50+ Tumblr Banner Ideas & Examples 2022

While a book starts with a book cover and a newspaper begins with a masthead, a Tumblr banner marks the frontline of your blog. And with Statista’s report of over 347.5 million visitors as of January 2021, bloggers and businesses don’t just underestimate Tumblr’s social media marketing reach. So before you keep posting hundreds of pictures, articles, ads, or any post on Tumblr, get introduced to standout Tumblr banners to represent your brand first. 50-tumblr-banner-ideas-inspiration-2021

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To create a Tumblr banner of your very own, follow the following steps:

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50+ Tumblr Banner Ideas & Examples 2022

In a world filled with grunge aesthetics, pastel colors, or galaxy craze—that is Tumblr. And when you are just starting to make your blog, the right Tumblr banner kicks off the theme of your possible Tumblr posts from now on. So be sure to decide the best designs and inspiration with over 50 ideas to choose from in this article.

1. Save Mother Earth

For blogs that are inspired to help save mother earth, a fitting Tumblr banner should be related to nature. Green colors or Earth Day templates would do the trick.

earth-day-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Earth Day Tumblr Banner

2. Happy Thanksgiving

Ever since the harvest feast back in 1621, red, orange, yellow, and brown shades were linked to Thanksgiving. And these are the important colors to use when your banner follows the Thanksgiving Day theme.

thanksgiving-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Thanksgiving Tumblr Banner

3. The National Flag Palette

A Tumblr banner can make use of the national flag palette, especially every last Monday of May—Memorial Day. That way, the palette itself already gives a sense of what the theme is wholly about.

memorial-day-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Memorial Day Tumblr Banner

4. Picture Out a Scene

For your banner, you can’t forget about sublime photography in the world of Tumblr. And it helps to make a scene that affects the mood of your audience. An example is announcing about a camp and your photo involves a cozy and relaxing camping scenario.



5. Use a Striking or Memorable Quote

Another quirky way of posting on Tumblr is to include a memorable and inspiring quote social media template. And don’t forget to credit who said that quote in the post.

fashion-quote-tumblr-post-templateUse This Fashion Quote Tumblr Post

6. Highlight the Big Word

You can gain countless likes and reblogs by marketing with a giveaway type of post. A tip is to use big fonts, bold fonts, and capital letters for the big word to attract attention in the briefest time. Big word examples are ‘sale’ and ‘giveaway.’ And there are numerous sales templates worth trying out there.

giveaway-tumblr-post-templateUse This Giveaway Tumblr Post

7. Mother’s Day Motif

Celebrating motherhood is expressed deeply during Mother’s Day. And you can apply such a theme for your Tumblr banner as well by using feminine colors, pregnant mother figures, and flowers.

mothers-day-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Mother's Day Tumblr Banner

8. Father’s Day Fever

In contrast to Mother’s Day is Father’s Day. In this example, Tumblr banners make use of blue tones, mustaches, and other designs that are usually associated with fathers.

fathers-day-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Father's Day Tumblr Banner

9. Express Your Art

When your business involves the interior design, painting, and other expressive art, be sure to practice your art right into the post or banner. That way, people can see creativity right into your post before even saying that you are running an art-driven business.

interior-decoration-event-tumblr-post-templateUse This Interior Decoration Event Tumblr Post

10. The Two-Color Combination

Sometimes, using only two colors that blend perfectly together can make an eye-catching and effective Tumblr post. And you can experiment with lots of two-color combinations and observe the appeal. Try adapting such colors with a promotion template, perhaps.

gym-promotion-tumblr-post-templateUse This Gym Promotion Tumblr Post

11. Humor Always Works

Tumblr posts or banners need not be too serious, especially when there are funny posts that dominate in social media too. Examples are funny dog pictures, cute photos of babies in a baby shower, and other memes. And the best part here is you can put a smile on people’s faces.

funny-tumblr-post-templateUse This Funny Tumblr Post

12. Conventionally Black and White

The classic duo black and white are perfect for each other. Use this timeless aesthetic for furniture design, classic photography, and other conventional themes.



13. Be Direct to the Point

You can directly state your purpose in a banner template by highlighting the message to the market immediately. An example is to use the words ‘Hire Me’ and ‘Apply Now.’ This is also an effective call-to-action approach.

social-media-marketing-fiverr-banner-templateUse This Social Media Marketing Tumblr Banner

14. As Blue as the Ocean

From blue skies to blue oceans, there is just something special with this primary color. And it perfectly depicts travel agency posts when you showcase the relaxing view of the sea, sky, and more.

free-travel-tour-tumblr-post-templateUse This Travel Tour Tumblr Post

15. Showcase the Behind the Scenes

Posts don’t always have to be the final output of a product from food inventory, clothing, to technology. Sometimes, you can show the beauty of candid behind-the-scenes footage to see what’s behind the making of those products.

bakery-tumblr-post-templateUse This Bakery Tumblr Post

16. Post Appealing Shots of Artists or Actors

When you are marketing for artists or actors, then be sure to post impressive shots of these people. If these people are very famous, then you can expect many reblogs and likes to your post. And artist templates are around to cover you with this plan.

free-music-band-tumblr-post-templateUse This Music Band Tumblr Post

17. Be Minimalistic

Sometimes, a simple but stylish post is more effective rather than overdoing it. Try adapting minimalistic photography, design, and content instead.



18. Stick to Your Niche

It gets easy to design any Tumblr post or banner when you know your niche. For example, you won’t just use floral themes or children-inspired designs if your business handles mobile phones, the internet, and technology. Stick to what is relatable to your purpose instead.

free-cyber-monday-sale-tumblr-post-templateUse This Cyber Monday Sale Tumblr Post

19. Sell Your Brand

A Tumblr banner or post can be a chance to advertise your brand once you add your signature colors, company logo, and business name into every post. Maximize this platform to your advantage.

free-branding-consultant-tumblr-post-templateUse This Branding Consultant Tumblr Post

20. Look Up to the Skies

Sky themes give a heavenly touch to your Tumblr account. So be sure to give out the best images of skies and clouds into your next Tumblr banner.



21. Make It Professional

Professional Tumblr banners are needed for events and subject matters that should never be taken as a joke. For example, you wouldn’t just use humor and insensitive designs for celebrating Patriot’s Day.

patriots-day-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Patriot's Day Tumblr Banner

22. Remember the Old Days

You can do well with vintage Tumblr themes to a banner if your posts are related to retro vibes or nostalgic themes.



23. Spring and Floral Theme

Some of the most beautiful Tumblr posts and designs observe the spring or floral theme. It is a nice way to add color to your posts if flowers come in different shades and if your posts are related to spring, like a spring bake sale social media post on Tumblr, for example.

free-spring-sale-tumblr-post-templateUse This Spring Sale Tumblr Post

24. Show Some Good Hair

If you are selling shampoo products or handling a barbershop, then be sure your Tumblr posts showcase awesome and styling hair too. Like most barbershop templates, be sure that the models’ hair is impressive enough to invite more people into your business.

free-barbershop-tumblr-post-templateUse This Barbershop Tumblr Post

25. Embrace Food Photography

Food porn is one of the notable hashtags on Tumblr. And this is where you showcase your skills in pictures with food photography templates to appetize people who see the meals in your posts.

free-restaurant-app-promotion-tumblr-post-templateUse This Restaurant App Promotion Tumblr Post

26. Show the Money

Business funds, investment funds, and other money-driven businesses are easily known for their designs when their posts and advertisements have actual money on them. For example, piggy banks symbolize savings.

free-investment-fund-tumblr-post-templateUse This Investment Fund Tumblr Post

27. Inspire with Body Goals

Besides food, body goals and fitness plans are other trending posts on Tumblr. In this case, it is nice to inspire people with what a healthy and fit body looks like through a post. This may inspire people to work out, which is good business when you run a gym or fitness company.

free-fitness-studio-tumblr-post-templateUse This Fitness Studio Tumblr Post

28. Be Respectful

Always be respectful in terms of the banner’s design and content. For example, you can’t just treat church invitations and religious posts as a joking matter since that would be insensitive. Thus, focus designing on what is appropriate to the formal theme.

ascension-day-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Ascension Day Tumblr Banner

29. Answer the Standard Questions

An informative Tumblr post should answer the basic questions through your event or announcement template. That means the design and content of a post answer the who, what, when, where, and why of an event or announcement.

free-meetup-event-tumblr-post-templateUse This Meetup Event Tumblr Post

30. Holiday-Themed Designs

Every month, there are different kinds of holidays. And there are numerous Tumblr templates that fit every specific event. Just keep track of what holiday is involved per day to follow a suitable design.

free-national-library-workers-day-tumblr-banner-template-1x1Use This National Library Workers Day Tumblr Banner

31. Give an Elegant Twist

Other people post simply to have something to post. Don’t do that. Put effort into whatever you post with elegant photo invitations, stylish travel-inspired designs, and other content to gain more followers, likes, and reblogs.

free-elegant-travel-tumblr-post-templateUse This Elegant Travel Tumblr Post

32. Red and Black for Power

A powerful statement can be made with the black and red combo. This duo represents power and even a sexy appeal. And you can use the two colors in announcing big news like the Black Friday sale.

black-friday-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Black Friday Tumblr Banner

33. Spread Awareness

A great idea is to spread the news or awareness about the message you want to convey. During World Population Day, for example, you can inform through an infographic about how the population increase has gotten alarming nowadays.

free-world-population-day-tumblr-post-templateUse This World Population Day Tumblr Post

34. Insert Your Drawing and Sketches

If you have gotten tired of taking actual pictures, you can insert cartoons, caricatures, sketches, and any drawing for art. Animated social media posts and drawings may even boost the creativity of your Tumblr account than a generic-looking example.

free-world-music-day-tumblr-post-templateUse This World Music Day Tumblr Post

35. Introduce a Sport

Sports and entertainment also have their own fair share in the world of Tumblr. And when you get involved with sports templates, you obviously need it to be obvious even without mentioning the word ‘sports.’ Just show a picture of the person playing a particular sport and its message will be obvious already.

free-sports-app-promotion-tumblr-post-templateUse This Sports App Promotion Tumblr Post

36. Tease Your Audience

A teaser for a big announcement is a smart strategic plan to hype up your business. To do that, you can give out a vague quote or small clue of what’s coming rather than giving all information under one post.

free-startup-tumblr-post-templateUse This Startup Tumblr Post

37. Airplane Designs for Airline Companies

Of course, it is a no-brainer to associate airplane designs with airline businesses. Just seeing a plane on a post may have people expect airline ticket details and services to be what’s coming.

free-airlines-aviation-services-tumblr-post-templateUse This Airline Avaiation Services Tumblr Post

38. Observe a Kid-Friendly Motif

In targeting parents and their children, child-friendly designs are absolutely welcome. You wouldn’t post about a kindergarten program with NSFW themes anyway. Appropriate kindergarten templates are recommended.

free-kindergarten-tumblr-post-templateUse This Kindergarten Tumblr Post

39. Comfort at Its Finest

Selling a cozy and comfy image in a post is another way of enticing clients to turn to you. An example is an apartment rental Tumblr post where you showcase the best angles of your apartment and looking as homely as possible.

apartment-rental-tumblr-post-templateUse This Apartment Rental Tumblr Post

40. Focus on Your Clients

Clients want to feel special that your business actually cares. A good practice is to promise in helping clients choose the best estate. So rather than selling directly, you are offering to help your clients first in this message along with real estate templates.

realtor-tumblr-post-templateUse This Realtor Tumblr Post

Trends change quickly on Tumblr and it works best to keep up. This goes from the trendiest fashions, lifestyle, TV shows, and other examples. And you also keep up with appropriate fashion templates, lifestyle templates, etc.

free-online-shop-app-promotion-tumblr-post-templateUse This Online Shop App Promotion Tumblr Post

42. Straight-Up Information

Infographics and other detailed information can be used in a post to send a quick and significant message. For example, you highlight Nelson Mandela’s Day and what he contributed to society way back. The same goes for a president’s background during President’s Day.

free-nelson-mandela-day-tumblr-post-templateUse This Nelson Mandela Day Tumblr Post

43. Modern Designs Are In

Sometimes, it takes a modern banner to achieve a futuristic and unique aesthetic with your next Tumblr post.

free-modern-music-app-promotion-tumblr-post-templateUse This Modern Music App Promotion Tumblr Post

44. Be a Good Teacher

There are lots of significant events in history every day. And instead of just celebrating an event, you can be a great teacher by proving background information about an event. An example is to teach how to be responsible on social media during Social Media Day.

free-social-media-day-tumblr-post-templateUse This Social Media Day Tumblr Post

45. Talk about Availability

When you promote apps on Tumblr, users would want to know if the app is downloadable on Google Play, App Store, or both. That way, people won’t have to question in terms of the app’s availability in every app promotion or technology plan.

free-food-app-promotion-tumblr-post-templateUse This Food App Promotion Tumblr Post

46. Keep Your Post Fun

Being fun doesn’t always mean that the post is funny. But rather, make it into something enjoyable. Maybe you show how a kid is enjoying his kite during International Kites Day as a greeting letter, perhaps.

free-international-kites-day-tumblr-post-templateUse This International Kites Day Tumblr Post

47. Display Your Best Drinks

Besides appetizing people with food porn, you can also keep them thirsty with photos of your best drinks. If you work at a pub, then give a tease of your beer labels, wines, and other special drinks. This is effective when your blog is full of cold drinks posts during the hot summer.

free-pub-tumblr-post-templateUse This Pub Tumblr Post

48. Save the Animals Campaign

Another great cause for Tumblr banners and posts is by spreading awareness about saving the animals during World Wildlife Day. Expect to make designs related to animals to send a message about saving them.

free-world-wild-life-day-tumblr-post-templateUse This World Wild Life Day Tumblr Post

49. Perfect Family Photographs

Show how perfect a family looks like when they stick together and spend time together in a post, particularly every Parent’s Day.

free-parent-s-day-tumblr-banner-440Use This Parent's Day Tumblr Banner

50. Happy Easter Vibes

One of the oldest festivals is Easter Sunday, and this is where easter eggs, bunnies, and other related designs are at play. Ensure that your banner fits the theme every Easter season too.

easter-sunday-tumblr-banner-templateUse This Easter Sunday Tumblr Banner

General FAQs

What is the standard Tumblr banner size?

Generally, a Tumblr banner size is around 3,000 pixels x 1,055 pixels on the desktop version and around 640 pixels x 360 pixels on the mobile version.

Where can a Tumblr banner be found?

A Tumblr banner is the image located at the top-most part of your blog.

What causes some blurry pictures on Tumblr?

Blurry images may have something to do with the image size. Mostly, sizes bigger than 500 pixels may end up with a blurry output. Some may work well with 500 but that varies on the theme if you need a bigger or smaller size.

Besides the Tumblr banner, what else can be changed on my blog?

You can definitely change a lot of things from the icon, title, description, header, and other customizable options when you open the settings section.

How can I make my Tumblr header larger?

Just click ‘Customize’ on your Tumblr blog and find the ‘Stretch Header Image’ portion.