14 Marketing Strategies for Universities

Starting a university is a huge endeavor. You now have the responsibility of providing higher education to a vast demographic. But before worrying about that, what you need to make sure is that your university draws people in. It can’t be a university with a student body. To encourage student enrollment, you will need to come up with smart marketing strategies to make them want to join you. Nowadays, a lot of people join universities for a lot of reasons, so when you are planning out your marketing strategies, keep those reasons in mind to come up with an effective way to make your university one of the best options out there.

You’ve done the analysis, did the estimate, and got the budget for it. However coming up with an idea on how to market your university can be a challenge, here are fourteen strategies that they usually use in order to draw students to their campus. marketing-strategies-for-university

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14 Marketing Strategies for Universities

Effective Use of Social Media

Nowadays a lot of people, both young and old, tend to spend their free time on social media. This would make for a great marketing tactic to use social media for advertising your university and everything that you have to offer. You can use social media to post content like photos of the campus as well as informative videos about your university. With an engaging and educational video, this can convince your viewers to recommend and check out your university to others.

Influencer Marketing

One great marketing strategy to use for your university’s publicity is to collaborate with influencers. These people’s jobs involve them primarily help boost the promotion of whatever is featured in their content. Almost every university would have one popular student or staff member who engages in this activity. You can use your connection with them as an advantage and make a business proposal to them about advertising the university.

Establish Your Brand

An important part of a business plan is to establish the brand of an organization. Before you go planning for any advertising or marketing activity, think about what your university is all about. Whether it is dedicated to learning or building connections, make sure to emphasize those in your marketing strategies as they are only effective once everyone understands what the brand is all about. Establishing the university’s brand also makes them instantly recognizable, which will help your institute in the long run.

Make it Mobile-Friendly.

Whatever marketing stunt you choose to use, make sure your online marketing tools are mobile-friendly. Considering a lot of people usually spend a lot of time on their phones, you can use this to your advantage.

Create Videos and Storytelling

Videos are an excellent medium for advertising your university. This will help people who see get an exact idea of what it looks like. And if you create engaging content for your videos, that will only generate more interest and get the public to be aware of your institution. Creating entertaining and informative content for your videos is one of the oldest and reliable forms of marketing strategies. So as long as you have the means and the talent to create them, then you should go for this option.

Build Trust

To make your university a trustworthy institute, you must be able to generate good publicity in order to get the public to trust in your brand. You may also partner up with government and legitimate businesses to create a more trustworthy image as well.

Implement New Ways of SEO

To make your university’s online content rank high in the search engine, then make use of SEO methods to gain more publicity online. Create unique content for your university as those stand out. The more your content appears online, the more prominent attention your university gets.

Use Automation

To do marketing for your university much efficient. You can make use of automated systems. Using it takes care of the simple tasks involved in marketing, allows you to focus your energies on other vital things in this endeavor.

Focus on Quality Content

Whatever marketing strategy you employ, always make sure that the content is of high quality. Keep a checklist to make sure that the content is still up to your standards.

Live Streaming

It is a live recording that you can only post on social media. The live recording is a great way to demonstrate what happens on your campus. You can have your marketing organize a live streaming event to garner the attention of those who are in social media. A lot of the young demographic find live streaming entertaining as it lets them see things that are in the moment.

Personalize Communication

If you have specific individuals in mind who you wish to join your university, you can reach out to them with personalized marketing techniques. You can send them an email with its contents being programs and courses that they might be interested in.

Create a Great Website Experience

Creating a website for your university is another great way to market it to the public. With it, you can share information about what kind of education your university offers. You can also share contact details so that those who are interested can reach out to you for further questions. Design your website to make it informative and convenient to use to give everyone a great experience in using it.

Focus on Careers

A lot of people join universities in order to have the education to start their careers. So when you are marketing your university, make an emphasis on how your institute can help students with their jobs. This makes for an effective way to generate interest in your university.

Email Marketing

Marketing your university through email is another effective marketing strategy. With this, you can create an email containing all the relevant information about your university and send it to the recipient who you think might be interested in going to your institute. To make it more effective, create different variations of the email and send a tailor-made version to make it more relevant to them. For example, if you know the recipient of your email is interested in business, then make sure your email’s content contains information about your business programs and courses. This will get people to check out what your university has to offer.

Even universities need to have a solid business plan in order to be successful. Planning and management of a marketing campaign for a university are undoubtedly daunting, just stay true to your goals as an educational institution. In the long run, the name of your university will eventually market itself through the alumni that you have produced.