50+ Twitter Post Designs, Format & Examples

In the current competitive social media game, plain texts and straight-up marketing posts are already quaint. Creative graphics, unique strategies, and engaging contents are in! And what better way to promote your next event or announcement to share than to use the social network Twitter for some eye-catching and innovative tweets? So in this article, allow us to guide you with over 50 superb Twitter post designs and examples to craft winning posts that pay off. 50-twitter-post-designs-format-examples-2021

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With over 73.2 million users as of April 2021, Twitter is ultimately popular in America. And this report from Statista suggests how social media marketing through Twitter posts is a big win when you want to promote something and gather attention from a range of audiences. However, instant default tweets won’t get you anywhere unless you step up your advertising game for a more effective marketing scheme. And you can achieve that by adopting these 50 Twitter post designs below:

1. Birthday Twitter Post Design

Check your calendar and it could be your friend’s birthday today yet only a few people know about it. Thus, make some noise in the Twitterverse with a festive yet heartfelt Twitter post greeting using birthday templates.

birthday twitter post templateUse This Birthday Twitter Post Design

2. Client Appreciation Twitter Post Design

A tip to polish your brand’s customer service is to give a shoutout to your clients who gave positive feedback about your company and thank them for it. And customer appreciation can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

client appreciation twitter post templateUse This Client Appreciation Twitter Post Design

3. Modern App Promotion Twitter Post Design

Old-school promotion templates for apps won’t get you anywhere, especially when Twitter is dominated by trends. Hence, go for modern or contemporary app promotion Twitter posts to appeal to what’s fresh on Twitter.

modern app promotion twitter post templateUse This Modern App Promotion Twitter Post Design

4. Hiring Graphic Designers Twitter Post Example

A hiring Twitter post design is ubiquitous on Twitter. For example, you can look for interested applicants of graphic designers from any Twitter user by sharing a tweet that highlights the words, “Now hiring!”

hiring graphic designers twitter post template


5. Camping Twitter Post Design

Inspire Twitter users to destress from technology and indoors with engaging camping Twitter posts. And a fun outdoor design from camp templates can help you encourage audiences for camping.

camping twitter post templateUse This Camping Twitter Post Design

6. Furniture Store Twitter Post Design

Whether you promote rustic furniture down to postmodern furnishings, advertising furniture on social media can help increase your business visibility. Ensure that all fixtures and items are visually pleasing in the tweet.

furniture store twitter post templateUse This Furniture Store Twitter Post Design

7. Cleaning Service Twitter Post Design

A neat design marks the epitome of a proper cleaning service Twitter post. So right from the tweet’s design and format, give an impression that cleanliness matters to your company.

cleaning service twitter post templateUse This Cleaning Service Twitter Post Design

8. Influencer Marketing Twitter Post Design

Those who used to react to celebrities online have now become influencers themselves. And every influencer on social media can be challenged by the tough competition, which is why marketing via Twitter posts is relevant.

influencer marketing twitter post templateUse This Influencer Marketing Twitter Post Design

9. Summer Sale Twitter Post Design

Besides the fiery sun motifs, beach vibes, and blue water aesthetics on summer templates, you can’t forget about the seasonal summer sale as well. And you announce your upcoming sale through a summer-themed Twitter post for that.

summer sale twitter post templateUse This Summer Sale Twitter Post Design

10. Concert Twitter Post Design

Artists would rather have sold-out concert tickets rather than a zero-audience concert. So to make sure a concert is jam-packed during the actual date, promote the event with a styling concert template on Twitter to hype up the fans.

concert twitter post templateUse This Concert Twitter Post Design

11. Restaurant Discount Twitter Post Design

There is always room for restaurant ads on Twitter, especially under the food lovers algorithm. And you can advertise by sharing a discount coupon or sale to invite more people to your restaurant.

restaurant discount twitter post templateUse This Restaurant Discount Twitter Post Design

12. Sports Twitter Post Example

You might need to satisfy sports enthusiasts with pictures of sports players, sporty glam OOTDs, and other sports content on Twitter. And the best solution is to use sporty aesthetics right into your Twitter post.

sports twitter post template


13. Gardening Service Twitter Post Design

Earthy tones, green colors, and nature-inspired motifs can help you ace a good gardening service Twitter post design. And don’t forget to personalize your gardening template in which it represents your business perfectly.

gardening service twitter post templateUse This Gardening Service Twitter Post Design

14. Quote Twitter Post Design

Got an aspirational or memorable quote to motivate other people? Share that special quote on social media, starting with a well-designed Twitter post.

quote twitter post templateUse This Quote Twitter Post Design

15. Digital Advertising Agency Twitter Post Design

Time to take advantage in promoting your digital advertising agency in the best way possible which is popular online—the social network Twitter.

digital advertising agency twitter post templateUse This Digital Advertising Agency Twitter Post Design

16. Music Festival Twitter Post Design

People could use some time to sing along and dance with their favorite music band, artist, or performer through promoting music festivals with bold Twitter posts.

music festival twitter post templateUse This Music Festival Twitter Post Design

17. Charity Auction Twitter Post Design

Having the heart to deal with charity work may be rare but it may increase with visible charity templates. In fact, some people might just need a little push of some inspiration and encouragement to take part in charity auctions.

charity auction twitter post templateUse This Charity Auction Twitter Post Design

18. Parents’ Day Twitter Post Design

To acknowledge the role of parents is commonly done during Parents’ Day. And you can remind everyone about it through Twitter posts containing special messages for parents and pictures of family members to commemorate it.

parents day twitter post templateUse This Parents' Day Twitter Post Design

19. Spa Centre Twitter Post Design

Nothing beats a complete day of pampering and relaxation at the spa. And you may promote your spa centre or services through a spa template that screams relaxing vibes.

spa centre twitter post templateUse This Spa Centre Twitter Post Design

20. Security Guard Services Twitter Post Design

Whether you run a public or private business, professional security guard services are essential to keep workers and structures safe from harm. And a comprehensive Twitter post about this service is needed if this is your concern.

security guard services twitter post templateUse This Security Guard Services Twitter Post Design

21. Speaker Twitter Post Design

Any aspring host or speaker deserves some recognition to share their thoughts and spread knowledge. And speaker templates that represent the speaker personally is fitting for a Twitter post.

speaker twitter post templateUse This Speaker Twitter Post Design

22. Job Fair Twitter Post Design

You are welcome to use job templates in opening a job fair. But the issue is when not many people know about the event so use Twitter as your opportunity to spread the word.

job fair twitter post templateUse This Job Fair Twitter Post Design

23. Online Classes Twitter Post Example

More people may attend your next online classes by announcing about that business to the right audiences in an informative tweet.

online classes twitter post template


24. Finance Consultant Twitter Post Design

As a finance consultant, your consultancy operations may blossom with more interested clients to ask for your help. Promote your business in a detailed Twitter post then.

finance consultant twitter post designUse This Finance Consultant Twitter Post Design

25. Art Director Twitter Post Design

There’s no need to quell your career as an art director when you can showcase your stunning works and artistic outputs in a well-made art director Twitter post.

art director twitter post templateUse This Art Director Twitter Post Design

26. Vacation Rental Twitter Post Design

Many Twitter users could be waiting to find a perfect destination to vacay. And it will be a great timing to promote your comfy and affordable vacation rental business in this case.

vacation rental twitter post templateUse This Vacation Rental Twitter Post Design

27. Photo Art Gallery Twitter Post Design

Time to make some money in exhibiting your best artworks in a photo art gallery tweet. And you should present the Twitter post in the most creative way possible since art is in your forte.

photo art gallery twitter post templateUse This Photo Art Gallery Twitter Post Design

28. Flower Shop Twitter Post Design

Make the most out of floral elements when it comes to showcasing your flower shop. Bright colors and floral aesthetics may just be the recipe for your small business to turn big in the long run.

flower shop twitter post templateUse This Flower Shop Twitter Post Design

29. Real Estate Agent Twitter Post Design

You can dominate the Twitterverse with your excellent real estate ads, particularly when you reach the algorithm for those users who are concerned with their next estate plans.

real estate agent twitter post templateUse This Real Estate Agent Twitter Post Design

30. Shipping Twitter Post Design

Logistics and shipping templates may sound boring but they are extremely important in promoting your shipping company. Thankfully, you can make a fun shipping Twitter post with cartoons and other enjoyable elements.

shipping twitter post templateUse This Shipping Twitter Post Design

31. Laundry Twitter Post Design

You might think that posting about laundry on social media sounds cheap. But that isn’t true, considering that many people are very busy and might need professional laundry services.

laundry twitter post templateUse This Laundry Twitter Post Design

32. Airlines Aviation Services Twitter Post Design

Travel enthusiasts might be waiting for your aircraft transportation service’s next discounts or seat sales. And you can certainly use sketches of airplanes and stylish aviation templates to tweet about it.

airlines aviation services twitter post templateUse This Airlines Aviation Services Twitter Post Design

33. Fitness Trainer Coach Twitter Post Design

Body goals are a common hashtag on Twitter. And you can certainly help people achieve their healthy lifestyle with a fitness coach, gym trainer, fitness studio, and other fitness-related services explained in a Twitter post.

fitness trainer coach twitter post templateUse This Fitness Trainer Coach Twitter Post Design

34. Meetup Event Twitter Post Design

Even a simple meetup event can be seen as something extravagant when you know how to hype up invitees with an elegant and pleasing-to-the-eye aesthetic in your Twitter post.

meetup event twitter post templateUse This Meetup Event Twitter Post Design

35. Food Twitter Post Design

You can’t forget about food porn and filling your Twitter post’s design with pictures of foodies and other food templates can certainly awaken your audience’s cravings.

food twitter post templateUse This Food Twitter Post Design

36. Mardi Gras Twitter Post Design

Speaking of food, Twitter will likely be filled with Mardi Gras tweets when the Lenten season is getting nearer. And it is certainly a perfect time to celebrate the last day of eating fatty foods before fasting.

mardi gras twitter post templateUse This Mardi Gras Twitter Post Design

37. Save-the-Date Twitter Post Design

Significant days can be remembered with Twitter posts where the numbers or dates are highlighted. Hence, use save-the-date social media posts when you need to focus on spreading about important dates to come.

save the date twitter post templateUse This Save-the-Date Twitter Post Design

38. Creative Twitter Post Example

What is a tweet without creativity? A forgettable tweet. Hence, make the most of your creative skills in designing Twitter posts for any purpose.

creative twitter post template


39. Back-to-School Twitter Post Design

Student-appropriate motifs mixed with fun details can work for school templates. And a back-to-school Twitter post can certainly use those school-driven elements like pictures of books, sketches of geometric shapes, etc.

back to school twitter post templateUse This Back-to-School Twitter Post Design

40. Clothes Sale Twitter Post Design

Got a clothes sale to promote soon? Take advantage of clothing templates where your Twitter post can have fashionable pieces presented in the most luxurious way. Thus, audiences would want to purchase such clothes.

clothes sale twitter post templateUse This Clothes Sale Twitter Post Design

41. Earth Day Twitter Post Design

Twitter posts can bring a huge influence on people, like when you encourage people to save the environment during Earth Day. Use this power of social media wisely.

earth day twitter post templateUse This Earth Day Twitter Post Design

42. Safety Culture Twitter Post Design

Twitter brings the opportunity to spread awareness. And one important issue is safety culture where you can discuss safety tips, explain every safety sign, and other safety-related topics to promote awareness.

safety culture twitter post templateUse This Safety Culture Twitter Post Design

43. Recruitment Firm Twitter Post Design

Looking for the easiest and quickest way to recruit qualified members to your organization? Incorporate professional recruitment templates right into your Twitter post.

recruitment firm twitter post templateUse This Recruitment Firm Twitter Post Design

44. Minimalistic Fashion Sale Twitter Post Design

If you got pressured with designing too much on sales templates, then refrain from that and observe a minimal aesthetic instead. A minimalistic design like this fashion sale post below looks cleaner and more formal to look at.

minimalistic fashion sale twitter post templateUse This Minimalistic Fashion Sale Twitter Post Design

45. Yoga Instructor Twitter Post Design

You can organize a smart promotion to your business as a yoga instructor with yoga-themed Twitter posts. You can use those yoga mat designs and an image of a fit body to encourage people into getting in shape.

yoga instructor twitter post templateUse This Yoga Instructor Twitter Post Design

46. Investment Fund Twitter Post Design

Share your best money-saving tips and other investment advisory services with mind-blowing investment fund Twitter posts.

investment fund twitter post templateUse This Investment Fund Twitter Post Design

47. Barbershop Twitter Post Design

Check out the latest hairstyles and trendy haircuts so you can incorporate them for inspiration right into your tweet. And barbershop templates with photographs of cool hairdos and other hairstyling motifs can work for your post.

barbershop twitter post templateUse This Barbershop Twitter Post Design

48. IT Software Twitter Post Design

Digital promotions for IT software businesses and services may introduce their brand on Twitter with sleek and smooth designs.

it software twitter post templateUse This IT Software Twitter Post Design

49. Startup Twitter Post Design

Make a mark on Twitter so startup businesses won’t have to feel new in the industry. And go for luxurious yet creative startup templates to make an impression.

startup twitter post templateUse This Startup Twitter Post Design

50. Election Campaign Twitter Post Example

Once it is election season, you can prepare a presentable election campaign in a curated election Twitter post. Ensure to write the correct details about your candidate and include a showstopping design to boot.

election campaign twitter post template



While it seems easy to design Twitter posts according to the given examples above, how about what makes up a correct Twitter post format? In this segment, you will learn about the key elements that make up a well-formatted Twitter post.

1. Goal-Oriented Tweets

Just like most social media sites, Twitter is a fast-paced platform for sharing posts. One moment you could get many likes but after a few minutes, your tweet can go under limbo. But you can grab as much attention as you can with a clear goal or intention for your Twitter post.

2. Appropriate Tone and Voice

Always know your audience so you would know if you should use humor, optimism, or a formal tone with what you write in a post. For example, your romantic-comedy movie-oriented puns in a tweet might misfire from a huge following of formal business owners from the older generation.

3. Eye-Catching Images

Attention-grabbing photos in a post can definitely sell! But, don’t commit clickbait by making sure your impressive images are related to your goal or post.

4. Timing

Before posting anything on Twitter, you might need to check your timing. Maybe your posts are under the radar because of sharing Twitter posts at a time where only several people are online. Hence, find the right moment to post.

5. URL for Action

Most ads and promotions involve a call-to-action message. And you can redirect audiences to the right URL if you encourage them to sign up, register, order, or purchase.

6. Texts

Expect tweets to let you write from 120 up to 140 characters or only 20–40 characters if images are included. Your job is to make sure you can deliver enough messages in those limited characters with clear and understandable content.

7. Hashtags

Using unique and ongoing hashtags is a smart way to stay trending in the Twitterverse. So make sure you incorporated creative and appropriate hashtags into your posts for effective marketing.


What is the standard Twitter post size?

Twitter image posts are usually measured around 1200 x 675.

How do you post on Twitter?

Simply make a tweet with a maximum of 280 characters in the box found at the top of the Home timeline. Or perhaps, you click the Tweet button right away. And in a post, you can incorporate a video, photo, or GIF until you are prepared to publish it to your profile.

Is it better to tweet or retweet?

It is much better to tweet when you want to make an original post where the content, structure, format, design, and rules are up to you. But you may find it better to retweet if you just need to share a post in pronto while also giving credit to who originally posted it.

What is not allowed to post on Twitter?

You can’t post about NSFW content, sensitive media, graphic violence, sexual violence, and more which you can find in Twitter’s policies.

Is it safe to post on Twitter?

Twitter is known for being a well-secured website due to requiring strong passwords for any user’s protected accounts. But as a user, you should also be responsible for making secure passwords, adjusting privacy settings, and posting responsibly.