The Top 10 Real Estate Apps

In today’s world, a lot of businesses are setting their shops online. Even if you are starting a real estate business, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your brand to the worldwide web. A lot of businesses make use of online apps so that their users can have a direct line to them and make transactions a lot easier. Since real estate involves a lot of transactions and communication, it will be a lot helpful if you utilize this technology. Incorporate this idea into your business plan, and check out these top 10 real estate apps to gain inspiration on how to go about this.

Here are the top ten applications used within the real estate industry. Some of them are specifically designed to cater to people in real estate, while others are general business apps. top-10-real-estate-apps

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The Top 10 Real Estate Apps



Owned by the Zillow Group, Inc., it is an online real estate database that was founded in the United States. It is a real estate app that allows its users to access data on around 110 million homes. With its features, it enables users to rent, purchase, or sell property with just their smartphone. If they need the help of an expert, it also allows them to use the Agent Finder feature that lets them connect with a real estate agent. Users can also find out the estimated value of homes and the tracking of changes in costs as well. As of January 2020, Zillow remains one of the most popular real estate websites, with up to 36 million monthly visitors.



A real estate company based in Cincinnati, Ohio and Zillow is their parent company. Dotloop’s app enables real estate brokers, teams, agents, and clients to have an online platform where they can manage their transactions. Dotloop’s features allow users to check on real estate documents such as contracts, leases, reports, and agreements through their phones. It also makes the transactions done simply by bringing them all into a loop to communicate with each other easily. With dollops features, users can save a lot of time by using it to communicate with each other rather than having to meet in person.



It is a real estate company that is based in Denver, Colorado. The app that they’ve developed acts more like a social media platform specifically for people in real estate. This allows for easy networking between users, and potentially a great way of generating leads. Clients and other people interested in real estate can also log in and make an account to make contact with other users for their work easily. The app also allows users to access informative content about real estate, allowing them to educate themselves about the industry. If you wish to start a company in real estate, using this would be a great way to start and grow your business.

Mortgage Calculator


This app is quite popular within real estate because it lets users calculate the mortgage for a particular property. Finding out the lease of properties is essential to know so that you can determine whether you can afford this property and the costs that come with it. With its features, it analyzes all the numbers you’ve input and calculates everything for you.



A real estate brokerage that was founded in Seattle. Redfin’s online app has a 1% listing fee, which grants users their full service and saves on other expenses. Redfin connects users to real estate agents that are under their employ to help them buy or sell the property. Through the app, users can also search for homes and can be specified by entering a specific value on their search engine.



A popular online app that allows you to use your mobile phone as a scanner. It works by taking a photo and converting the image into a document format. The reason why this is quite popular in real estate is that its feature allows users to take pictures of legal documents, scan them, and send them to whoever they wish. Since real estate transactions involve presenting papers of some kind, this app has proven itself useful in these situations.



It is an online-only company that assists buyers, sellers, and agents in real estate transactions by keeping it efficient and transparent. The app has features that are for home sellers and for real estate agents, so it is pretty easy for buyers to find a property in Xome. Not only that, but you can use the app to find a property that is auctioned as well, so it gives buyers more options if they have the budget. Like most real estate sites, Xome also has a search engine that allows users to search for property in a specific area.


A real estate listings website with their operations based in Santa Clara, California. One of their main services is to help clients find and acquire a new home. The features of their app are designed to make finding a new home easier for their clients. With their mobile app, users can check every house listed in their database and see which one interests them. By inputting the right information and settings, the app can send them notifications regarding a home that they would like, which helps users remain updated as well as informed of their options.



It is a messaging app for sales and customer engagement teams. While it isn’t specifically for real estate, its features are useful for real estate representatives to keep contact with their clients. The features include an organized messaging system, able to view the profiles of those you contact, and enabling the sharing of essential business details. In a way, it acts quite similarly like social media. The app is also quite popular with marketing teams in a lot of businesses as well.



An online marketplace for a commercial property based in the United States. Loopnet’s app help users find property and space that is suited to their wants. With its features, users of the Loopnet app can search for a specific property based on inputting certain details to their account. They can also stay updated on the status of properties they choose to keep track of. Whether it is occupied or if the property has an eviction, the app will be sure to notify you of that.

Most of these apps show how most of the real estate business has gone online. These real estate apps show that you can feasibly do it yourself as well if you have intentions of doing it. Not only that, but you get to connect and learn so much more within the real estate industry. You can do all this and more, within the palm of your hand.