50+ Postcard Designs, Format & Examples

Sending postcards was one of the ways friends and family stayed in touch with each other in the past. Of course, this was before the internet era. Today, few people still keep postcards as mementos of their travels and adventures. There may be electronic postcards now, but younger generations will rarely be able to experience the unique feeling of being at the receiving end of an actual, mailed postcard.     50-postcard-designs-format-examples-2021

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To create a postcard design of your own, follow these simple steps:

  • Browse through dozens of creative designs and examples.
  • Customize it the way you want and download it in your preferred file format.


50+ Postcard Designs, Format & Examples

Postcards are not just for travel and events, as you’ll discover in the article. From business postcards to blank ones, you can bet there’s one for you in the 50 plus postcard templates found below. Keep an open mind and get your creative juices flowing! Scroll through the wide selection of examples and customize it to make it your own! 

1. Business Postcard Design

No one can resist a freebie. Take a page from this business postcard template below and offer prospective clients a free consultation.


Use This Business Poster Design 

2. Wedding Postcard Design

Put a spin to your typical wedding invitation and use a wedding postcard instead! The example below contains the same elements as an invitation but with the addition of the stamp.


Use This Wedding Postcard Design

3. Real Estate Postcard Design

The real estate postcard template below keeps it modern but classic with a black and white background. The orange accent adds a welcome splash of color.


Use This Real Estate Postcard Design

4. Vintage Postcard Design

The charming and rustic vibe that this vintage postcard template gives off is sure to be a timeless favorite. The image in the background adds a romantic feel to it as well.


Use This Vintage Postcard Design

5. Thank You Postcard Design

Never forget to show gratitude. Whatever the occasion, a gracious host expresses appreciation and thanks to his or her guests. The thank you postcard template below keeps it nice and simple with an elegant color and a border.


Use This Thank You Postcard Design

6. Basic Postcard Design

A basic postcard is versatile and can serve any purpose. It prioritizes function over style. The example below is as basic as you can get with a basic white background and minimal text.


Use This Basic Postcard Design

7. Blank Postcard Design

There’s something nostalgic and reminiscent about the post office border in the blank postcard example below. Take a trip down memory lane and remember the good old days when snail mail was the norm.


Use This Blank Postcard Design

8. Creative Postcard Design

Get creative by thinking out of the box! Creative postcards can cover any occasion. If you look closer, the turkey in the Thanksgiving example below looks as if it were hand-painted.


Use This Creative Postcard Design 

9. Graduation Postcard Design

Express your congratulations with a postcard instead of the usual greeting card. The graduation postcard template below is perfect for anyone who is about to step out into the real world.


Use This Graduation Postcard Design 

10. Invitation Postcard Design

The invitation postcard template below is a simple baby shower invite. It’s straightforward, clean, and minimalist without the unnecessary fuss and frills.


Use This Baby Shower Invitation Postcard Design

11. London Eye Postcard Example

One of London’s most recognizable landmarks is a favorite subject of postcards. The London Eye, as seen in the example below, is both breathtaking and imposing. The distressed look of the postcard also lends a vintage vibe.



12. Bar Postcard Example

Many restaurants, bars, cafés, and even clubs incorporate themes into their interior and exterior design. Doing so adds character and depth to an otherwise regular restaurant. The postcard below captures both history and drama in a single photo.



13. Maldives Postcard Example

The postcard below needs no explanation. The beautiful island and beach imagery is welcoming and compelling enough for you to pack your bags and hop on a plane.



14. Modern Postcard Design

Vintage not really your thing? Add a modern touch to your postcard with shades of jet black and hot pink. This modern postcard of a hotel gives off a cosmopolitan glow and appeal.


Use This Modern Hotel Postcard Design

15. Printable Postcard Design

The printable postcard template below is to serve your most basic needs. Do not forget to include your recipient’s complete name and address. Add a logo and stamp to complete the process.


Use This Printable Postcard Design

16. Sample Postcard Design

This sample postcard template below exudes sophistication, class, and a bit of quirkiness with its lovely dining spread in the background.


Use This Sample Postcard Design

17. Save the Date Postcard Design

Make sure your guests and loved ones don’t forget your special day! If it’s still a bit early to send out the official wedding invitations, a save the date reminder will do. The save the date postcard template below offers just a pretty preview of what’s to come.


Save the Date Postcard Design

18. Simple Postcard Design

The simple postcard template below has an almost antique feel to it. The aged effect and simple elements make this postcard one of the most simple and most basic designs.


Use This Simple Postcard Design

19. Restaurant Postcard Design

The restaurant postcard template below  rings in the holiday vibe while keeping it minimalist enough with the use of basic artwork and text.


Use This Restaurant Christmas Postcard Design

20. Christmas Postcard Design

Bring on some holiday cheer with an annual Christmas postcard! You cannot go wrong with the classic holiday combination of red and green plus everyone’s favorite, the mistletoe. Create a pretty wreath using mistletoes and focus your greeting right in the center, as seen in the Christmas postcard template below.


Use This Christmas Postcard Design

21. Soccer Postcard Design

Get your game on with this soccer template! Feature multiple pictures to add some life to your postcard. Include brief descriptions too to make it more informative.


Use This Soccer Postcard Design

22. Corporate Postcard Design

Make your corporate postcard stand out by inserting a brief statistic that is sure to get clients and customers thinking. The corporate template below is minimalist in design then finishes it off with a call to action at the bottom.


Use This Corporate Postcard Design

23. Education Postcard Design

This education template below leaves no stone unturned by including a detailed list of courses offered. Add in a candid photo and an appropriate quote and you’re good to go!


Use This Education Postcard Design

24. Marketing Postcard Design

Advertise your services and products with a clean and modern postcard. The marketing template below promotes a furniture business by featuring stylish furniture and emphasizing practical comfort.


Use This Business Marketing Postcard Design

25. Photography Postcard Design

Capture serenity and tranquility like this photography template below. The lake reflects the mountains perfectly and the landscape backdrop is just beautiful.


Use This Photography Business Postcard Design

26. Realtor Postcard Design

The realtor template below uses the façade of a gorgeous house as the primary focal point. To make it even more effective, try to provide a short description of your services and include a catchy business tagline too.


Use This Realtor Postcard Design

27. Construction Postcard Design

The striking imagery of the construction template below makes the postcard stand out above the rest. Also, do not forget to include your business logo and tagline.

construction-business-postcard-template-1Use This Construction Business Postcard Design

28. Event Postcard Design

Create a stunning event advertisement using a postcard! The event postcard‘s two-toned approach to design is easy to achieve but appealing nonetheless.

free-event-postcard-template-1Use This Event Postcard Design

29. White House Postcard Example

The famous residence is easily the most famous symbol of Washington D.C. The postcard below captures the remarkable façade of the house and lawn. The undeniable American flag is situated high and proud in the image.



30. Street Postcard Example

The bustling and busy street life of the dynamic city of Chicago is impeccably captured in this vintage-like postcard. The surrounding buildings and people just going about their business is fascinating and deep at the same time.



31. Cleaning Postcard Example

Who says postcards are only for travel and tourism? This professional washing services postcard features multiple images plus a playful partial background.



32. Baby Shower Postcard Design

Baby showers are always fun to plan and attend. Don’t just go for the traditional invitation and mail a postcard instead! The baby shower template below features a nice baby blue shade and subtle stars that add a soft, whimsical twist.


Use This Baby Shower Postcard Design

33. Travel Postcard Design

Enchant people with a captivating and impressive design. This travel template below is a postcard showcasing the eccentricity and beauty of Bali, Indonesia.


Use This Travel Postcard Design

34. Birthday Postcard Design

Celebrate another year with a cute and fun birthday postcard! The birthday postcard template below keeps it nice and simple with bright-colored candles and a ‘happy birthday’ greeting.


Use This Birthday Postcard Design

35. Shipping Postcard Design

The classy shipping template below uses different streaks of green to highlight the beautiful cityscape in the postcard. It also provides a brief business description against a solid mint green background.


Use This Shipping Postcard Design

36. Bakery Postcard Design

This bakery template is sure to tickle your taste buds! Bring out your customer’s inner sweet tooth with this bright pink bakery postcard. The cupcakes are strategically positioned at the forefront of the image and is sure to have customers begging for more!


Use This Bakery Postcard Design

37. Gym Postcard Design

Make sure to emphasize what’s free and included in a membership package, as seen in the gym template below. The no nonsense postcard is not just informative, it’s dead serious about fitness and health.

free-gym-postcard-template-1Use This Gym Postcard Design

38. Mount Rushmore Postcard Example

An American classic is embodied in a postcard. Mount Rushmore is a famous tourist site and people from all over come to see the majestic work of art. For those unable to witness its glory for themselves, a postcard would have to do for now.



39. Amusement Park Postcard Example

Capture the exhilarating rush of a theme park ride and engrain the memory in a postcard. The example below features mind-bending photos of a roller coaster ride.



40. Political Postcard Example

Vote for a versatile and impactful postcard that can translate to support and votes! Include your candidate’s photo and keep text bold and readable. Make a play for voter’s hearts by incorporating an effective campaign tagline too!



41. Barbershop Postcard Design

Highlight different looks like how this barbershop template does. Use a sleek black background for a more tantalizing look. Emphasize promos and discounts by using bright red, as seen below.


Use This Barbershop Postcard Design

42. Church Invitation Postcard Design

Churches and other places of worship should be inviting, accommodating, and inclusive. This church invitation template below captures this by promoting a sense of belong and inclusivity.


Use This Church Invitation Postcard Design

43. Campaign Postcard Design

Briefly enumerate your credentials and qualifications as seen in this campaign template below. You want potential voters to know you are capable of doing the job. It doesn’t hurt to use patriotic colors too, like red and blue, in your design.


Use This Political Campaign Postcard Design

44. Law Firm Postcard Design

Let clients know you are open for business and willing to serve. The law firm template below not only features Lady Justice but also lists down specific areas of practice that the law firm covers.


Use This Law Firm Postcard Design

45. Catering Postcard Design

The subtle golden accents in the catering template below gives the postcard a touch of elegance and sophistication. Add a high quality image and sleek borders and you’re all set!

catering-business-postcard-template-1Use This Catering Business Postcard Design

46. Social Media Postcard Design

Social media is the holy grail. If you can master it and use it the proper way, the opportunities are endless. The light, bubbly colors in this social media template makes it a fun and youthful postcard.

social-media-marketing-postcard-template-1Use This Social Media Marketing Postcard Design

47. Pet Care Postcard Design

Appeal to animal lovers and pet enthusiasts with this simple yet adorable pet care template. The postcard features a beautiful shot of man’s best friend. If you want the image to take centerstage, keep the rest of the design elements simple.


Use This Pet Care Postcard Design

48. Party Postcard Design

The party template featured below looks almost too pretty to eat! The bright pink colors is suggestive of fun and flirty femininity! Add a little gold touches and you’re good to go!

birthday-party-postcard-template-1Use This Birthday Party Postcard Design

49. Laundry Postcard Design

Go cool and clean with a laundry postcard. Keep it interesting with engaging graphics and imagery. The laundry template below is simple yet wastes no time conveying its message.

laundry-postcard-template-1Use This Laundry Postcard Design

50. Spa Postcard Design

Spas are meant to evoke relaxing and rejuvenating feelings. You can capture this feeling in your postcard too! Go for light and soothing colors such as the one featured in the spa template below.


Use This Spa Postcard Design


Postcards are typically for long distance communication. It was a common practice between lovers, friends, and family members who were away or apart from each other. With email and the internet, postcards may be losing their appeal and relevance, but that doesn’t change the fact that receiving one brings excitement and joy. Follow the simple format below to create a postcard of your own!   

1. Recipient

A postcard always contains both the recipient and sender’s complete names and address. For international mail, an area and country code is usually required.

The featured image is where things can get creative. You can feature a favorite landmark, an event (e.g., parade, holiday), or even an exotic dish. What you choose to feature in a postcard is entirely up to you.

3. Message and Greeting

A postcard is not complete without a greeting. You can keep it brief, simple, and sincere. If space permits, you can also include a brief message to your recipient.

4. Stamp

The issuance of stamps is standard post office practice. The stamp would depend on where you are in the world. They are also just as diverse as the different countries and cities around the globe.


How do you write a postcard?

You need to write down the complete name and address of the recipient. Include key information like the area and country code. This is usually required for international mail.

Where can I print my own postcards?

You can either purchase postcards at your nearest store or you can even print them yourself at home.

Can any card be a postcard?

A standard postcard is harder than just any paper. Since it’s made for mail, it’s best to use a card that’s sturdy and durable.

Where do you get postcards from?

If you are a recipient of a postcard, it is usually mailed directly to the address indicated on the postcard. If you are the sender, you can choose to purchase postcards at nearby stores or print them yourself.

When did postcards begin?

According to the Center for Southwest Studies, many of the earliest American picture postcards were widely sold at the World Columbian Exposition in the city of Chicago in 1893.