50+ Rack Card Ideas & Examples 2022

Print advertising isn’t dead despite the prominence of digital media today. There are many forms of print media to promote your business, and among the most effective are rack cards. You can usually find them in convenience stores, restaurants, and popular landmarks. Countless companies still use them and with great effect. 50-rack-card-ideas-inspiration-2021

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To create a Rack Card of your very own, follow the following steps:

  • Browse through several rack cards for inspiration and ideas for your own rack card.
  • Customize Online or Download in your preferred File format and Print As Required.


50+ Rack Card Ideas & Examples 2022

Though not usually seen as such, rack cards are pieces of art. Creating them requires some artistry and originality. And it must represent your business’s brand seamlessly. If you don’t how and where to start, don’t worry. Here we have a plethora of rack card ideas and inspiration to stimulate your creativity.

1. Class and Professionalism

Showing class and professionalism is a great visage for your brand. Our Business Rack Card below is proof of that. So if you work for a business consultancy firm or any corporate company, this template design might be what you need.


Use This Business Consultant Rack Card

2. Elegant, Comfortable Homes

Real estate is a profitable business, but only if marketed the right way, just like the example set by our Real Estate Rack Card. It features picture-perfect images of two residential properties, enticing potential buyers to own them. If you’re a real estate agent, this design is yours.

free-real-estate-rack-card-template Use This Real Estate Rack Card

3. Luxurious Apartment Living

Here’s another real estate rack card. But this one features well-shot photographs of apartment balconies. This creative rack card sports a sky blue color scheme and goes well with your realtor branding.

free-creative-real-estate-rack-card-template-1 Use This Creative Real Estate Rack Card

4. Five-Star Hotel Ambience

If you’re a hotel promoter, our Modern Hotel Rack Card is an excellent blueprint to follow for your print ad campaign. Follow its style of showcasing your hotel facilities and amenities. That way, you’re already welcoming guests before they check in to your hotel.

modern-hotel-rack-card Use This Modern Hotel Rack Card

5. Bird’s Eye View

Here we have another hotel rack card with a different style. It shows a perfect bird’s eye view of a hotel’s exterior and the vicinity around it, most especially the beachfront. Distributing this type of rack card can certainly entice travel enthusiasts to visit your hotel. You can also find more hotel-related designs in our hotel flyers.

printable-hotel-rack-card-template Use This Printable Hotel Rack Card

6. Construction Excellence

Our Construction Rack Card below is a suitable marketing material for construction companies. Its aura establishes trust and the assurance that a construction firm provides exemplary services. So feel free to download it if you run a construction company.

industrial-commercial-construction-template Use This Industrial & Commercial Construction Rack Card



7. Hands-On Construction Work

Showing images of hands-on construction work is a great way to market your construction company. It can imply that your engineers and workers do that job well. That said, you can refer to the design of our Construction Marketing Rack Card. And also, we would like to interest you with our construction brochures.

construction-marketing-rack-card-template-free Use This Construction Marketing Rack Card

8. Promote Your Freelance Services

If you’re a freelancer, you should invest in promoting your services. Creating rack cards is a great way to start. You can use the professional and minimalist design of our Freelancer Rack Card below. Take advantage of it to increase your clientele and build your freelancing reputation.

freelancer-promotion-rack-card-template Use This Freelancer Promotion Rack Card

9. Keepin’ It Simple

Sometimes, keeping a rack card design simple is the best way to go. The minimalist rack card design we’ve featured below is evidence of that. It only has a few visual elements but blended together flawlessly. We created it for advertising agencies, but you can use it whatever type of company you run.

4401 Use This Advertising Consultant Rack Card

10. Straightforward Design

Here we have another rack card template that has a simple design. It has a white backdrop and uses simple, readable, presentable font styles. There’s nothing too fancy in it, but it’s not dull looking. It blends presentability and professionalism. You can explore more simple designs in our minimal flyers.

recruitment-firm-rack-card-template Use This Recruitment Firm Rack Card

11. Modern Style

Modern styles of design are appealing to modern audiences. With that in mind, we share with you our modern rack card below. We intended it for SEO companies, but any company establishing a modern type of branding is welcome to it, which includes your company.

seo-rack-card-template-440x570-1 Use This SEO Rack Card

12. Appetite Stimulation

If you own a restaurant or a catering service business, then our Restaurant Rack Card below is perfect for you. It shows an image of a buffet calling for diners to dig in. When people see it, their appetites will churn and might consider visiting your food business soon.

catering-menu-rack-card-template Use This Catering Menu Rack Card



13. Ready to Serve

Here we have another well-designed and appetite-stimulating restaurant rack card. Overall, it has a similar aura and style as the previous one, but it uses a darker shade of red as its color scheme. You can find more related designs in our menu templates.

food-catering-rack-card-template Use This Food Catering Rack Card

14. Promote Higher Education

If what you’re promoting is college education courses, then we have our Education Rack Card for you. It shows what college campus life feels like, which can entice fresh high school graduates to apply. You can browse more education-related designs in our education brochures.

free-education-rack-card-template-440x570-1 Use This Education Rack Card

15. Pretty Face

A pretty face is always an attention-grabbing visage, which makes it a great visual element for salon print advertising media. So if you own a salon business, don’t hesitate to download our Salon Rack Card. You can also use our elegant salon flyers.

salon-rack-card-template Use This Salon Rack Card

16. Promote Fitness

If what you’re advertising is your gym business, your rack card must promote fitness, just like our Gym Rack Card. It should encourage people to achieve their fitness goals. You can find more designs like this in our gym flyers.

free-gym-rack-card-template-440x570-1 Use This Gym Rack Card

17. Pastry Delights

Pastry dishes are a sight for sore eyes. So if you own a bakery business, create a rack card as beautiful as our Bakery Rack Card. Download it and mirror its design and layout. And don’t forget to use quality photographs of your pastry delights. You can also head on over to our bakery flyer collection for more design ideas.

free-bakery-rack-card-template Use This Bakery Rack Card

18. Coffee Delight

Coffee lovers tend to visit new cafes every now and then. That said, if you own a cafe, chances they’ll discover it if you promote it using a well-made rack card. For that reason, we present our Coffee Shop Rack Card. Its prominent brown color scheme is perfect for your brand. Find even more similar designs in our cafe flyers.

coffee-shop-rack-card-template Use This Coffee Shop Rack Card

19. Summer Vibes

If you have anything to promote during the summer, use the design of our Summer Camp Rack Card. Everything about its looks evokes the joy, fun, and adventures that await in the hottest season of the year.

free-summer-camp-rack-card-template-440x570-1 Use This Summer Camp Rack Card

20. Golf

Golf is a fun, relaxing sport. And your rack card must imply that if you’re promoting a golf club membership. So take inspiration from our Golf Resort Rack Card. You can also use some of our golf flyers.

free-golf-resort-rack-card-template Use This Golf Resort Rack Card



21. Stylish Fashion

Our Fashion Rack Card is the perfect tool to promote your on-sale fashion items. It’s both elegant and stylish with an enticing call to action to “Shop Now!” See more similar designs in our fashion flyers.

free-fashion-rack-card-template-440x570-1 Use This Fashion Rack Card

22. Promote Your Laundry Service

If you have a laundry business, let people know about it. Many of them need your service, especially those who don’t have laundry machines at home. You can use our Laundry Rack Card to promote your business.

laundry-rack-card-template Use This Laundry Rack Card

23. Promote Your Healthcare Services

The majority of people in your community need healthcare. So if you own a clinic or a hospital, let them know that your services are available whenever they need them. Use our Hospital Rack Card as your print advertising medium. You can also experiment with the designs of our healthcare flyers.

hospital-rack-card-template Use This Hospital Rack Card

24. Ice Cream Treat

Both kids and adults love ice cream. Show them our Ice Cream Rack Card and they’ll surely want to buy one of your ice cream flavors. Download it and distribute it around your neighborhood. Let your community know that your ice cream shop is in business.

ice-cream-rackcard-template Use This Ice Cream Rack Card

25. Professionals Collaborating

The sample rack card design below shows an image of professionals collaborating with each other. It’s a great image to have for any corporate company, such as staffing agencies and accounting firms.

staffing-agency-rack-card-template Use This Staffing Agency Rack Card

26. Plain and Simple

The simple rack card we’ve featured below has a plain and simple design but still looks good. Remember that rack cards don’t always have to look too extravagant.

hostel-rack-card-template Use This Hostel Rack Card

27. Soccer

If you’re organizing a soccer training camp, you can use our Soccer Rack Card to promote it. Kids who are into soccer would definitely want to register once they see it. Have a look at our soccer flyers as well.

free-soccer-rack-card-template-440x570-1 Use This Soccer Rack Card

28. Shiny Jewelry

Our Jewelry Rack Card showcases the glamourous feeling of wearing elegant, shiny jewelry. That said, it’s a perfect promotional material if you own a jewelry store. You can find more glamourous and elegant designs in our jewelry flyers.

free-jewelry-rack-card-template Use This Jewelry Rack Card

29. Handyman At Your Service

If you have some handyman skills at your disposal, why not make a living out of it for some extra cash. You can start your handyman side hustle career by creating a rack card like our Handyman Rack Card.

free-handyman-rack-card-template-4 Use This Handyman Rack Card

30. Flaunt Your Photography Skills

If you’re a freelance photographer or a photography studio owner, our Photographer Rack Card can carry your brand and image. Its design screams elegant photography perfect for any occasion. You can download it by clicking the button below. You may also refer to our photography brochures.

free-photographer-rack-card-template-440x570-1 Use This Photographer Rack Card



31. Kindergarten Branding

Our Kindergarten Rack Card is designed to promote a kindergarten school’s identity and reputation. So if you’re a kindergarten school admin, this template’s yours. We also have kindergarten brochures that you might like.

kindergarten-rackcard-template Use This Kindergarten Rack Card

Our Law Firm Rack Card is a presentable and high-quality print ad media for law firms. When people see it at first glance, they immediately get the impression that it’s promoting legal services.

free-law-firm-rack-card-template-440x570-1 Use This Law Firm Rack Card

33. Working Comfortably

Covid-19 is still a threat over a year after it spread globally. With that in mind, working from home is still a viable option for most employees. Use our Modern Work From Home Rack Card to show the job market that your company supports work-from-home settings.

free-modern-work-from-home-rack-card-template Use This Modern Work From Home Rack Card

34. Happy Working at Home

Here we have another high-quality Work From Home Rack Card. It sports a simple design with a sample company logo attached at the upper left corner. You might also like to try our Work From Home Brochures.

free-creative-work-from-home-rack-card-template Use This Creative Work From Home Rack Card

35. Online Store Promotion

Promoting an online store can also be done using print media rather than just digital media. That’s why we included our Online Store Rack Card on this list. It’s customizable in Adobe Photoshop (PSD).

online-store-rack-card-template-440 Use This Online Store Rack Card

36. Dental Care Service

Dental care is also a healthcare service that many people need. So if you’re a dentist, let people know about your dental care services with the help of our Dental Care Rack Card. You can open and edit it using Adobe Illustrator.

free-dental-care-rack-card Use This Dental Care Rack Card

37. Gaming Supremacy

Gaming is a worldwide community. Whichever country you’re in, you can expect that there are gamers in it. So if you own a gaming company, it can certainly gain popularity in no time. Just promote it using our Gaming Company Rack Card editable in Microsoft Publisher.

gaming-company-rack-card-template Use This Gaming Company Rack Card

39. Exhibition Event

If you’re hosting an art exhibition event, you can use our Exhibition Rack Card to invite people to attend it. We made it to be editable on Apple (MAC) Pages.

free-exhibition-rack-card-template Use This Exhibition Rack Card

40. Introduce Your Band

If you’re a member of an up-and-coming music band, it’s about time that you introduce it to people. Our Music Band Rack Card is a great tool for that. You can simply open it in Microsoft Word and customize it to showcase your band’s image.

music-band-rack-card-template-1 Use This Music Band Rack Card

41. Business Event Promotion

The professional and formal design of our Corporate Event Rack Card is perfect for promoting business events. It uses a black and yellow color scheme flawlessly without overshadowing its texts. Download this template and personalize it using Adobe InDesign.

free-corporate-event-rack-card-template-440x570-1 Use This Corporate Event Rack Card

42. Colorless Beauty

Black and white, if used correctly, can make your rack cards elegant and sleek. Just like our Simple Real Estate Rack Card. It looks vibrant and eye-pleasing despite being colorless.

free-simple-real-estate-rack-card-template-440x570-1 Use This Simple Real Estate Rack Card

43. Promote Travel

We all know that many people love to travel. So if you own a travel agency, you have a decent chance of attracting clients. With a promotional material like our Travel Agency Rack Card, people will be contacting your agency to avail of your services soon. You may also refer to our travel flyers with relevant design styles.

travel-agency-rack-card-template-3 Use This Travel Agency Rack Card



44. Beach Escapade

Beaches are no doubt relaxing places to be in. The sight of crystal clear blue waters and white sand beach is enough to urge us to pack up and go on a vacation. So if you own a beach resort, our Royal Resort Rack Card is a commendable print ad medium.

royal-resort-rack-card-template Use This Royal Resort Rack Card

45. Into the Sea

Our Scuba Diving School Rack Card, as its name implies, is designed for scuba diving training centers and facilities. By looking at it, people will already be immersed in the sea before they even go scuba diving.


Use This Scuba Diving School Rack Card

46. Music Festival

Music is a language that we all connect to. So if you have an upcoming music event, thousands of people will surely attend. But, not without the help of our Music Festival Rack Card design.

music-festival-rack-card-template-440 Use This Music Festival Rack Card

47. Daycare Services

Parents are busy with their day jobs. So many of them are looking for daycare centers. So if you run a daycare center, having our Daycare Rack Cards can help you reach out to them. Let them know that their kids will be in good hands with your services.

free-daycare-rack-card-template-440x570-1 Use This Daycare Rack Card

48. Online Courses Promotion

There’s a steady market out there for online courses, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic still a looming threat. That said, schools offering online classes can use our Online Courses Rack Card to reach out to enrollees.

online-courses-rack-card-template Use This Online Courses Rack Card

49. Grow Your Church Community

If you want your church community to grow, invite other Christians to visit it every Sunday. You can use our Church Rack Card design, edit it, print it, and distribute it in public places. The more people your church has, the merrier Sunday services will be. You can also try our church flyers.

church-rack-card-template-44 Use This Church Rack Card

50. Moving Services

If you own a moving business, you should get our Moving Company Rack Card. Its design and size make it recognizable amongst other rack cards in public places. And It can carry your moving company’s brand effectively.

moving-company-rack-card-mockup-440 Use This Moving Company Rack Card

General FAQs

What are the sizes of rack cards?

The usual rack card sizes are 3.5″ x 8.5″ or 4″ x 9″.

Does a rack card work in promoting one-time events?

Yes. Rack cards are suitable print advertising media for one-time events. Other than that, they’re cheaper to create and print compared to posters.

What are the best applications to create rack cards?

These are the best applications to create rack cards:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Apple Pages

Can I use glossy paper material to print rack cards?

Yes, you can. Glossy paper material can make your rack cards more presentable. They enhance the aesthetic of your rack cards and make them smooth to touch.

What should I include on a rack card?

Your rack card must have your business name, business logo, contact number, email address, and website. Those are the elements that prove your rack card belongs to your company.