How to Make Labels in Word

This basic guide will familiarize you with the process of making labels using Microsoft Word. Either you’re using Word 2007, Word 2013, or any version, you’ll learn the basics here. You don’t need to be an expert graphic designer, artist, or editor to perform it. Just follow each step and you’ll be able to create quality labels in no time. We’ve added some screenshots to give you a visual feel of how the process proceeds. how-to-make-labels-in-word

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  • For Windows: Go to More Templates or open Blank Document, input needed information, browse and select suitable font styles and colors, save and print.
  • For Mac: Select Tools, go to Labels to access Labels dialog box, choose a label style or click New Label option to customize one, specify the number of rows and columns, browse and select fitting font colors and styles, save and print.

How to Make Labels Using Templates in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the go-to application for creating documents and other print materials. That’s because it’s accessible. Most computer units have it installed already. Plus, it’s a user-friendly app, has a complete set of tools, and offers plenty of searchable templates. Hence, creating a label will be a breeze using Microsoft Word.

1. Open Microsoft Word on your PC or laptop. If it’s not on your desktop, look for it in the search bar found in the menu bar. Simply type “Word” or “MS Word” and it should appear.

2. Once you’re in Microsoft Word, look for label templates. However, they aren’t displayed in Word’s home menu most likely. So click on More templates and search for the best label templates that suit your purpose. An even better approach would be to browse our own label templates. We have over 200 templates and are separated into different categories. We have labels for water bottles, CDs, wine bottles, gifts, and so much more.


Note: If you prefer starting from scratch, you can just click on the Blank document option.

3. Customize the template by adding the important details or information. It could be your company name, your name, someone else’s name, location address, contact number, product description, and more. Input the details needed for the type of label you’re creating. Make it as short and precise as possible.

customize4. Browse through different types of font styles and find the best one. In choosing a font style, make sure that it maintains the label’s readability. Don’t go for fancy font styles if unnecessary, especially for product labels and food labels detailing nutritional facts. Simple font styles like Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman will do.

fonts5. Black may be the most suitable font color, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use other font colors. You can opt for bright colors if your label’s background is dark. And dark font colors if your background is bright or plain white. Just like choosing font styles, the most important thing to remember is to maintain readability. A label that isn’t readable is essentially useless.

font-color16. And that’s about it. At this point, you can just recheck everything or add some more aesthetic elements if you want. You can insert your company logo by going to Insert and select Picture. Labels should be kept simple and neat. You may browse our modern label templates for design references and inspiration.


Note: To print your label, just go to File and click Print. Or, you can simply type Cltr + P.

How to Create a Label in Word Using Mac

Microsoft Word isn’t exclusive to computer units with Windows operating systems. Mac has it as well. That said, we’ve included these simple steps in creating a label in Word using a Mac. Be mindful as these steps are quite different from their Windows counterpart. This guide is best applied for Word 2008 in Mac.

1. Open Word on your Mac computer. Once you’re in, open a blank document, select Tools, go to Labels to access the Label dialog box. It’s the main hub to set the components of your label.


2. Go to Options and select the type of label you want to create. Find the label style that goes with the kind of label you need to make.


3. After choosing a label type, click OK. If you can’t find the label style that you need, click the New Label option. It brings you to the New Custom Label dialog where you’ll create your own custom label style. This is a likely scenario if it’s your first time creating labels using Word on your Mac.


4. When you’re done customizing your label style, just click OK. It’ll bring you back to the Label Options dialog.

5. Once you’re back in the Label Options, choose the Full page of the same label option and specify the number of rows and columns. After that, click OK to dismiss the Label Options. Your draft will look something like this:


6. At this point, you can decorate your label with font styles, colors, or whatever visuals you want to add. Or, you can directly save or print it if you already like what you’re seeing. Just go back to the Labels dialog box and click the Print button. The entire process is easy peasy.


When printing your label, make sure to use quality paper materials. Opt for those that don’t break easily when exposed to whatever elements such as liquids. If you’re going to use ordinary paper, we recommend that you put some protection around your labels. Or better yet, laminate them.