50+ Pitch Deck Designs, Format, Examples 2022

Many businesses at present use a pitch deck as their way of presenting a quick overview of a plan for investors. These presentations last no more than 20 slides and are meant to give full detail of a particular business idea instead of a full-blown presentation ranging from more than 30 slides. 50-pitch-deck-designs-format-examples-2021

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For any business owner, it is essential to create a visual presentation that entices investors to help you with finances. It is also a way for them to gain an idea of your organization. It must visualize your intention and necessary resources to make the plan happen. Below are 50 graphic design ideas to help you translate your vision.

1. Start-Up Pitch Deck Design

More and more companies help start-up businesses in terms of finances. Ensure that your presentation centers on the business plan and graphics that help visualize your service or product.

startup-pitch-deck-templateUse This Startup Pitch Deck Design

2. Sales Pitch Deck Design

Whether a product or service, incorporating the company’s background, vision, and mission, is necessary to any sales presentation. Also include visually pleasing elements and similar designs.

sales-pitch-deck-templateUse This Sales Pitch Deck Design

3. Investor Pitch Deck Design

The main idea of creating a pitch deck is to seek the help of potential investors. Though it seems like a difficult task, sticking to your plan through the presentation and paying close attention to detail does the trick.

investor-pitch-deck-templateUse This Investor Pitch Deck Design

4. Film Pitch Deck Design

Creating an independent film requires funding not only for equipment but also for labor and location. A well-composed pitch deck presentation helps in funds and must feature past works.

film-pitch-deck-templateUse This Investor Pitch Deck Design

5. Airbnb Pitch Deck Example

One of the common places you can see a pitch deck is through rental companies that pitch what they have in store for you. Similar to the popular rental company design below.



6. Marketing Pitch Deck Design

In all sorts of marketing plans, it is necessary to give a thorough and detailed plan to investors. It also matters to show what your company is made of during the presentation.

marketing-pitchdeck-presentation-template1Use This Marketing Pitch Deck Presentation Design

7. Business Pitch Deck Design

A detailed presentation of the business’ nature and proposed product or service are the building blocks of a pitch deck. Try to incorporate contrasting colors for a visual effect.

business-pitch-deck-templateUse This Business Pitch Deck Design

8. E-commerce Pitch Deck Design

At present many e-commerce sites are sprouting in the digital age. To guarantee funding from investors, create a pitch that resonates with the company’s vision.

ecommerce-pitch-deck-templateUse This E-Commerce Pitch Deck Design

9. Agency Pitch Deck Design

Several starting agencies seek help from investors willing to help them grow. As such, it’s critical to show your aspirations through a creative pitch deck presentation.

agency-pitch-deck-templateUse This Agency Pitch Deck Design

10. Uber Pitch Deck Example

Car rentals are popular in cities, especially for tourists wanting to explore the locality. Create a pitch deck that is specifically unique to others, similar to the one below.



11. App Pitch Deck Design

A company that creates an app proposal plan must incorporate design elements related to it. Computers, phones, and tablets are visual components to include in your pitch deck.

app-pitch-deck-templateUse This App Pitch Deck Design

12. Business Plan Pitch Deck Design

Any business needs to create a comprehensive business plan before a presentation to investors. Ensure that the pitch deck content and design show consistency.

business-plan-pitch-deck-templateUse This Business Plan Pitch Deck Design

13. Small Business Pitch Deck Design

There are plenty of large business conglomerates offering help to small businesses. In creating a presentation, ensure you specify your needs and what it means to get funding.

startup-business-pitch-deck-templateUse This Startup Business Pitch Deck Design

14. Advertising Agency Pitch Deck Design

An advertising agency’s pitch deck design must be creative and well put together. It tells investors of workers’ skills and encourages potential partnerships.

advertising-agency-pitch-deck-presentation-templateUse This Advertising Agency Pitch Deck Presentation Design

15. Sequoia Pitch Deck Example

Sequoia is a well-known investment firm that gives monetary funding to multiple companies in all parts of the world. See their simple yet intricate design for a pitch deck.



16. TV Show Pitch Deck Design

Similar to filming independent films, tv show entertainments need specific funding not only for equipment but for airing the episodes. Create a compelling presentation based on the show’s theme.

tv-show-pitch-deck-templateUse This TV Show Pitch Deck Design

17. Real Estate Pitch Deck Design

In any real estate business, offering up a particular place to possible investors and clients depends on the presentation. Make sure relevant information and engaging design are present in the pitch deck.

real-estate-pitch-deck-templateUse This Real Estate Pitch Deck Design

18. Nonprofit Pitch Deck Design

When it comes to nonprofit organizations, it is essential to gain funding from possible investors or partners. Ensure that your message is clear and emphasizes the company’s mission.

nonprofit-pitch-deck-templateUse This Nonprofit Pitch Deck Design

19. Healthcare Pitch Deck Design

People are taking an interest in healthcare plans, especially during the pandemic. Your pitch deck must cater to easier comprehension and helpful visual elements.

healthcare-startup-pitch-deckUse This Healthcare Startup Pitch Deck Design

20. Facebook Pitch Deck Example

Facebook users have reached over 2.60 billion and counting as of 2021. No wonder people continue to have business relations with the largest social media platform. See the initial pitch deck of Facebook below.



21. Investment Pitch Deck Design

There are plenty of opportunities for business investments to come pouring in after a proper pitch. Create an innovative design for your presentation, including section headings and a single color scheme.

business-investments-pitch-deck-templateUse This Business Investments Pitch Deck Design

22. Movie Pitch Deck Design

Movie tickets aren’t cheap, and big-screen movies need investment from possible media companies to fund necessary equipment and promotions. Create a clear pitch of the story, and it’s a guaranteed deal.

feature-film-pitch-deck-templateUse This Feature Film Pitch Deck Design

23. Market Pitch Deck Design

Before creating a market pitch, it is advisable to work out a marketing analysis that suits consumers. Presenting this data to an investor can help win an investment plan.

marketplace-pitch-deck-templateUse This Marketplace Pitch Deck Design

24. Franchise Pitch Deck Design

For large organizations, franchise plans are essential to keep profit going. It is necessary to create a pitch that allows partners to create a working relationship for a franchise.

free-franchise-pitch-deck-template-440x570-1Use This Franchise Pitch Deck Design

25. Youtube Pitch Deck Example

Creating a Youtube channel is a simple task. However, if you expect to make a profit out of it. There are certain parameters to this, and creating a pitch for possible partnerships is beneficial.



26. Advertising Pitch Deck Design

It is essential to come up with a fitting design for an advertising proposal. Ensure that the presentation’s design and content are consistent throughout, following a single color scheme.

free-advertising-pitch-deck-template-440x570-1Use This Advertising Pitch Deck Design

27. Product Pitch Deck Design

Planning for a product launch requires funds to push through. Meeting with potential investors with a well-developed and coherent plan guarantees investment.

free-product-pitch-deck-template-440x570-1Use This Product Pitch Deck Design

28. Fashion Pitch Deck Design

If you are selling for a fashion line, your pitch deck design must revolve around the products and the models involved in the project. Seeing your products will show investors exactly what you’re selling.

free-fashion-pitch-deck-template-440x570-1Use This Fashion Pitch Deck Design

29. Restaurant Pitch Deck Design

In establishing a local restaurant, you will need investors to ensure sufficient funds for the project. Creating a pitch to potential investors must show the visualization of the restaurant along with products and services.

free-restaurant-pitch-deck-template-440x570-1Use This Restaurant Pitch Deck Design

30. LinkedIn Pitch Deck Example

LinkedIn media is one of the many social platforms that reach out to professionals. As such, it must contain simple, professional, and fact-based content.



31. Corporate Pitch Deck Design

When it comes to corporate businesses, investors are willing to support when they see a concrete plan and vision. Ensure that your pitch contains these elements.

corporate-pitch-deck-templateUse This Corporate Pitch Deck Design

32. Creative Pitch Deck Design

In any pitch to potential investors, think about having a creative design for your presentation. It shows that you took the time to prepare the content and its design properties.

creative-pitch-deck-templateUse This Creative Pitch Deck Design

33. Food Pitch Deck Design

When it comes to presentation, displaying food products in your pitch is essential when you’re asking investors to sponsor it. It is also advisable to present the process of making these products.

free-food-startup-pitch-deck-template-440x570-1Use This Food Startup Pitch Deck Design

34. Insurance Pitch Deck Design

Planning for the future is always necessary. For insurance agencies, selling their service to clients is a must, and each pitch must be attractive and precise, catering to the client’s needs and wants.

insurance-pitch-deck-templateUse This Insurance Pitch Deck Design

35. Yelp Pitch Deck Example

Yelp is an online service that gives reviews and recommendations from customers to the best restaurants, bars, salons, and services. Plenty of establishments use this service to know their status and what people think of them.



36. Event Pitch Deck Design

Visual content is essential to any presentation, especially to event planning. Engaging content allows your viewers and audiences to lessen the possibilities of creating a dull atmosphere.

event-pitch-deck-templateUse This Event Pitch Deck Design

37. Sponsorship Pitch Deck Design

When requesting sponsorship grants from investors, the content of your presentation must be of substance that appeals to sponsors. Remember to add visual elements to your pitch.

sponsorship-pitch-deck-templateUse This Sponsorship Pitch Deck Design

Pitch decks are designed to be compact yet detail all necessary content. In planning for your legal startup, it’s essential to make a good impression on potential investors. Create compelling and informative content.

legal-startup-pitch-deck-templateUse This Legal Startup Pitch Deck Design

39. Travel Pitch Deck Design

Getting the trust of investment partners, sponsors, and investors is the main goal of a pitch. Your travel presentation must present your business ideas in an impactful manner. Use exquisite travel photos and locations to support your presentation.

travel-pitch-deck-templateUse This Travel Pitch Deck Design

40. Snapchat Pitch Deck Example

Snapchat filters were a big hit during their release, and many photo applications currently utilize this function in their platforms. Check out the pitch deck of the social media app here.



41. Fitness Pitch Deck Design

If you’re planning to pitch a compelling presentation for your fitness studio, then it must present a solid business plan and a roadmap that has a clear end game. The design elements of your presentation must work well with your theme.

fitness-pitch-deck-templateUse This Fitness Pitch Deck Design

42. Product Marketing Pitch Deck Design

Every business requires an efficient product marketing plan. It must be concise and specific, leading to positive future endeavors for the company. For your presentation, highlight the products so potential investors can’t say no to sponsoring agreements.

product-marketing-pitch-deck-templateUse This Product Marketing Pitch Deck Design

43. Social Media Pitch Deck Design

At present, many companies start their businesses using the help of social media. Time and time again, investors pick the unique and most outstanding platforms to invest in after seeing their potential through a concrete plan.

social-media-pitch-deck-templateUse This Social Media Pitch Deck Design

44. Client Pitch Deck Design

To grab the attention of potential clients, it is necessary to get them engaged at the beginning of the pitch. Tailor your presentation in a manner that addresses all your client’s questions.

client-pitch-deck-templateUse This Client Pitch Deck Design

45. Slidebean Pitch Deck Example

Slidebean is one of the many platforms that cater to designing for small and start-up businesses. Meaning their pitch design must show what they’re capable of to their potential clients.



46. Health Pitch Deck Design

One’s physiological and physical health is of utmost priority. This is why addressing its importance through a presentation must be detailed and convincing for their benefit.

free-health-pitch-deck-template-440x570-1Use This Health Pitch Deck Design

47. Tech Startup Pitch Deck Design

Plenty of tech startups are finding their way into the modernized world. To get the proper funding to grow, including the company’s vision and mission in the presentation helps convince potential investors.

tech-startup-pitch-deck-templateUse This Tech Startup Pitch Deck Design

48. Modern Pitch Deck Design

Presenting your company from a modern standpoint greatly adds value and impact to investors. It tells them that you are researching current trends to help grow your business.

modern-pitch-deck-templateUse This Modern Pitch Deck Design

49. Restaurant Business Pitch Deck Design

Starting a restaurant business can be challenging without the right resources. Using geometric designs while showcasing the plan and photos of services and products help increase the quality of your presentation.

geometric-pitch-deck-templateUse This Geometric Pitch Deck Design

50. Buzzfeed Pitch Deck Example

Buzzfeed is one of the most recognized digital media platforms at present. Incorporating their brand color into the presentation gives their pitch a unique representation of their brand.




Every business is different, meaning not a single pitch is similar to another. However, to make a compelling and interesting presentation to potential investors, note the following elements in your pitch deck.

1. The Vision

At the beginning of your presentation, it is best to introduce your business through a brief overview. It helps your potential investors to see the kind of service or product you propose. Stay true to your business model to represent your company well.

2. The Problem

Explain what problem the company is trying to target and how they plan to accomplish it. Instead of dwelling on competitor’s problems, focus on a relatable story to be more realistic. Investors then gain insight into the business and goals better.

3. The Target Market

Your market determines the potential position of your investor. It is necessary to back up your target market with data to give them an idea of spending trends.

4. The Solution

Finally, describe how your product or service helps with solving the problem of the target market. Building up to this helps investors gain a better understanding of your business launch.

5. The Traction

It visualizes the monthly growth of your business. Talk about your business’ milestones, the major goals you achieved, and the next steps you have for the company.

6. Marketing Strategy

Outline your marketing and sales plan. Highlight the steps you’re going to take to achieve the vision you presented at the beginning of your presentation.

7. The Team

The investor would want to know the people that drive the business to achieve its goals. Highlight the key team members, along with their expertise and experience within and outside the company.

8. The Competition

State how the company fairs in the competitive landscape. Emphasize your advantages and explain why your target market chooses you from the many competitors in the field.

9. The Financial

Sales forecast, income statements, cash flows, these are what your investors are after if they’re planning to invest in your company. It is best to use charts for this section rather than tables.

10. The Investment

Investors need to know how and where the company is going to spend the money. The idea here is not to specify an amount. Instead, give a particular range your company can work with.


What is the purpose of a pitch deck?

It is a presentation that helps a company secure funding from investors through learning about your business, plan, and vision.

How do you build a pitch deck?

  • Tell an engaging story to connect with people
  • Limit each slide to a single idea
  • Create a great first impression
  • Include all the people working on the idea
  • Maintain a consistent design for the presentation
  • Know the data by heart

What is a start-up pitch deck?

A brief presentation that gives a start-up business a boost by showcasing a business plan, metrics, and vision to raise capital from the help of investors.

How many slides should a pitch deck include?

Ideally, a pitch deck contains ten slides.

What is the 10-20-30 rule?

The 10-20-30 rule became popular through Guy Kawasaki. He states that a perfect pitch must contain 10 slides, last no longer than 20 minutes, with the font not lower than 30 points.