12 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

Those properties aren’t going to buy themselves! To make your business grow, generating leads is an important thing to do, especially when you are starting a real estate company. A lead refers to information on possible sellers and clients. These people are the ones who generate a lot of business for your company. Gathering leads is usually one of the top priorities of real estate companies when creating a business plan.

If you are wondering where to start in getting leads for your property, here are 12 ways to generate some leads. And through some quick analysis, see which of these will work best for you.


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12 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

Host an Open House

To create potential customers, you can organize an open house. An open house is a great marketing strategy as it enables you to show potential buyers what kind of property you have to offer. Prepare the property you wish to sell and organize an event where visitors are welcome to come in. The visitors can take a look at the property and see if they are interested in purchasing the place or not.

Build a Website

Creating a website is one of the great ways to grow a real estate business. Through your website, you have an avenue to showcase when the property you are handling looks like. Interested buyers can go online and check your website conveniently, allowing them to check it all out from the comforts of their home. With a great website, you can also draw in potential sellers who would want you to help them sell their own property. Overall, having an online domain can be a great help in the company’s sales.

Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth, especially from trusted sources, is a great way to spread the name of your real estate business. One of the ways to make referrals is to have your customers and connections recommend your company to other people so that you can expand your audience and gather more leads. Being referred to by a lot of people is an excellent way to establish the reputation of your company, and therefore draw more people to do business with you.

Using Social Media and Online Advertising

Nowadays, a lot of real estate businesses use social media and online advertisements to gather leads for their company. Considering a lot of people spend time on social media, the odds of seeing your ad there is quite high. Through it, you can draw both buyers and sellers who would love to hire you to help purchase or sell a property. Design your advertisements as you would for an invitation. That way, you can draw in those leads to do business with you.

Customer Feedback

Positive customer satisfaction and reports will make for a great way to attract more leads for your real estate business. With customer feedback, you can show to other potential business associates and potential clients on how effective and reliable you are in the service you provide. Presenting customer feedback through your advertisements or your website, allows the viewers to see the credibility of your company and convince them to do business with you.

Use Networking

A lot of business people practice networking for a good reason. Networking is essentially making close connections in the business world. Creating or joining a circle of contacts allows your brand and your business as a real estate to spread to a broader audience. You might also get your contact to be a client of yours as well. The advantage of networking is that you get to have other professionals recommend your business to others, and sometimes a professional’s word is all the advertising you’ll ever need. This can generate a lot of leads and create a lot of business for your company.

Lead Generation Services

This refers to the initiatives taken to find potential clients for a particular business. In the case of real estate, these lead generation services are all designed to draw people who are interested in having your company help them purchase or sell a property. Lead generation services are a great way to increase sales in your business since it can turn leads to full-on customers.

Targeted Mailing

Sometimes all it takes to start a business deal is a message. On the subject of email, sending emails to specific people on your email list is an effective way to gather leads as well. This practice is called targeted mailing. Most of these people could be your clients or contacts who have expressed interest in doing business with you. Keep a checklist of those potential leads to make sure you don’t miss one. Make sure the contents of your email are informative and written well enough to hook them in.

Experiential Marketing

It is a marketing strategy using events or experiences hence the name. The idea is to create a memorable event that will stick with the client and business associate. If done right, experiential marketing will encourage attendees to share it with other people and thus garner interest in your company. Try doing experiential marketing at the site of your property to boost interest in your real estate business.

By Calling on Phone

Sometimes the best way to gain leads is to call them directly. By calling on the phone, you can establish contact with potential clients and convince them to be a buyer or a seller of property.

Organize Events

Another fun way to generate leads for your real estate business is to organize events. Entertain your attendees well and you can make a client out of them. You could do the activities in your workplace, but it will be more effective to do them in the site of the property so you can show the attendees the goods you have.


One simple way to generate leads for your real estate business is simply to advertise your company. Make your advertisements unique to attract attention. Various methods you can use to draw in leads include making flyers, online ads, brochures, posters, and if you can afford it, billboard ads. Include the best imagery you have on your property to make it appealing to your audience, and include your contact details so that your leads can reach out to you if they are interested.

Almost everyone in the world wants to own property or wants to sell it, so as a business owner in real estate, you can be assured you will never run out of clients. As long as you practice the cases mentioned above, then you can draw the right amount of leads to work with and keep your company going.