Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Tools

In the 1980s, the only way realtors advertised properties was through newspapers—as stated in Forbes. Unless you were a person of great influence, there were no other ways to market your real estate. Another tough thing about it was the limited posting on the coveted papers. Not all businessmen before were fortunate enough to advertise their listings thrice a week. Luckily now, we have the internet. The sky’s the limit! Or shall I say the cloud too? Because of the unlimited opportunities to post online, the competition also gets stronger. In starting a business, you need to be familiar with modern marketing tools and strategies to be one step ahead. In this article, let us develop your business plan by discussing the different real estate marketing tools. top-10-real-estate-marketing-tools

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Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Tools

Here is a checklist of the tools you need for successful real estate marketing.


With the power of technology, people no longer drive by their neighborhood to buy a house in their local area. They conveniently surf online and type in the place and property of their liking. Zillow is one of the top sites that your search engine shows when it pertains to real estate. It has been in service for more than a decade. Whether you want to rent out or sell your properties, this website can help you. According to Zillow, It has a database of more than 100 million homes in the United States, including those that are not yet on the market. With just the digits, you will see how many realtors rely on this site. Plus, you will also be able to post pre-selling units. Zillow also refers to real estate professionals in the local area to home finders. You become closer to your target, plus meetups will be more accessible.

Facebook Live

Facebook is the biggest social networking site. Impressively, it had 2.5 billion users in the last quarter of 2019, as stated in Statista. With that alone, it’s no wonder why it has been and will still be an essential marketing tool in this generation. Facebook has a live streaming section as well! People choose to consume information through videos. As long as you have already created your own page and network, you can easily show your viewers and followers the properties that you are selling. Additionally, you can effortlessly highlight their best features.

Instagram Stories

Celebrities, big influencers—you’ve seen them all on your Instagram. It’s not surprising how millions of other people use this platform too. Aside from their icons, Instagram has a lot of cool features—both for personal and business use. Posting stories on Instagram is one of its features. Stories are posted in videos, photos, music, and texts through a slideshow. It has a marketing tool as well, where you will have the option to pay for advertising through stories. Create an emotional connection with your audience by using these features.


Automated social posts, social media analytics, effortless search through advanced filters—all these in one application—the Hootsuite. Manage your social media wisely with minimum effort. Hootsuite allows you to schedule a post on your platforms in advance, which saves you time! Measure your social media engagement results through its analytics as well.

Follow Up Boss

Problems that arise in real estate business include lack of monitor, weak identification of priorities, and minimal lead follow-ups. Follow Up Boss will help you and your agents through its spectacular features! It has features that allow you to assign leads automatically to your agents. Additionally, you can send notifications and reminders to your agents too! Its best feature is that it allows you to import leads from a lot of sources such as Facebook and Zillow.

Schedule Once

Another software for scheduling is the Schedule Once. It is a cloud-based solution that helps schedule interactions with prospects and clients. It is also used to assign appointments to staff members. Make use of its services through a monthly subscription that also includes support via email and phone.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one tool that’s easy to use. Listen to other realtors as they share their insights about your industry. Get marketing ideas, branding tips, and networking tips from them. Reach your audience through its cross-network social publishing. Additionally, improve your responsiveness with all your social inbox integrated. Lastly, measure your performance through analytics.


Maximize the potential of your listings through Matterport. It has an all-in-one media solution for real estate professionals like you! To fully enjoy this platform, all you have to do is use their compatible camera with its subscription plan. Afterward, you will be able to capture the panoramic imagery of the place. What makes it more amazing is it will then create a 3D twin of that image through a dollhouse, inside, and floor plan views! Your clients and leads will be impressed with how sophisticated your presentation will be.


Promo marketing is a media group that offers services from print advertising to online product search. Post your properties on their website for free to showcase what you sell to a large market. They also advertise products and properties in their magazines through site banners.

Call Action

This software automates texts, emails, and outbound calls in your customer lifecycle. It is data-enriched, which helps you identify lead opportunities with intelligence and phone number validation. You can also respond instantly to messages, emails, and missed calls from different communication channels with its notifications.

Market your listings to a large audience through online shopping sites. Keep up with the trends and new features social media offers. Regularly posting quality content to your pages will keep your followers engaged and active. Real estate marketing doesn’t stop posting photos and videos of your properties online. You also need to communicate directly to your leads and clients for follow-ups. Save time by taking advantage of the task and social media digital managers these marketing tools bring. More importantly, invest in high-quality imagery for an ideal portfolio. With all the tools stated above, you will make the best out of your real estate marketing process.