9 Tips for Naming a Software Company

Never underestimate the power of a business name because it has your image in the IT and software industry. It can either drive you in your company’s best or worst-case scenario. Creating a business name for your IT software company is undoubtedly a tough process. But in the long run, it helps. Considering the tight competition, starting a business must be a do-or-die for you. However, with a full-packed checklist, who could tell what lies behind taking a corporate risk, right? You reckon this. How can you determine a perfect name? Does it need to be compelling, unique, or formal? How can a business name incorporate your goals, values, and purposes in the industry? This must be hard without tips to ponder. So, get learned from the tips that we present below on how to name a software company that says. 9-tips-for-naming-a-software-company1

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9 Tips for Naming a Software Company

No one seeks for less. Everyone aims to prosper in the business. But the question is, how to? You name your software company like how you want people to remember and call you. Take yourself in your own shoes, how would you like to be called?

Keep it Short and Simple

As reflected from Confucius’ famous quote on simplicity, everything about life is simple. We only make a hard time out of it. KISS is a principle that is not new to all. In fact, this applies to a variety. Contrasting as this may sound, but not all people can guarantee this principle in proper use. Simplicity in business makes you stay focused on your goals. That is why it is essential to consider your business name short and simple, much easier for your customers to remember and to ask for. Quite uneasy for you but always fill your simplicity with logic, creativity, and sense. In this way, you will also be able to create a standard essential for the customers to look up to you.

Use Catchy Names

Using an easy to remember names are effective in branding and advertising your company. Catchy names can be your business’ persuasive framing. This should be appealing to your market to keep your business run. Once done effectively, this will communicate with your audience, which will automatically instill to them consciously. However, the vitality of these catchy names only makes sense if it explains about your business niche and the specialties of your IT services. Your business name should not only memorable but also catchy that doesn’t stop hunting your market’s interests.

Should be Easily-Spelled

Most people nowadays directly search for your business name online to check what makes you oddly interesting among competing businesses. In such a case, you make sure that your software company name is easy to spell. Don’t be a burden to your customers. If you want to appear unique, make sure it doesn’t complicate the basics that much. Why should it be like this? Simply because time is vital for all.

Should be Meaningful

Your name should explain your entire business nature. Before you settle for a company name to use, you have to perform a competitor analysis first. You have to know the top businesses that have the majority of customer attention and retention. You need to be aware of what already used by other companies, too. Overall, the meaning that you incorporate in your business name should define what your company is for and what makes it different from the rest.

Should Set you Apart from your Competitors

Your name must only determine your own company, not others. It may be a challenge to ensure uniqueness in an industry filled with a business’ alike, but you need to. Additionally, you have to be an expert on how trademark infringement is based on particular situations. In business management, knowing the gaps and filling them with your services are some ways to make a name in the industry. It seems like, finding what’s not available and make it possible.

Check Domain Name Availability

Upon delving on how the internet advances you in the industry, you also choose and check the domain name entailed in your business name if it is available or not. Other than doing a competitor analysis, checking of domain names is also important. Always have in mind the probability of having similar names among billions of business websites online. Your unique domain name will be your permanent identification, except when not renewed.

Keep it Search-Engine Friendly

.com is the top-level domain used worldwide with 48% in figures, based on data from Statista as of November 2019. When you choose a domain name for your business, you need to make sure that it is search-engine friendly. This means that the content is part of the search engine index and accessible once searched. One idea that misleads business owners is designing a website for the search engine. Which must be toward the persons who use search engines. Therefore, you make sure that when you create and build a name online, it should rank on the top page.

Should Explain

Customers don’t have lots of time comprehending what your name means and how it relates to your business. That is why you must do it for them. Since you are building a software business, then you clarify what kind of. Not literally that this will take a sentence long, but must be named with diverse content.

Keep SEO in Mind

Almost all of the businesses and their markets are online. That is why search engines are factors essential for you to deal with. Inbound traffic should be your goal on this. Before that, you must first know how SEO works online. SEO involves keyword targeting, which enables your website to rank on the top page of search results. Most of the customers prefer what’s on top then choose the relevant data that they need.

May it be an offline or online basis, a business name must have a say in the industry. It’s the length in form matters, so as with its content. Before you take the risk of starting a business and using your budget for it, you need to check your rate of probabilities to grow your business in the industry first. A business name for a software company like yours must be simple, catchy, informative, and concrete, competent enough to function in the industry along with any of your marketing plan.