7 Tips to Improve Your Job Posting

Creating a job post is one of the many responsibilities of the recruitment team. When there are job openings in the company, the team undergoes HR planning to figure out how to get those positions filled. Making a job posting is the first thing to do and the more engaging it is, the more applicants it will attract.


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7 Tips to Improve Your Job Posting

If you need some hiring tips and believe your job posting can be better, here are seven for you to improve it.

Write a Clear and Concise Job Description

Create a job description for your posting so that applicants will know what they’re signing up for. Make it clear and concise. At the same time, ensure the job description is engaging and don’t neglect enticing details like benefits, for example. To avoid drawing a large number of respondents to your job posting, specify the requirements and standards set by the company. That way, your readers can determine for themselves whether the job posting is worth applying for.

Add Images and Videos

To make your job posting more interesting and engaging, you may add photos and videos in it to draw your audiences’ attention. The photos can be that of the workplace so that job seekers can have a visual of what their future workplace looks like. As with the video, it should be informative and about the company. Adding these details to your job posting can also be a great way to set up your applicants’ expectations when they consider your job posting.

Focus on Job Posting Content

When you make your job posting, focus on its content. You have to make sure that what you write is both engaging and informative to draw in potential applicants. Make sure that the content is accurate, easy to read, and absent of any mistakes. When you finish your final draft, you can ask a coworker to double-check the content to be sure. No matter how visually appealing the fonts and designs are going to be, if the content isn’t done well, it can turn off your readers and risk your chances of filling the job position up.

Maintain High Search View Efficiency

When you are placing your job posting online, it is important to give it a huge presence. To do this you will have to make sure it has a high search view efficiency by making it so that it appears in your search engine a lot of times. To do this, make a checklist of relevant keywords and add them to your job posting so that job seekers tend to find it when they search online. SEO has done wonders for a lot of businesses, so it doesn’t hurt to go for it as well.

Make it Mobile Friendly

Advertising jobs can be an expensive endeavor, especially when you add in the hiring costs of employees. Posting jobs online is one way to save money, rather than rely on more costly and traditional tactics like banners and flyers. This also ideal because studies show that most people use their mobile phones nowadays for just about anything, including job hunting.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Talking About the Company

It is okay to give some basic information about the company but avoid going overboard and mentioning irrelevant details like the policies or the employee engagement scores. Just get to the point and provide relevant details like the job description and the instructions on the application process. Giving out too much information about your company can intimidate your readers, giving them the wrong idea and making them think that these details have to be memorized for the job interview.

Post Jobs Early in the Week

The early bird gets the worm. Once you complete the content of your job posting, set it up as soon as possible. Timing is everything when it comes to filling up open spots in the company. The earlier you place your job posting, the more applicants you will get. This will fill up your candidate database in no time.

4 Ways to Promote Your Job Posting

If you need help to promote your job posting, here are four methods to spread them to a bigger audience:

Social Media

The use of social media is so widespread that it’s become a common tactic to place job postings there. Such moves are examples of ideal placement, making sure that applicants can see it with no problems at all. Depending on the nature of the job, you may share your job posting in relevant groups and pages to bring attention to it. It is as effective as any normal ads are.


One other way to promote your job postings is to have other people promote it for you. Through referral programs, you can have your employees spread the job posting to their friends and family who might be a good fit for the job position. This type of promotion is also cost-effective compared to the other ways since you save money rather than spend on more advertisements like banners, posters, and flyers.


These are electronic bulletin reports whose contents usually involve the current events that are occurring in the company. These are also another way to promote your job postings. While newsletters are usually for the eyes of the employees at a workplace this can help alert them to new job postings which they can pass around to people they know would be a great fit for the job.

Job boards

A job board is a website that is specifically for job postings, It is catered for job seekers to easily find work online. With digital transformation, you can convert your job posting’s content in order to place it online so that it can reach a bigger audience and potentially draw more applicants.

One of the advantages in today’s world is that with all our available technology, a lot of companies have an easier way to promote their business. They can draw in potential employees with their job postings with just a click of the button.