How Do Software Companies Make Money

The first computer program was invented in 1942 to produce calculation results. Fast forward to the development of technology, most companies do it for one particular reason—money. As the demand for software installation, network connections, and program configuration is rising, starting IT and software companies take advantage of it. how-do-software-companies-make-money

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How Do Software Companies Make Money

But have you asked how software companies make money? While they analyze the demand in the industry, project management is necessary. Increasing the demand means companies have to double their production. It sounds easy, but apparently, it takes time and effort to do so.

So, how do they do it? Let’s understand some of the methods of how companies make money out of the IT products and services they offer.

Revenue from New Customers

Consumers play an important role in your business. But are your products worth the penny? While your investment is $10,000 on new services and products yearly, your gain is likely to be lesser when there is lower demand. This aspect of your business entails the revenue that you obtain from the new consumers you get. Earning the income that you expect is either from the additional goods and services that you sell that attract more consumers or maintaining the reputation of selling quality products. Perhaps, the calculation is easy. You get what you invested.

Existing Customers

Where would you typically go if you need to increase your sales? While you focus on budget planning and inventory management, you are probably missing one of the most valuable aspects—your current clients. Your current consumers repeatedly praise your products, which build profitable relationships. Aside from that, you do not need to engage in hard selling. Your existing customers will buy your products without you even trying. Thus, you do not need to pay for the ads. Because of this, they trust your goods and services, so they invest in expensive ones.


Back to when you were just starting your software business, the main goal is to make money. A few years have passed, are you gaining enough from your investment? There are various ways on how you can increase your sales. One of them is advertising. Through social media networks, mobile billboard ads, flyers, posters, and brochures, exposing what you offer becomes easier. It reaches not just your target market, but even potential customers from a broad geographic location as well. This increases revenue.

Who would have thought that product placement would help you earn money? Well, perhaps, entrepreneurs do. It may sound uninteresting, but placing your products and services to other content exists. By producing content that contains a promotion, build excellent opportunities. It’s a unique method to consider, especially for startup companies. Of course, all brands must comply with your payment and content policy.

Affiliate Marketing

For every startup software company, project management involves various considerations in building your name in the industry. According to an article published by the BigCommerce, US entrepreneurs and freelancers invest more in affiliate marketing, thus making the payout grow up to 10.1% in 2018. This data manifests that making money through affiliates is possible. But to simplify the terms, it is selling products from another person. Remember, you can sell more when the affiliate marketing content is close to the products you offer.

Pay Per Install

As technology boomed, mobile devices were invented. It has now catered to everyone’s needs, especially for businesses. Through apps, software companies can easily use various methods of making money. One way to do it is by pay per install. By registering to a pay per install program, a small percentage of commission is given to you. Aside from getting extra money, this motivates your business to check the results.

Freemium Software

If you have used Spotify, Tinder, and Mobile Legends, you probably know what a Freemium software is. From the term “free” and “premium”, which means that users can freely use the app but pay for the premium features. It is a common pricing strategy that helps most software organizations in making money. Although using this tactic can be risky for startup businesses, you must thrive on attracting the attention of investors to finance you in continuing this process. Because of this, it is essential to follow the rules to bring more people to avail of the premium features or products.

Promoting Other Software or Content

Another factor to take note of when considering affiliate marketing is by promoting other content. Doing this makes a good sales commission. Blog posts, tech reviews, social media marketing, Google AdSense, Facebook Ads, and press release are just among the methods in promoting other software and content. In securing that the process won’t go to waste, choose at least two ways that suit well with the product or service you are trying to sell.

Indirect Revenue

Funding for a software business is relatively crucial. But you can grow your investment by considering another way for you to gain extra money. Through indirect revenue, you can earn from your sales. Initiate various irregular activities to generate sales. Basically, the income that is generated from the regular operation is obtained indirectly.

Providing Service

As a software company, your primary goal is to provide the best service to meet customer expectations. While you continuously give the best work by delivering on time, it builds the best client impression. Gaining this is the primary objective of a successful business. Along the way, clients will trust your company. They will be willing to pay enough money in return for the service they need. So, delivering the right service means maintaining your reputation.

Money is a crucial aspect that most software companies have to deal with. For the business to continue running, generating revenue is essential. And while there are aspects in your business that needs reassessment, consider the list above to make your income reasonably. It’s daunting and frustrating. However, it’s not mandatory to jump to success suddenly. It’s slow progress. Now that you have various ways to consider, would you start generating your sales today?