50+ Invitation Designs, Format & Examples

Looking for a way to spice up your next invitation? Delve into inspirational and curated invitation designs that make it hard to decline! Using over 50 templates with editable formats and user-friendly features, you can begin any event in the best way possible, may it be a birthday, business conference, wedding, or any other program. 50-invitation-designs-format-examples-2021

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50+ Invitation Designs, Format & Examples

The last thing you want is an invitation that won’t be memorable at all. Hype up your invitation just as how you are supposed to hype up your event. This encourages the people whom you invited into attending what you organized rather than sticking to poorly made invitations. And with editable invitation templates to work with, you need not start from scratch. Just choose from any of the designs or examples below.

1. Birthday Invitation Design

A birthday without a party just sounds incomplete. So be sure to organize a birthday invitation that is not only creative but also worth keeping as memorabilia.

printable-birthday-card-invitation-templateUse This Birthday Card Invitation Design

2. Wedding Invitation Design

Feast the celebration of love between soon-to-be-married couples with elegant wedding invitations. Romantic white shades, floral motifs, and minimal art usually dominate this design.

wedding-party-invitation-templateUse This Wedding Party Invitation Design

3. Business Invitation Design

Who says partying and business don’t go well together? A business invitation may be formal but it can also use some fun elements to give employees a break and have fun in the meantime.

business-party-invitation-templateUse This Business Party Invitation Design

4. Event Invitation Design

Sometimes, people have an idea what the event or occasion is when your invitation’s designs are related to the event itself. Just like this example of a toy store opening event invitation with playful geometric shapes for the design.

free-event-invitation-templateUse This Event Invitation Design

5. Graduation Invitation Design

Graduation caps, diplomas, and festive themes—that’s how you know it’s graduation season. And you can apply the same motifs for a graduation invitation too.

free-graduation-invitation-templateUse This Graduation Invitation Design

6. Anniversary Invitation Design

A momentous event such as an anniversary is worth celebrating for sure. And don’t forget to specify the big number in the anniversary invitation may it be a 10th anniversary, 50th anniversary, etc.

anniversary-invitation-templateUse This Graduation Invitation Design

7. Hand-Drawn Wedding Invitation Example

Nothing screams art than a hand-drawn design for your invitation, just like this wedding invitation.



8. Baby Shower Invitation Design

Welcome the new baby with grace using a beautiful baby shower invitation. And if you wish to use multipurpose designs, you can use gender-neutral colors for your invitation.

floral-gender-neutral-baby-shower-invitation-templateUse This Baby Shower Invitation Design

9. Engagement Invitation Design

Before dealing with the many tasks in a wedding, there is also a set of tasks laid out for an engagement party. So be sure to put enough effort into designing the engagement invitation to make it worthwhile too.

engagement-invitation-templateUse This Engagement Invitation Design

10. Funeral Invitation Design

Although a funeral is a heartbreaking thing to gather invitees, it is still a solemn event worth preparing. Inform your loved ones about someone’s passing with a well-designed funeral invitation.

free-simple-funeral-invitation-templateUse This Funeral Invitation Design

11. Engagement Announcement Invitation Example

In an engagement announcement invitation, you can apply art towards typography so the font can be the source of fun too.



12. Appreciation Invitation Design

There are people worth thanking to and you can show your appreciation towards them with a party or dinner. An example is to thank an employee’s hard work. Hence, don’t forget an appreciation invitation to have an audience for the announcement.

it-employee-appreciation-invitation-templateUse This IT Employee Appreciation Invitation Design

13. Art Deco Invitation Design

For art shows, fundraisers, and other art-deco-inspired events, this is where you showcase your most creative designs. And the art you display in an art deco invitation will either be a hit or a miss; thus, it decides if guests will come or not.

art-deco-invitation-templateUse This Art Deco Invitation Design

14. Award Invitation Design

A commemorating achievement marks a commemorating celebration. And it is great to host an award ceremony with an award invitation to headstart the process.

award-invitation-templateUse This Award Invitation Design

15. Luxury Wedding Invitation Example

An expensive-looking design might just be what you are looking for. And you can do that with a luxury-themed invitation design.



16. Baptism Invitation Design

Christening or baptism starts a new chapter for the one being baptized. And this ceremonial process is a solemn event worth preparing using a sleek baptism invitation.

free-sample-baptism-invitation-templateUse This Baptism Invitation Design

17. BBQ Party Invitation Design

Start plotting for your wild barbecue party with the right BBQ party invitation. In its design, don’t forget to include wonderful pictures of barbecues to tickle the tastebuds of your guests.

free-bbq-party-invitation-templateUse This BBQ Party Invitation Design

18. Boarding Pass Invitation Design

Much like a ticket, a boarding pass invitation is one of the popular ways to invite guests where VIP access or special travel destinations are planned. Travel-themed motifs are how you present these invitations.

boarding-pass-ticket-invitation-template1Use This Boarding Pass Ticket Invitation Design

19. Bowling Invitation Design

Don’t you just want to relax and play bowling with friends to hang out? Invite them with a special bowling invitation!

free-bowling-invitation-templateUse This Bowling Invitation Design

20. Breakfast Invitation Design

Sometimes, an event can be as simple as a breakfast invitation. But you can keep it fancy from the invitation’s design so keep it inviting as well.

free-formal-breakfast-invitation-templateUse This Breakfast Invitation Design

21. Bridal Shower Invitation Design

Before the actual wedding, a bridal shower where the woman about to be married receives special gifts from her friends. And such an event should also come with a classy bridal shower invitation as a start.

free-bridal-shower-invitation-templateUse This Bridal Shower Invitation Design

22. Cafe Opening Invitation Design

A grand opening for your cafe deserves a huge celebration to make sure your business starts with a buzz. Hence, prepare cafe opening invitations to ensure more people will anticipate the grand opening.

grand-cafe-opening-invitation-templateUse This Grand Cafe Opening Invitation Design

23. Carnival Invitation Design

Nothing beats those campy and theatrical designs for carnival invitations. Just like a carnival, ensure that the invitation’s style is just as fun and exciting.

carnival-invitation-templateUse This Carnival Invitation Design

24. Ceremony Invitation Design

A grand, elegant, and welcoming ceremony invitation is standard when it comes to preparing a special ceremony. Match the invitation’s details to what type of ceremony it is too.

ceremony-invitation-templateUse This Ceremony Invitation Design

25. Chalkboard Invitation Design

There is just something special about a chalkboard aesthetic. It may remind you of nostalgia in going to school or that the contrasting colors between a black chalkboard and white chalk look so fitting together. Try applying that in a chalkboard invitation.

chalkboard-invitation-templateUse This Chalkboard Invitation Design

26. Creative Wedding Invitation Example

You can be creative with abstract art mixed with your favorite colors in a creative wedding invitation design.



27. Church Invitation Design

From a bible study, Easter party, church anniversary, or church fundraising event, you can use church invitation templates as the appropriate design.

free-church-invitation-templateUse This Church Invitation Design

28. Cocktail Party Invitation Design

You can’t forget to plan on the perfect time to gather old pals and meet new people—a cocktail party. And the cocktail party invitation needs to be as inviting as possible in its design.

free-cocktail-party-invitation-templateUse This Cocktail Party Invitation Design

29. Conference Invitation Design

A formal conference can do well with a professional yet minimalistic design. You can follow this conference invitation below.

free-conference-invitation-templateUse This Conference Invitation Design

30. Construction Invitation Design

Don’t you just want to celebrate every construction milestone accomplished? Be sure to set an extraordinary construction invitation design that fits the field of construction.

free-sample-construction-invitation-templateUse This Construction Invitation Design

31. Black and Gold Invitation Example

Black and gold shades give royalty vibes, and it just might be the perfect ingredient for your elegant invitation.



32. Party Time Invitation Example

You can come up with a party invitation with your favorite boy band or anyone you admire, similar to this cute party time invitation motif.



33. Farewell Invitation Design

Although goodbyes are sad to bear, they can be memorable if celebrated using a farewell invitation to start it.

free-farewell-invitation-templateUse This Farewell Invitation Design

34. Golf Invitation Design

A golf invitation is what golf clubs and teams use for their get-together. And its invitation should be on theme with golf balls and similar sports equipment as designs.

golf-club-party-invitation-templateUse This Golf Club Party Invitation Design

35. Holiday Invitation

Every year, countless holidays are worth looking forward to from New Year, Halloween, Christmas, etc. And you should have the appropriate holiday invitation for each holiday party you plan on making.

holiday-invitation-template-Use This Holiday Invitation Design

36. Arabian Nights Birthday Party Invitation Design

You can always trust regal vibes for your next invitation design with Arabian nights as your style.



37. Cute Baby Shower Invitation Example

Come up with a cute baby shower invitation using pastel colors and other cutesy elements.



38. Happy Hour Invitation Design

Eating, drinking, and having fun isn’t just for the olden times. A happy hour invitation may just be what your friends need to get rid of stress and just let go of the negativity.

happy-hour-invitation-templateUse This Happy Hour Invitation Design

39. Pool Party Invitation Design

Blue colors, beach photos, and crystal clear waters might just be the inspiration you need for an invitation design. And these are perfect to pair with summer pool party invitations.

free-summer-pool-party-invitation-templateUse This Summer Pool Party Invitation Design

40. Rehearsal Dinner Party Invitation Design

Some events need practicing, especially if it is a traditional event like a wedding. And a rehearsal dinner invitation with smooth yet simple motifs would pop very well.

free-rehearsal-dinner-party-invitation-templateUse This Rehearsal Dinner Party Invitation Design

41. Seminar Invitation Design

A nice idea is to come up with educational events such as seminars. And you can craft the seminar invitation with fun elements too rather than allowing it to just look basic.

free-seminar-invitation-templateUse This Seminar Invitation Design

42. Save the Date Invitation Design

An invitation can be pretty straightforward, such as the save the date invitation where the big number is specified. So besides focusing on a creative design, you should ensure that the event date is very visible.

save-the-date-family-reunion-invitation-templateUse This Save The Date Family Reunion Invitation Design

43. School Invitation Design

Any school event can be organized by sending school invitations to students and other expected guests. But, the motifs of the invitation should also be school-appropriate as to not offend the image of the institution.

school-time-invitation-templateUse This School Time Invitation Design

44. Sports Invitation Design

A sports theme for invitations is a popular option for designs out there. And you can do a sports invitation not only for sports-driven events but also for your birthday bash, baby shower, and other programs.

birthday-sports-ticket-invitation-templateUse This Birthday Sports Ticket Invitation Design

45. Masquerade Invitation Design

Time to pull off your best costumes and masks for a masquerade party. And you can achieve that with a masquerade invitation by using pictures of masks and mask textures.

free-masquerade-invitation-templateUse This Masquerade Invitation Design

46. Kitty Party Invitation Design

Meow! Cat lovers can’t resist a kitty-themed design for events. So be as creative as possible when it comes to a kitty party invitation too.

free-hello-kitty-party-invitation-templateUse This Kitty Party Invitation Design

47. Makeup, Spa, Slumber Birthday Invitation Example

Wake up your inner glam and adapt makeup, spa, and slumber party vibes to your birthday invitation. This invitation is sure to not only be a relaxing session but also to improve one’s looks.



48. Vintage Wedding Invitation Example

Take a break from the modern aesthetics and embrace the timeless piece of vintage wedding invitations.



49. Tea Party Invitation Design

A classic yet fun idea is to throw a tea party with friends. And just like old times, a tea party invitation should be initiated as that is what people used to do at tea parties.

free-tea-party-invitation-templateUse This Tea Party Invitation Design

50. Picnic Invitation Design

During the summer, it is just so nice to have a picnic with friends or even a romantic date with your partner. And you can be formal about it by preparing a picnic invitation with beautiful aesthetics to boot.

free-picnic-party-invitation-templateUse This Picnic Party Invitation Design


Although invitations vary in design, content, and structure, you can also distinguish similar elements from each example. Generally, a standard invitation contains the following parts:

1. Event Title

What is the name of the event in the first place? The event title should be clearly visible in your invitation so everyone you invited would get the gist of what the whole invitation is about. And you can provide additional details from the event type and purpose as well.

2. Name of Host

Invitees naturally want to know who invited them. So the host’s name must be inserted in the invitation itself. For formal events, adding the host’s title is recommended.

3. Specific Date

When the event happens is a big deal. Otherwise, no one might show up. And a complete schedule is encouraged from the exact hour, day, month, and year so people know when to get to the event. Also, make sure the invitation is given at least a month or a few weeks before the actual event.

4. Exact Venue

Just like the date, the venue is also critical. Write down the complete address of where your proposed event happens. And if the location is a bit hard to find, include additional instructions like what neighboring establishments are nearby and other tips on how to get there.

5. Instructions

Some invitations contain additional instructions. One generic instruction for weddings or parties is to decide the attire. Should you go for casual wear, formal wear, Y2K fashion, or any other theme? Specify it so nobody gets treated like a pariah in the event.

6. Call-to-Action Statement

You definitely want every invitee to respond to your invitation as soon as possible. Hence, encourage everyone to RSVP. And a clear call-to-action message is the best way to go so they will reply as intended.

7. Creative Typography

Invitations aren’t simply written in Times New Roman, Tahoma, or any basic font. It deserves some style too. Show off your typography skills or if you know of any premium fonts that fit your creative standards in the invitation.

8. Contact Information

In case the invitees got some questions before responding to the event, make sure to input your contact information or any representative’s details who can answer such concerns. And the contact details can also be used as a reference for invitees to RSVP.

9. Proper Spacing

Spacing affects a lot on your invitation’s presentation. Imagine an invitation where all texts are compressed in one side while there is still too much space available to spread them out. Hence, design the spacing properly too and it also has something to do with your font’s size and how many details to add to the invitation.

10. Cordial Invitational Message

Invitations naturally contain an invitational message. It can go along the words of “You are cordially invited to…” or “…requests the pleasure of your company.” This short statement is the official confirmation that the invitee is invited to the event.


How do I make an invitation?

Just choose an invitation template with your preferred design, set the right invitation size, write your message or content, incorporate photos and designs, finalize the format, and print the invitation at last.

What is the standard size of an invitation?

Generally, a basic invitation is about 5″ x 7″ or 10″ x 14″. And these invitations are normally printed on solid card stock to keep them sturdy.

How many people should you invite to a party?

The answer depends on what party you are having. For example, you can have five to 10 people for your birthday. But, that also depends on how much you can afford, how many people can fit in your venue, or how many your friends are.

When should you send an invitation?

An invitation should be sent at least eight weeks before the actual event. That way, there is enough time to prepare everything.

What kind of paper is appropriate for invitations?

Invitations usually consist of glassine and clear vellum papers. And such invitations are often layered for more depth, aesthetic factor, and sturdiness.