How to Build a Buyers List

In starting a real estate business, financial forecasts and marketing strategies are essential for an effective business plan. However, some professionals miss this one strategy that is really helpful to sell properties fast, and that is—the preparation of the buyers list. According to The Balance Small Business, an investor buyers list is vital for profits. You can sell homes faster if you have this, which means lower holding costs. So, what really is a buyers list? Let’s dig deeper, shall we? how-to-build-a-buyers-list

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How to Build a Buyers List

What is a Buyers List?

A buyers list is a database of entrepreneurs or investors who are looking for a good deal of properties for investing, and simply those who will purchase as owner occupants. This list should have their relevant information such as name, contact details like phone number and email address, buying criteria, and type of investment. What does each investor look for? What is their target market? These should also be included in the database.

Why Use Buyers List?

These people may or may not be your present clients. However, they could still be interested in buying from you in the future, whether for investment or for personal purposes. You should have an organized buyers list with your potential leads for you to tap for your next listings. The more number of quality buyers you have, the higher chances your proposals succeed and properties get sold.

Ways to Build Your Buyers List

Who says money is the only real estate capital you need? Potential leads are also essential capital. From marketing tools down to networking, here is a checklist of the ways you can generate leads for your real estate venture.


There are many ways to advertise your business. It can be through classified sections of newspapers, websites, blogs, or social media. You can write a headline that will grab their attention. If you have previous projects with special discounts, you can put them with a headline “Special Offer.” If investors contact you, simply tell them that it was already sold and you will just contact them for new properties. In the classified ads, also check every contact detail of people who are there to look for tenants or home buyers. Most of them are landlords and investors too!


Craigslist is also one of the most popular outlets for real estate professionals and investors. For a smoother transaction on this website, follow its post formatting guidelines. They no longer allow contact details and URLs in the listings. Instead, the users will just click the contact tab to communicate with you. If they do, ask for their contact information and add these to your buyers list.

Bandit Signs

Interested buyers and investors will directly contact you once your interesting offer and contact information are placed in bandit signs. Put these along the side of busy roads. Make sure the message, font size, and colors are catchy enough for the people to see.

Joining Investment Clubs and Groups

You can check the Chamber of Commerce for upcoming events and join in real estate investor clubs. Attending these events is a good way to expand your real estate network. However, you have to do your research before you go. Check the list of the people who will come from your local chamber. If you know someone, ask them if you can come with them as a guest. You can also call your local chamber directly and ask if you can come. Once you are already in the event, always keep it light and make sure you have collected a decent number of business cards at the end of the day for your next real estate deal.

Tapping Friends and Family

Your friends and family are your most reachable people. They will also more likely support you first with your goals. Let them know what you want to accomplish in your business. Ask them what their preferences are in terms of properties. Know what their preferred budget and location are. They will be the easiest people to contact once you have new properties that suit them.

Steps to Follow in Maintaining Buyers List

Now that you know where to find your potential buyers, let us tackle how to make your list effective. Here is another checklist of the steps to maintain a buyers list.

Pre-screen and Evaluate Potential Buyers

To assure that your time, money, effort, and other resources don’t get wasted, undergo pre-screening on your accumulated buyers. Engage with your leads and gather as much information about them as you can. What are they looking for? What is their budget? Can you offer them a suitable property? If not, then they will just clutter your whole database.

Organize and Automate Your Buyers List

You will be handling different types of projects. These could be homes that are for fix and flip. These could be apartments for lease and sale, townhouses, or ranches and lands. You will have different types of buyers in the future. Therefore, organize your database as early as now. Invest in a system that can help you manage each of these buyers independently. Segregate your contacts into groups—those who are into luxury real estate, rehab, renting out, and occupying properties. Also, include in the category those who are into lease options.

Advertising and networking are effective ways to gather people for your buyers list. In advertising, make sure to always put catchy and enticing statements on your ads for people to reach out to you. Also, use advertisements that you see to your advantage. Always save the contact details of potential buyers you see on the ads. After gathering contacts, create a rapport with them for evaluation. Have a system where you can neatly categorize them. Also, invest in email automation. That way you can easily engage with them regularly and update them every time you have a compatible property. A buyers list is indeed one of the greatest strategies to survive in a competitive marketplace. Without this, you will solely rely on real estate websites where millions of listings can cast off yours.