50+ Mind Map Samples, Format & Examples 2022

A mind map plays a vital role in everybody’s life. Not only does it helps in marketing or business, but also for education or school purposes. Mind Mapping is a powerful approach for improving learning, information recording, and creative problem-solving. It helps you and your team brainstorm ideas and topics. That is why most people used it in their reports and PowerPoint presentations. However, making a mind map isn’t easy. For those people who want to escape the time-consuming process, having a perfect mind map template can help. 50-mind-map-samples-format-examples-2021

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To create a Mind Map of your very own, follow the following steps:

  • Browse through several Mind Map samples for inspiration and ideas for your own mind map.
  • Customize Online or Download in your preferred File format and Print As Required.


If you are one of those individuals who badly want a template, this article is for you. We have at least fifty creative and editable mind map samples and formats that you can choose from. Scroll down to discover the best template that suits your needs.

1. Project Mind Map Sample

If you have a big project coming up, creating a project mind map can help you. It allows you to explore and organize your data, develop ideas, build theory, and make better decisions.

simple-project-mind-map Use This Project Mind Map Sample

2. Product Mind Map Sample

There are many things that you can get by creating a product mind map. It helps you get a clear view of the user experience and a visual representation of ideas.

simple-product-mind-map Use This Product Mind Map Sample

3. Business Mind Map Sample

Creating a business mind map can help your business in many ways. It can improve your productivity and ignite your creativity. It also enables you to share your ideas with greater impact and clarity.

sample-business-mind-map Use This Business Mind Map Sample

4. Company Mind Map Sample

Making a company mind map is similar to a business mind map. It enables you to generate ideas, create a plan of action, and present it to your coworkers all in one place.

sample-company-mind-map Use This Company Mind Map Sample

5. Employee Mind Map Sample

Having an employee mind map can help you, especially if you want to monitor your employee’s performance. It allows you to list down and organize some points that could help you track your employee’s performance.

employee-performance-mind-map-template Use This Employee Mind Map Sample

6. Goals Mind Map Sample

If you want to meet your goals, it is better to make a goals mind map. It helps you organize your ideas and generate various strategies that could enable you to meet your objectives and goals.

simple-goals-mind-map Use This Goal Mind Map Sample

7. Digital Marketing Mind Map Sample

Using digital marketing mind maps can help you a lot. It speeds up the marketing strategies development and the launch of marketing campaigns by facilitating brainstorming and producing fresh ideas.

digital-marketing-mind-map Use This Digital Marketing Mind Map Sample

8. Financial Planning Mind Map Sample

A financial planning mind map is vital because it provides a tangible result for what is typically an intangible, difficult-to-measure, and easily forgotten component of what planners do.

9. Health Mind Map Sample

For patients and doctors, a health mind map is vital. It helps patients better understand their treatment plans. They can also use it as a guide for self-care and self-advocacy.

editable-health-mind-map Use This Health Mind Map Sample

10. Character Mind Map Sample

In establishing a character mind map, it is better to organize it well to ensure that you’ll get a neat and clear view of what you want to portray, especially if you opt to analyze someone’s character.

character-analysis-mind-map Use This Character Mind Map Sample

11. Idea Mind Map Sample

If you want to present new ideas to your teammates, it is better to make an idea mind map. It helps you and them to understand the things that you want to convey.

File Format
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12. Strategy Mind Map Sample

When it comes to presenting new strategies, creating an engaging and clear strategy mind map can help. It enables you to organize and list down the things that you want to point out. Also, it lets your audience understand you better.

sample-strategy-mind-map Use This Strategy Mind Map Sample

13. Sales Mind Map Sample

Making a sales mind map is a great way to organize your thoughts. It can help you create a high-quality presentation that will catch the interest of your potential customers.

simple-sales-mind-map-template Use This Sales Mind Map Sample

14. Education Mind Map Sample

An education mind map is an essential tool for students. It enables them to jot down only the most significant details using keywords and then visually connect facts and ideas, allowing them to preserve all of their topic ideas on one sheet.

simple-education-mind-map Use This Education Mind Map Sample

15. Essay Mind Map Sample

Before writing an essay, it is preferable to make an essay mind map. It makes it easier for you to create the article because you know what you’ll need.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 19 KB

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16. Research Mind Map Sample

A research mind map can help you a lot if you’re doing some research studies. It enables you to build an overview of the topic to understand its complexities and uncover linkages between different topic elements.

educational-research-mind-map Use This Research Mind Map Sample

17. Lesson Plan Mind Map Sample

It is essential to establish a lesson plan mind map first, especially if you want to create a clear and understandable lesson plan. It allows you to jot down key elements that you might want to incorporate into your lesson planning.

lesson-plan-mind-map Use This Lesson Plan Mind Map Sample

18. Course Plan Mind Map Sample

Course planning is similar to lesson planning. It is also essential to create a course plan mind map before doing your course plan. It helps you organize your data and thoughts.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 42 KB

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19. Food Mind Map Sample

If you’re in the food industry, is better to use a food mind map to organize everything. It will you, especially in food processing, preservation, and security. Make one now.

sample-food-mind-map Use This Food Mind Map Sample

20. Art Mind Map Sample

If you are an artist, creating an art mind map can help you construct an art piece. It allows you to organize and connect everything to come up with an engaging and exceptional creation.

simple-art-mind-map Use This Art Mind Map Sample

21. Concept Mind Map Sample

Creating a concept mind map is very practical and beneficial, especially if you want to present something to your teammates or clients. It helps you unleash the concept that you need to portray.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 17 KB

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22. Application Mind Map Sample

An application mind map is a must-have tool, especially if you plan to use a specific app or piece of software. It directs and assists you. Make one right now.

simple-application-mind-map Use This Application Mind Map Sample

23. Photography Mind Map Sample

A photography mind map is essential for any photographer. It allows them to work well and denote minor and major points. Make one now for your advantage.

simple-photography-mind-map Use This Photography Mind Map Sample

24. Music Mind Map Sample

Musicians use music mind maps in making compositions, albums, and musical directions. It is a tool that helps them brainstorming new concepts and plans.

sample-music-mind-map Use This Music Mind Map Sample

25. Process Mind Map Sample

If you need to present a process of a certain project, better use a process mind map. It allows you to organize the key points and helps you convey the message well.

simple-process-mind-map Use This Process Mind Map Sample

26. Swot Analysis Mind Map Sample

A swot analysis mind map is practical and effective. It allows you to understand better your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It also enables you to find the right solution to your company’s problems.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 36 KB

Download at Canva

27. Quality Mind Map Sample

Making a quality mind map can help you ensure the quality of your product, service, or anything else. It is a crucial tool in quality management that lets you visualize quality management.

quality-management-mind-map Use This Quality Mind Map Sample

28. HR Mind Map Sample

An HR mind map is necessary since it may help you organize and clarify the company’s culture, standards, and principles, along with employees’ responsibilities. They can also decide on the terms of employment and compensation agreements.

simple-hr-mind-map Use This HR Mind Map Sample

29. Story Mind Map Sample

Before creating a story, it is better to make a story mind map first. It allows you to identify which part is the first and last. It also helps you create a better and engaging story.

short-story-mind-map Use This Story Mind Map Sample

30. Software Mind Map Sample

A software mind map is a brainstorming tool that allows you to visualize your ideas in visual diagrams. It can assist you in creating an idea map, which is a conceptual map that depicts the hierarchy and links between various ideas.

software-project-mind-map Use This Software Mind Map Sample

31. Vacation Mind Map Sample

Using a vacation mind map is very beneficial. It enables you to know your budget, where you want to go, and when you want to go. Make one for your advantage.

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  • PDF

Size: 32 KB

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32. Travel Plan Mind Map Sample

A travel plan mind map is similar to a vacation mind map. It also has the same purpose, which allows you to monitor your budget anywhere you want to travel.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 29 KB

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33. Event Mind Map Sample

Using an event mind map is essential, especially if your event is so big. It allows you to gather all event-related information in one place, ask co-organizers to work with you and move quickly from brainstorming to execution.

event-management-mind-map Use This Event Mind Map Sample

34. Task Management Mind Map Sample

Task management mind maps allow you to brainstorm and develop notions around a major task. It also enables you to define the scope of a task, establish detailed tasks, solve problems, make decisions, and better manage your team.

task-management-mind-map Use This Task Management Mind Map Sample

35. Brand Management Mind Map Sample

A brand management mind map allows you to branch out from the centerpiece in numerous directions using a word or phrase. You can use your new concepts, themes, and keywords to develop comprehensive marketing strategies and content plans.

brand-management-mind-map Use This Brand Management Mind Map Sample

36. Communication Mind Map Sample

Having a communication mind map is essential as it helps you communicate with your members well. You can improve information recording, explain how diverse facts and ideas are related, and boost creative problem solving via mind mapping.

simple-communication-mind-map Use This Communication Mind Map Sample

37. Office Management Mind Map Sample

If you want to manage your office well, make an office management mind map to help you. Make one for your advantage.

office-management-mind-map-1 Use This Office Management Mind Map Sample

38. Work Schedule Mind Map Sample

There are a lot of things you can get by creating a work schedule mind map. It allows you to plan and set your working schedule and help you organize everything.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 156 KB

Download at Stakeholder Map

39. Promotional Plan Mind Map Sample

Making a promotional plan mind map could help you advertise or promote your products or services. It could also help you to learn about new techniques and ideas on how to promote your business.

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 27 KB

Download at Canva

40. Training and Development Mind Map Sample

If you want to prepare a training and development program, it is better to make a training and development mind map as it helps you organize everything you need.

sample-training-development-mind-map Use This Training and Development Mind Map Sample

41. Career Management Mind Map Sample

A career management mind map is necessary since it can guide you in determining what you want to do and how to get there. It also allows you to concentrate on your job. Make one for your advantage.

career-management-mind-map Use This Career Management Mind Map Sample

42. Performance Management Mind Map Sample

If you want to manage and develop your performance, making a performance management mind map can help you. It allows you to determine the points that you are lacking and improve.

performance-management-mind-map Use This Performance Management Mind Map Sample

43. Risk Management Mind Map Sample

Making a risk management mind map is advantageous because it allows you to identify all potential risks involved with a project, rank them based on their likelihood and potential impact, and build mitigation methods.

risk-management-mind-map Use This Risk Management Mind Map Sample

44. Technology Mind Map Sample

In making a technology mind map, ensure that you don’t overwhelm your details. Some points and keywords will do. Make one for your advantage, especially if you want to solve any technology-related problem.

simple-technology-mind-map Use This Technology Mind Map Sample

45. Website Mind Map Sample

Website mind maps are essential, especially if you opt to make a website of your own. It allows you to know the things you need to know in making a website.

sample-website-mind-map Use This Website Mind Map Sample

46. Social Media Mind Map Sample

If you have social media accounts and want to use them for your business, making a social media mind map can help. It allows you to manage and market your business well.

sample-social-media-mind-map Use This Social Media Mind Map Sample

47. Construction Mind Map Sample

Having a construction mind map is crucial for every construction company. It enables them to communicate well with their contractors and partners.

construction-project-management-mind-map Use This Construction Mind Map Sample

48. Plan Mind Map Sample

To ensure your plan works well, making a plan mind map can help you. It will serve as your outline before starting any plan or project you may have.

simple-plan-mind-map Use This Plan Mind Map Sample

49. Personal Mind Map Sample

Many people use personal mind maps for several purposes. They could use them for school works or personal businesses. Make one for your advantage.

sample-personal-mind-map Use This Personal Mind Map Sample

50. Design Mind Map Sample

If you want your designs to work out well, making a design mind map can help. You can use our template below as an example.

sample-design-mind-map Use This Design Mind Map Sample


There are a lot of factors and elements that you need to consider in creating a mind map. If you have no idea what those are, this article is for you. Scroll down to discover the essential things you need to consider in mind map-making.

1. Central Idea

The first thing that you need to consider in creating a mind map is the central idea. You can make a mind map without it. It is because it is the main topic and subject of your mind map.

2. Branches

Next are the branches. You need to branch out or classify your central idea where you must put keywords and anything related to it. It can help you clarify and identify the points of your central idea.

3.  Keyword

After the branches, you should also consider putting keywords. It helps you understand the details and adds credibility to your mind maps. So don’t forget to put these.

4. Visual Signifiers

Although not necessary, putting visual signifiers like images and graphics can also add texture and flavor to your mind map. It can help you explain your central idea and makes your mind map looks professional and credible.

General FAQs

What is a mind map?

A mind map is a visual representation of ideas and concepts. It is a visual thinking tool that aids in the organization of information and aids in the analysis, comprehension, synthesizing, recall, and generation of new ideas.

What is the purpose of mind mapping?

A Mind Map is a simple approach to brainstorm ideas without having to worry about order or structure. It lets you organize your thoughts graphically to help with analysis and recollection.

Why do companies use mind mapping?

Mind mapping is an essential tool for companies and marketers to communicate and collaborate with each other. It helps them brainstorm and share ideas with one another.

How much will it cost to make a mind map?

The cost of mind mapping may vary depending on the app or tool that you are using. Thus, its average cost is $4.95 per month.

Can you make a mind map for free?

Yes, you can. There are various free and editable templates that you can get online. You can also use our templates for free.