of a candidate using advanced tools involving highly complex integral elements. HR dashboards can aid employers during the selection process of hiring or rejecting job candidates.


HR dashboards are capable of supporting the analysis of the trends in the company. The results of that analysis will be used on how the business should progress going forward, and that includes what sort of employees the company needs in the future. So for upcoming recruitment campaigns, the HR personnel will have clear directions and objectives.

Employee Management

The population of your company’s manpower can range from less than a hundred to even thousands, depending on how big it is. Because that’s the case, managing all of them using manual tools can make things inconvenient and cumbersome for your HR department. But with HR dashboards, everything is laid out for you. You can easily arrange and sort employee background checks, records, and profiles. Plus, there are HR dashboards with embedded communication systems that can disseminate information to each department swiftly.

Payroll Management

According to an article from, payrolls cover around 15% to 30% of a company’s gross revenue. Those are huge numbers if you think about it. Calculating monthly payroll for the employees can be very tricky if done manually. One slip up can cause adverse effects on your company’s finances; employees will, for sure, raise concerns about the discrepancies of their payroll. But with an HR dashboard, facilitating payrolls becomes a walk in the park. Remember that HR dashboards are fully-capable of keeping employee records, which includes their attendance, productivity, and overall performance. Those records are among the basis in calculating monthly payrolls, and an HR dashboard can generate those results for you.

Managing Skills and Ability

Employee performance management is among the essential roles of every HR department. One of your responsibilities as an HR manager or staff member is to contribute to enhancing their skills and abilities. With HR dashboards, you can easily record the strengths and weaknesses of each employee in the company. Through that approach, monitoring the progress of their improvements will become easier. And in the long run, it’ll also be easier to eye employees that are worthy of promotion. You can integrate the status of an employee’s skills and abilities in their profile.


Almost everything that an HR team does is constant recording, monitoring, and, last but not least, tracking. And when we talk about monitoring, it’s not just about the employees. It concerns the entire company as a whole. Everything that your HR team tracks, from employee productivity records and performance evaluation, bodes tremendous impacts on the business’s progress. Simply put, an HR dashboard can help your company predict its future and avoid foreseeable issues. That said, all the tracking duties of your HR team must always be accurate and credible, and you’ll need HR dashboards for that.

Employee Engagement

As mentioned earlier, HR dashboards can help you keep track of employee performance and improvement. Through the results of those data, you can measure employee engagement. Employee engagement is a concept that determines how satisfied or passionate are the employees of their respective roles in the company. Their progress and overall performance speak volumes of how engaged they are as workers. With an HR dashboard, you can use detailed metrics that can provide in-depth measurements of employee engagement. As an HR worker, you should know that measuring employee engagement can help in identifying the needs of the workers and nurturing their well-being in the workplace.

 Best HR Dashboards

Everyone nowadays is embracing digital transformation. Don’t let your HR team be left out. Here are some of the best HR dashboards that you can integrate into your team’s standard operating procedures.


BambooHR is an American-based software company that offers programs designed for human resource operations. Their HR dashboard software is capable of tracking bulks of reports, records, and metrics concerning a company’s workforce. It can simplify the presentation of sophisticated data and statistics so that users can easily understand them. It even has a feature that can help the user schedule training sessions, arrange announcements, and receive upcoming employee birthday notifications. The outputs of BambooHR’s dashboard can also aid in making a job posting.

Bamboo HR has an overall rating of 4.5/5 in


Workday is also an American-based tech company that helps HR management teams in transitioning to digital transformation. Their HR dashboard is called Workday Human Capital Management (HCM). The program can be accessed on various devices. So even if you’re not in the office, you can still check recent updates and progress regarding employee status. Plus, its interface is very user-friendly. We highly recommend you Workday HCM.

Workday HCM has an 8.2/10 rating for Ease of Use in


If your company is small, with around a hundred employees only, Gusto’s HR dashboard is ideal for your HR team. Their HR dashboard software is designed from small businesses that don’t really require complex metric systems and statistics. With Gusto, practicality and functionality are balanced. Plus, it can help you create an interview checklist for prospective job candidates. Calculating employee payroll, incentives, and tax, and monitoring their regular becomes easier.

Gusto has a 4.5/5 customer service rating in

Gone are the days where everything is done manually through pen and paper. Transcend and improve the operations of your HR department by using the best HR dashboards. In the long term, your company will boast a well-managed workforce and experienced significant success.

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