5 Advantages and Ways to Find Real Estate Auctions

Real estate auctions are a process wherein a property is being sold to whoever bids the highest price. If you have plans to start a real estate career, attending these auctions is a great place to do so. Through auctions, you will have an understanding of how much people are willing to spend for the property if they see it as an investment and learn a few negotiating skills as well when it comes to bidding.

The property becomes available for auction after the occupants leave either by eviction or other reasons. In real estate, getting to sell property can be challenging. There’s a lot to take care of, like accounting for costs, doing a SWOT analysis, and handling the purchase of the property. Here are five reasons why an auction is quite advantageous when it comes to selling property. advantages-and-ways-to-find-real-estate-auction

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5 Advantages and Ways to Find Real Estate Auctions

Quick Sale

Most real estate auctions are a quick sale. This means that the house or property that is being sold is going to have a speedy transaction. Not only that, but it also has a discount from the full value. This is why if you are planning to acquire property to start a business in real estate, these auctions are an efficient way to get it done.

Less Advertising Expenses

A real estate auction is more cost-effective when it comes to advertising. It is usually the auctioneer who does the advertising themselves rather than whoever owns the property. And it is generally pretty easy to advertise auctions like these. It is generally done by using social media or even posting up a sign saying the property is for sale.

Grab Attention

Houses and property that are put on auction draw a lot of attention quite quickly. If an appropriate sign is placed nearby, you are bound to meet a passerby who will be interested in wanting to acquire the property. You won’t have to spend that much to advertise the auction either.

Attracts Serious Buyers and Sellers

Real estate auctions are a serious matter. This involves outbidding several buyers who have a lot of money to spend. Whoever makes the highest estimate wins the bidding and the particular property. So if you want to do business with people who are less likely to back off from a transaction, then a real estate auction is the best way to draw these people to you.

Quick Settlement Time

Real estate auctions have a speedy settlement time. This means it does not take long for the transactions of the purchase to be done. So if you, in particular, want to sell a house or property quickly, it will be a lot easier for you to do so through auction.

7 Ways to Find Real Estate Auctions

If you are having trouble looking for an auction, here is a checklist of sources you can go to to find one.


Back in the day, newspapers were a common way to announce a house on auction. However, despite the advance in technology and other methods of spreading news, there are still newspaper ads with details of auctions to this day. Most of these ads had very informative information such as the location of the auction, contact details of the auctioneer, and other details that attendees would need to know.

Auction Websites

These websites list out every house and property that are put on auction. Nowadays, a lot of these are placed online to garner more attention and interested bidders. You can check local websites in order to find the auction nearest to your location. These websites often have images of the property so that interested buyers can check out the property through the convenience of their computer. These auction websites also contain essential details for attendees to take note of. The good thing about auction websites is that you can also check on reports to keep you updated on the status of these properties.

Through Real Estate Brokers/Agents

The real estate industry tends to be one big circle where everyone is familiar with each other. If you want to be aware of any auction events, one right way to find out about them is through real estate brokers and agents. These people tend to know a lot whenever sales are occurring around their area; in fact, they might have had experience in handling an auction themselves. If you want any tips when it comes to bidding, you might have an advantage if a real estate agent gives you advice.

Government Websites

There are some properties that the government cannot find a use for and seek to liquidate it by auctioning it off. That is why government websites are often a good source of information if you are looking for any real estate auction that is going to take place. Government websites also tend to have the exact details for this event, so it is quite easy for you to get to it compared to private auctions.

Online Listing Services

Online listing service is a real estate search database where you can look up properties that are for sale or auction. Most of these are usually popular search engines. Auctioneers tend to post their auction details on online listing services as a part of their marketing to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Lawyers and Accountants

These people usually handle the legal, analysis, and accounting part of the auction. That being said, it is possible that at least most of the lawyers or accountants would be aware of an auction that is going to take place. So they are an option as a source of information if you are looking for any sales near you.

Banks and Lenders

Since one of the bank’s goals is to get rid of the property as fast as possible, they can be a valid source of information if you want to find out details about a real estate auction. Banks would usually keep a list of properties under them that they want to sell through auction. These banks would be connected to real estate agents who can help facilitate the selling of the property. So if you’re going to have an advantage when you wish to bid and purchase property, then try to inquire with your local bank for information.

Real estate auctions are a quick and efficient way to both sell and obtain property. No matter how you set your real estate goals, it is a great option to go for auctions as an efficient way to get it done.