50+ Social Media Graphics Ideas & Examples 2022

At this time and age, when the world revolves around social media trends, it is beneficial to focus on marketing and other forms of communication through the use of the internet. The present generation currently lives with using social media as a way to influence and inform others. Best to be up to date and utilize this kind of platform. 50-social-media-graphics-ideas-inspiration-2021

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To create social media graphics of your very own, follow the following steps:

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50+ Social Media Graphics Ideas & Examples 2022

As more and more people go to social media as a means for leisure and business, it is ideal to know your way of using various platforms. It’s also advisable to make your graphic templates for each platform different and unique while keeping in mind your target market. Each platform is distinctive in its way, and to help you reach out to your audience, here are 50 social media graphics ideas and inspirations you can use.

1. Use your perspective

There’s something about photos giving a variety of views that captures a person’s attention. It’s always advantageous to use these photos in catching and providing a different perspective of a place. Learn to be creative and use the samples below.

blog-tips-pinterest-pin-templateUse This Blog Tips Pinterest Pin

summer-travel-facebook-post-templateUse This Summer Travel Facebook Post

2. Go on an Adventure

When work or school feels overbearing, individuals will find an excuse to get a breather. This is why marketing your services for travel can be advantageous, especially through a Facebook post. Don’t forget to utilize colorful photos of travel destinations.

free-travel-tourism-facebook-post-template1Use This Travel Tourism Facebook Post

free-elegant-travel-facebook-post-templateUse This Elegant Travel Facebook Post

3. Percent off on a Holiday

More people are attracted to come and spend money upon seeing percentages off on favorite brands or choices. Marketing magnates utilize slashing off their original prices, especially when new collections are up the market. Make sure your audience knows just how much of a discount there is through an Instagram post.

free-holiday-discount-sale-instagram-post-templateUse This Holiday Discount Sale Instagram Post

free-holiday-collection-sale-instagram-post-templateUse This Holiday Collection Sale Instagram Post



4. Gradient in Tone

Gradients are styles that designers use to play with colors. It is especially effective with the use of two contrasting colors. Captivate audiences by promoting your online applications through an Instagram Story while using this styling.

free-mobile-app-promotion-instagram-story-templateUse This Mobile App Promotion Instagram Story

free-music-studio-app-promotion-instagram-story-templateUse This Music Studio App Promotion Instagram Story

5. Pretty in Pink

Pink is an attractive color that emanates beauty and sophistication. It’s no wonder that the color is prominent in Youtube channel art designs. Don’t be afraid to use this color no matter the content your Youtube channel holds.

vlog-youtube-channel-art-templateUse This Vlog Youtube Channel Art

makeup-youtube-channel-art-templateUse This Makeup Youtube Channel Art

6. Look at Favicons

Some designs utilize various components, and an example of a simplistic and stylish design idea consists of favicons. Why not use them on your next marketing idea similar to the Whatsapp post below?

free-trucking-logistics-whatsapp-post-templateUse This Trucking Logistics Whatsapp Post

free-speaker-whatsapp-post-templateUse This Speaker Whatsapp Post

7. Create Mystery

It’s surprising what people watch in their free time. Youtube now has the policy to convert views into income, which means content creators must find a way to catch the viewer’s attention. If you’re up for creating mystery, try and use the Youtube thumbnail below.

youtube-gaming-thumbnail-template2Use This Youtube Gaming Thumbnail

8. Got Cars?

Automobiles are always a hot topic, no matter what age group or generation you belong to. Why not create a blog that gives off tips that relate to cars and other autos. Choose a blog header relating to your topic too.

car-mechanic-header-templateUse This Car Mechanic Header

9. Maintain Professionalism

LinkedIn is known as a social media platform that allows job-seeking individuals to impress possible recruiters by creating a business profile or portfolio. Get your profile ready to create professional connections by using a LinkedIn background image like the one below.

business-linkedin-background-imageUse This Business LinkedIn Background Image

10. Check the Borders

Plain text may seem too simple to the eye, and some designers utilize borders to enhance certain design ideas. Take these Twitch offline banner samples below. Adding just a tinge of border enhances their visual effect.

streaming-channel-twitch-offline-bannerUse This Streaming Channel Twitch Offline Banner

vintage-twitch-offline-banner-templateUse This Vintage Twitch Offline Banner

11. Celebrate Pride

Diversity makes individuals unique to each other, and our uniqueness adds to various individuals’ personalities. Now, we celebrate Pride Month to celebrate and accept each person regardless of their sexual identity.

pride-month-celebration-instagram-story-templateUse This Pride Month Celebration Instagram Story

lgbt-pride-month-instagram-post-templateUse This LGBT Pride Month Instagram Post



12. Jive to the Music

Soundcloud is a music platform that allows users to upload their own music or others’ music while listeners give feedback on particular parts of the song. Check out the Soundcloud banners below and start sharing your creativity with the world.

music-promotion-soundcloud-banner-templateUse This Music Promotion Soundcloud Banner

dj-soundcloud-banner-templateUse This DJ Soundcloud Banner

13. Expand Your Knowledge

Books have always been the way to enhance one’s knowledge. It allows individuals to learn about topics they have no idea about or subjects they want to learn more about. Celebrate a special day by setting your Tumblr banner to the one below.

free-national-library-workers-day-tumblr-banner-template-1x11Use This Library Workers Day Tumblr Banner

14. In Black and White

Monochrome photos have a sense of simplicity and luxury to them. Facebook shop covers are the first thing that people see when visiting a Facebook page. Try and utilize the simplistic nature of black and white photos.

furniture-facebook-shop-cover-templateUse This Furniture Facebook Shop Cover

15. Use Funky Fonts

Serif and sans serif are the most common fonts you see on any advertising template. Using stylized fonts are also necessary to grab people’s attention, especially for live events or concerts. Take the Twitter banners below as an example.

concert-twitter-bannerUse This Concert Twitter Banner

event-twitter-banner-templateUse This Event Twitter Banner

16. Keep It Moving!

What’s the best way to get creative? Make your advertisements or posts move to attract more attention from your audience. It may take a bit of time to master these animated social media posts, but it is well worth it.

gifUse This Sports Animated Social Media Post

gifUse This Fashion Sale Animated Social Media Post

17. Let It Breathe

Just because you are given a certain dimension for your social media post doesn’t mean you have to fill it up with components that make it look cluttered. Similar to these Facebook story templates, let your social media post breathe.

health-safety-facebook-storyUse This Health Safety Facebook Story

standup-comedy-facebook-story-templateUse This Standup Comedy Facebook Story

18. Take a Look Inside

If you are in the market of interior design, furniture, or apartment leasing, then you are likely to show your clients an inside look of a space. Take these social media posts as an example to market your service or product.

furniture-trends-youtube-thumbnail-template1Use This Furniture Trends Youtube Thumbnail

free-real-estate-linkedin-background-imageUse This Real Estate LinkedIn Background Image

19. Make Use of Icons

To make things more memorable and organized on your social media profile, make use of cute and simplistic icons, especially on your Instagram story highlight cover.

diy-influencer-instagram-story-highlight-coverUse This DIY Influencer Instagram Story Highlight Cover

20. Put Your Game Face On

When it comes to gaming, streamers utilize the Twitch platform to stream their games. Twitch banners show audiences the personality of the Twitch streamer. Check out the samples of them below.

gaming-channels-twitch-bannerUse This Gaming Channels Twitch Banner

twitch-stream-ending-bannerUse This Twitch Stream Ending Banner

21. Going in Circles

Shapes are one of the elements found in design ideas, and it’s always a good idea to emphasize certain items using shapes. Check out these examples of Twitter ads to showcase your service or product.

fashion-twitter-ad-templateUse This Fashion Twitter Ad

professional-services-twitter-ad-templateUse This Professional Services Twitter Ad

22. I Say and I Quote

Words are inspiring, and sometimes it takes the right messages to lighten up someone’s day or keep them motivated. Use quotes to make someone’s day just a little better.

quote-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Quote Tumble Banner

motivational-quote-linkedin-background-imageUse This Motivational Quote LinkedIn Background Image

23. What Do You Sell?

Many online selling platforms are available on the world wide web, and Etsy is one of them. The difference is that most of the items are handmade or vintage. Make your shop stand out by creating an Etsy banner for your store.

simple-etsy-banner-templateUse This Simple Etsy Banner



24. People Hold Power

Social media posts made on online platforms serve various purposes. When it comes to selling services, it’s best to use people as an example to show exactly what these services are. Take the example of the LinkedIn Sponsored Content below.


Use This Higher Education LinkedIn Single Image Ad


Use This Real Estate Services LinkedIn Single Image Ad

25. Save the Date

It’s fitting to create a Whatsapp story to commemorate the event for the special days that you want to remember for the rest of your life. Create a series of story posts as a remembrance of the occasion.

save-the-date-whatsapp-story-templateUse This Save The Date Whatsapp Story

26. Tower Over the Rest

As a travel agent, the best way to attract more people to come and avail of your service is to grab your customer’s attention. Perhaps a Tumblr post with a photo of the Eiffel Tower would do the trick.

free-elegant-travel-tumblr-post-template1Use This Elegant Tumblr Post

free-simple-travel-agency-tumblr-post-templateUse This Simple Travel Agency Tumblr Post

27. Flaunt Your Footwear

Different people have different likes and hobbies. If your target market is a population that likes to collect shoes, then you’re in luck with placing various types of footwear products for your next marketing campaign.

advertising-whatsapp-storyUse This Advertising Whatsapp Story

free-holiday-collection-sale-twitter-post-templateUse This Holiday Collection Sale Twitter Post

28. Fly Safe

It pays to get creative when it comes to marketing travel services using a Pinterest pin. For the best effect, utilize 3D styling to make the highlight of your message pop out.

free-airplane-travel-pinterest-pin-templateUse This Airplane Travel Pinterest Pin

29. Paint Your Way to Success

Creativity uses various mediums, from charcoal to clay. Art is an expression, and it’s best to use artistic means when you can to give your Facebook carousel ad more color.

promotional-facebook-carousel-ad-template-1Use This Promotional Facebook Carousel Ad

contest-facebook-carousel-ad-template-1Use This Contest Facebook Carousel Ad

30. Use Multiple Panels

Panels allow the design to have multiple photographs and allows the arrangement to have a story or a collection to showcase the message of your marketing strategy. Take these Fiverr Banners, for example.

photography-promotion-fiverr-banner-template-1Use This Photography Promotion Fiverr Banner

travel-fiverr-banner-template-1Use This Travel Fiverr Banner

31. In Honor of Mothers

For the Millenials and Gen Z generation, the love for family and friends usually comes in through social media posts. Why not try this Twitter post to greet all moms in your next Mother’s Day greeting?

free-mothers-day-twitter-post-template-1Use This Mother's Day Twitter Post

32. Say Hello to Your Furry Friends

It’s safe to say that pets become a big part of people’s lives, and seeing that they are family, owners do their best to produce what’s best for them. Check out these Facebook covers to show them some love.

pet-supplies-facebook-cover-templateUse This Pet Supplies Facebook Cover

free-pet-care-facebook-cover-page-templateUse This Pet Care Facebook Cover Page

33. Tips for Your Business

Believe it or not, most institutions learn from each other’s triumphs and failures. Share helpful tips to small businesses or large conglomerates by attracting attention through these IGTV covers.

e-commerce-igtv-cover-templateUse This E-Commerce IGTV Cover

branding-tips-igtv-cover-templateUse This Branding Tips IGTV Cover Template

34. Food for Thoughts

Conversations through talking about random topics bring news insights and sometimes hilarious realizations. People discuss issues about politics or food, and blog posts are no exception to this.

free-editable-food-app-promotion-blog-post-templateUse This Editable Food App Promotion Blog Post



35. Make Use of Tools

Make marketing easier by including tools and items that show signs to the event you are celebrating. Observe May Day or Labor Day in style by creating a social media greeting.

may-day-twitter-header-cover-templateUse This May Day Twitter Header Cover

free-labor-day-facebook-app-cover-templateUse This Labor Day Facebook App Cover

36. Love Mother Nature

It’s essential to show awareness, especially when it comes to taking care of our Earth. We only have one world to live in, so celebrate love for nature through your LinkedIn banner.

arbor-day-linkedin-profile-banner-templateUse This Arbor Day LinkedIn Profile Banner

earth-day-linkedin-profile-banner-templateUse This Earth Day LinkedIn Profile Banner

37. Straight to the Point

People use social media platforms in marketing their businesses, products, and services. Since plenty of people are scrolling through their feeds, it’s essential to make things brief, like the Instagram banner below.

follow-us-instagram-bannerUse This Follow Us Instagram Banner

38. All Religion Is Valid

As there are various cultures in the world, there are also religions that come along with it. Celebrate and respect each religion’s special day through recognizing an event featuring a Facebook event cover.

free-pentecost-sunday-facebook-event-cover-templateUse This Pentecost Sunday Facebook Event Cover

hanukkah-party-facebook-event-cover-templateUse This Hanukkah Party Facebook Event Cover

39. Health Is Wealth

It should be any person’s top priority to be able to access health care. Especially during times like the present, health care providers and medical professionals deserve recognition for their hard work through using these graphic templates.

nurses-day-twitter-post-templateUse This Nurses Day Twitter Post

world-health-day-facebook-post-templateUse This World Health Day Facebook Post

40. The Heart Wants What It Wants

From the number of novels and literary pieces circulating globally, romances are still one of the most sought-after genres by audiences of all ages. Use these Wattpad covers for your next romance masterpiece.

romance-wattpad-cover-templateUse This Romance Wattpad Cover

valentines-special-wattpad-cover-templateUse This Valentine's Special Wattpad Cover

41. Stay Zen

Stress is an unhealthy part of any person’s day, and it’s best to avoid this feeling altogether. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take a break, ask for a day off, then find a way to destress. Start by promoting your method through the Snapchat geofilter below.

international-yoga-day-promo-snapchat-geofilter-templateUse This International Yoga Day Promo Snapchat Geofilter

42. It’s a Showcase

What’s the best way to sell your products or services? Market them. Create an entire outfit, show your customers what you do. Get creative shots and include them on your next Facebook shop ad to keep consumers coming for more.

hair-care-facebook-shop-ad-templateUse This Hair Care Facebook Shop Ad

apparel-facebook-shop-ad-templateUse This Apparel Facebook Shop Ad

43. A Floral Showcase

Flowers and plants have been some people’s way of coping with staying at home and keeping sane throughout the most stressful days. Showcase and market the love for greens through an Instagram ad.

flower-shop-instagram-ad-templateUse This Flower Shop Instagram Ad



44. Better Safe Than Sorry

Health professionals are serious when it comes to keeping the population safe. Reminders about the COVID-19 pandemic must always be in mind, and it helps emphasize these protocols, especially on social media platforms.

coronavirus-awareness-facebook-post-templateUse This Coronavirus Awareness Facebook Post

45. New Year, New Me

New Year celebrations symbolize change and new beginnings. In many countries, people post about their festivities, and it’s advantageous to use these LinkedIn post templates for the celebration.

free-new-year-countdown-linkedin-post-templateUse This New Year's Countdown LinkedIn Post

free-new-years-eve-linkedin-post-templateUse This New Year's Eve LinkedIn Post

46. Get That Retro Feeling

It helps to utilize all types of design when it comes to giving your content more personality. Don’t be afraid to use retro designs for modern advancements in social media. Take the Youtube end screen design below as an example.

retro-youtube-end-screen-templateUse This Retro Youtube End Screen

47. Keep Them Updated

The more notable streamers have a big following because of the entertaining content they produce. It’s also up to them to keep their audiences up to date on their schedule, and this Twitch panel helps organize their calendars.

calendar-twitch-panel-templateUse This Calendar Twitch Panel

48. A Collection of Ingredients

Various components make up the food we consume every day. In marketing products and services, why not show the elements involved in the creation of everyday consumables. Take these Twitter headers as an example.

cooking-website-twitter-header-templateUse This Cooking Website Twitter Header

coffee-shop-twitter-header-templateUse This Coffee Shop Twitter Header

49. Pump It Up!

It’s never too late to invite friends, family, and people within your social circle to start hitting the gym, not only to get fit but also to become healthy. It’s time to promote your fitness center by using these Reddit banners.

fitness-reddit-banner-templateUse This Fitness Reddit Banner

gym-reddit-banner-templateUse This Gym Reddit Banner

50. From Me to You

Don’t you hate it when you want to give the best gift for your loved one, and you don’t have an ounce of idea what to give? Utilize a Facebook ad that shows great deals and gift ideas to people scrolling through the news feed.

gift-shop-facebook-ad-templateUse This Gift Shop Facebook Ad


Why should you use social media?

In this day and age, more people are spending time on social media. An average of 30% of people consumes time browsing through their feeds.

What social platforms should you use in marketing products and services?

It all depends on the product or service that you are offering to your consumers. The best place to start is through Facebook, as it is where most people are.

How many people are on social media?

According to a study by Statista, 3.6 billion users are using various social media platforms in 2020.

What’s the difference between an ad post and a social post?

A social post informs the people that follow your page. Meanwhile, an ad is a paid post that reaches a distinct audience based on their history and demographic.

How much should you spend on marketing through social media?

Various platforms charge fees depending on the period, reach, and length of your post. On Facebook, an average ad charge is 10 USD.