50+ Whatsapp Post Ideas & Examples 2022

Whatsapp can be a great digital space to socialize with friends and people in general. You can use it to promote your business, express your thoughts, or share whatever interest you have. There are tons of available Whatsapp post templates to get you started. 50-whatsapp-post-ideas-inspiration-2021

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To create a Whatsapp post of your very own, follow the following steps:

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50+ Whatsapp Post Ideas & Examples 2022

Explore our numerous Whatsapp posts to get ideas and inspiration to create yours. These are all downloadable and yours for the taking. They can help make your Whatsapp profile a true reflection of your personality.

1. Selling Your Financial Expertise

If you’re a finance consultant, our Finance Consulting Whatsapp Post would be great for you. You can use its design to create a Whatsapp post that indicates your services are readily available. It looks formal, sleek, and professional.

free-finance-consultant-whatsapp-post-template Use This Finance Consultant Whatsapp Post

2. Wish Someone a Happy Birthday!

Wish your friend or loved one a happy birthday with this Birthday Whatsapp post. It’s a simple gesture, but one that’ll be greatly appreciated by the celebrant.

birthday-greeting-whatsapp-post Use This Birthday Greeting Whatsapp Post



3. Happy Chinese New Year!

You don’t have to be of Chinese descent to celebrate Chinese New Year. Using your Whatsapp account, greet everyone “Kung Hei Fat Choi” with this festive Chinese New Year Whatsapp Post.

happy-chinese-new-year-whatsapp-post-template Use This Happy Chinese New Year Whatsapp Post



4. Invite People to Join Your Book Club

Get people to join your book club with this Club Whatsapp post. Its design makes book lovers feel welcomed before they even sign up. Soon, more people will be joining your amazing club.

book-club-whatsapp-post-template Use This Book Club Whatsapp Post

5. Showcase Your Real Estate Profession

Your Whatsapp profile should emphasize that you’re a real estate agent. For that, you can create a post just like our Real Estate Agent Whatsapp Post.

real-estate-agent-whatsapp-post Use This Real Estate Agent Whatsapp Post

6. Sell Property

If you have a property up for sale, you can sell it using your Whatsapp account. Just make sure to create a presentable post just like the example of our Real Estate Whatsapp Post featured below.

sample-real-estate-whatsapp-post Use This Sample Real Estate Whatsapp Post

7. Relaxing Image

If you own a spa business, what you should promote is relaxation, just like what our Spa Whatsapp Post showcases. An image of someone being pampered can entice people to visit your spa.

spa-advertisement-whatsapp-post Use This Spa Advertisement Whatsapp Post

8. Back to School

The school year is fast approaching. So if you’re a teacher, dean, or principal, start welcoming students back to school with this School Whatsapp Post. Its simple and well-colored design provides a feeling of comfort and excitement to students.

back-to-school-whatsapp-story Use This Back to School Whatsapp Story

9. Invite Students and Parents to Enroll

If enrollment is still ongoing in your school, invite more students and parents to enroll. Whatsapp is a great platform to do that. We encourage you to create a post as enticing as our School Whatsapp Post below.

school-marketing-whatsapp-post Use This School Marketing Whatsapp Post

10. Express Your Love to Travel

Whatsapp is a great place to express your love to travel. For that, you can use the sample post below. It says “Feed Your Soul,” which is a strong message that encourages people to explore and unwind from daily stress.

travel-quote-whatsapp-post-template Use This Travel Quote Whatsapp Post

11. Inspire Confidence Through Fashion

Fashion can be a tool to spark confidence within people. So if you’re a fashion enthusiast or influencer, this sample Whatsapp post is for you. Use it to inspire your friends and followers to be confident with their fashion styles.

fashion-quote-whatsapp-post-template Use This Fashion Quote Whatsapp Post

12. Encourage Self Love

Practicing self-love is essential to living a happy life. So if you have time, encourage self-love in your Whatsapp friends and followers. This Quote Whatsapp Post design should do the trick.

inspirational-quote-whatsapp-post-template Use This Inspirational Quote Whatsapp Post



13. Beach Party

Beach parties are always exciting. So if you’re hosting one this summer, let party people know about it using our Summer Beach Party Whatsapp Post.

summer-beach-party-whatsapp-post-template Use This Summer Beach Party Whatsapp Post

14. Crystal Clear Waters

Another great inspiration for beach-themed posts would be our Summer Discount Whatsapp post. The image of crystal clear waters can urge people to pack up and go on vacation. Our Hotel Whatsapp Posts will do, too.

summer-discount-whatsapp-post-template Use This Summer Discount Whatsapp Post

15. Sunset Beauty

An image of the sun setting is a thing of beauty. That said, it would make for an excellent Summer Whatsapp Post. Have a look at the sample we’ve featured below and be amazed by its backdrop.

summer-quote-whatsapp-post-template Use This Summer Quote Whatsapp Post

16. Pizza!

If you own a pizza place, you should try promoting it on Whatsapp. You can use the simple design of our post below. It’s enough to get people excited for tonight’s service.

pizza-night-whatsapp-post-template Use This Pizza Night Whatsapp Post

17. Pizza Photography

Actual images of pizza instead of just drawings or clip arts of them would be better. That’s because actual images can stimulate your customers’ pizza cravings. For instance, one look at the pizza featured on our Pizza Whatsapp Post can make one’s mouth water.

pizza-party-whatsapp-post-template Use This Pizza Party Whatsapp Post

18. Love Is in the Air

On the next Valentine’s Day, let your partner know that you love them by creating a post like our Valentine’s Day Whatsapp Post. It’s oozing with romance and it’ll surely be appreciated by your significant other.

photo-valentines-day-whatsapp-post Use This Photo Valentine's Day Whatsapp Post

19. Valentine’s Day Promo

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to have a promo in your spa business. So if that’s your plan, you can use our Spa Valentine’s Day Whatsapp Post to announce it. You might also find our Beauty Salon Whatsapp Posts interesting.

spa-valentines-day-whatsapp-post-template Use This Spa Valentine's Day Whatsapp Post

20. Puppies!

If you own a dog-walking service business, this Pet Whatsapp Post we have for you is perfect. It has an image of an adorable puppy, which fits with your dog-walking business brand.

dog-walker-whatsapp-post-template Use This Dog Walker Whatsapp Post

21. Pet Training Service

Many dog parents want their dogs to be properly trained. So if you work for a pet training facility, try promoting your services on Whatsapp. You can upload a post just like our Pet Training Whatsapp Post.

pet-training-whatsapp-post-template Use This Pet Training Whatsapp Post

22. Beach Wedding

The beach is a great venue to have your wedding. So if you’re about to get married, it would be nice to upload prenup posts as good as our Beach Wedding Whatsapp Post.

beach-wedding-whatsapp-post-template Use This Beach Wedding Whatsapp Post

23. Simple Wedding Invitation

If your wedding’s fast approaching, send invitations to your friends and family with our Wedding Invitation Whatsapp Post. We crafted it with a combination of simplicity, elegance, and a hint of romantic vibes.

wedding-invitation-whatsapp-post-template Use This Wedding Invitation Post



24. Floral Wedding Invitation

If you want something a bit fancier, you can use the design of our Floral Wedding Whatsapp Post. It has a brighter backdrop and stunning floral artworks on the upper left and lower right corners. This type of elegant invitation would entice guests to save the date. Speaking of which, we also have several Save the Date Whatsapp Posts.

floral-wedding-whatsapp-post Use This Floral Wedding Whatsapp Post

25. Wedding Rings

This Wedding Whatsapp Post shows a pair of wedding rings, which symbolize the bond of couples in their marriage. It’s beautiful and breathtaking to look at. That said, it would make for a decent post on your Whatsapp profile in celebration of your wedding.

wedding-business-whatsapp-post-template Use This Wedding Business Whatsapp Post

26. Music App

Whatsapp is a great marketing platform. So if you’re about to launch a music app, our Music Whatsapp Post could help you advertise it. Your music app will certainly gain popularity and earn countless downloads in no time.

free-music-studio-app-promotion-whatsapp-post-template Use This Music Studio App Promotion Whatsapp Post

27. Jazz Music

Jazz is a music genre that never gets old. That said, hosting a jazz-themed party would be a great idea. Let your friends know about it on Whatsapp. You can use the design below to create your promotion Whatsapp post for your Jazz event.

music-party-whatsapp-post-template Use This Music Party Whatsapp Post

28. Church Anniversary Celebration

Your local church is one of the places that unifies your community. So in celebration of its upcoming anniversary, upload a Whatsapp post honoring its legacy and longevity. Just like our Church Anniversary Whatsapp Post design. You can also announce it with our Announcement Whatsapp Posts.

church-anniversary-whatsapp-post Use This Church Anniversary Whatsapp Post

29. Invite People to Your Church

It would be nice if more people can attend your church. So if you have spare time, try inviting other Christians to your church via Whatsapp. You can do so by uploading a post like our Church Invitation Whatsapp Post.

church-invitation-whatsapp-post-template Use This Church Invitation Whatsapp Post

30. Church Concert

A church concert is the liveliest way to worship God. So if you’re organizing one, start inviting people to attend it asap. You can announce it with our Church Whatsapp Post design. It’s going to be a great religious event.

church-concert-whatsapp-post Use This Church Concert Whatsapp Post

31. “I Love You, Mom”

Moms are everything in our lives. Without them, we wouldn’t be who we are today. So this coming Mother’s Day, show appreciation to your mom on Whatsapp. Our Mother’s Day Whatsapp Post is perfect for the occasion.

happy-mothers-day-whatsapp-post-template Use This Happy Mother's Day Whatsapp Post

32. Mother’s Day Quote

Another way you can celebrate Mother’s Day on Whatsapp is by posting a touching Mother’s Day Quote. The one below is a good example, and it’s well complemented by its floral design.

mothers-day-quote-whatsapp-post-template Use This Mother's Day Quote Whatsapp Post

33. Game On!

If you’re a game producer or developer, having this type of post in your Whatsapp profile would be fitting. It could help you gain prominence in the gaming industry and the gaming community.

games-influencer-whatsapp-post Use This Games Influencer Whatsapp Post

34. Flaunt Your Athletic Prowess

If you’re a fitness influencer, your Whatsapp profile should manifest it. Upload a post showcasing your athleticism and fit body on Whatsapp. Our Fitness Influencer Whatsapp Post template is a good example to follow.

fitness-influencer-whatsapp-post Use This Fitness Influencer Whatsapp Post

35. Yoga Time

If you’re a yoga instructor, you should try using Whatsapp to invite people to your yoga classes, be it face to face or online. You can post something like our Yoga Classes Promotion Whatsapp template. Our Marketing Whatsapp Post could give you ideas, too.

yoga-classes-promotion-whatsapp-post-template Use This Yoga Classes Promotion Whatsapp Post

36. Pink Backdrop Yoga Ad

Pink would make a decent backdrop for your yoga ad. It most especially appeals to female yoga students. The Yoga Whatsapp Post below shows that a pink theme works just fine.

yoga-advertisement-whatsapp-post-template Use This Yoga Advertisement Whatsapp Post

37. Appreciate Your Old Man

On the next Father’s Day, shower your pops with love and appreciation with our Father’s Day Promotion Whatsapp Post. Celebrate that day with him and express your gratitude for all his fatherly efforts.

fathers-day-promotion-whatsapp-post-template Use This Father's Day Promotion Whatsapp Post

38. Coffee Time!

If you own a coffee shop,  you should know that it could gain popularity on Whatsapp. Promote your coffee shop in a similar way that our Coffee Shop Advertisement Whatsapp Post and Store Whatsapp Posts do so. Get inspiration from it or mirror its style.

coffee-shop-advertisement-whatsapp-post-template Use This Coffee Shop Advertisement Whatsapp Post

39. Cafe Ambiance

You can also promote your coffee shop by showcasing its relaxing ambiance. The Cafe Whatsapp Post below shows that it’s an effective marketing strategy.

cafe-opening-announcement-whatsapp-post-template Use This Cafe Opening Announcement Whatsapp Post

40. Celebrate Women’s Day

Celebrate the next Women’s Day by posting something like our Happy International Women’s Day Whatsapp Post. Your mother, grandmother, female friends, girlfriend, wife, and every special woman in your life will appreciate it.

happy-international-womens-day-whatsapp-post Use This Happy International Women's Day Whatsapp Post

41. School Spirit

If you’re a student, you should urge your peers to choose the best student council candidates. Let your voice be heard using this University Whatsapp Post. It helps raise awareness campus-wide to vote wisely.

student-council-election-campaign-whatsapp-post-template Use This Student Council Election Whatsapp Post

42. Business Event

Our Meetup Event Whatsapp Post sports a professional, formal, and simple design. This is a perfect tool to announce business conferences and other corporate events.

free-meetup-event-whatsapp-template Use This Meetup Event Whatsapp Post

43. Car Wash Business

Splash your car wash services into the Whatsapp market with our Car Wash Whatsapp Post template. Its design can be the perfect image and brand of your car wash livelihood. It’s attractive and entices car owners to visit your establishment soon.

car-wash-business-whatsapp-post-template Use This Car Wash Business Whatsapp Post

44. Simple Car Wash Ad Design

Our Car Wash Agency Whatsapp Post has a minimalist design. Nothing too fancy, just straightforward and effective advertising.  It’s yours for the taking. For more simple designs, explore our Workshop Whatsapp Posts.

car-wash-agency-whatsapp-post-template Use This Car Wash Agency Whatsapp Post

45. Say Cheese

If you know any skilled photographers in your area, it would be great to invite them to your planned photography contest. You can announce the competition using this Photography Whatsapp Post design.

photography-contest-whatsapp-post-template Use This Photography Contest Whatsapp Post

46. Sleek Photography Studio Ad

If you own a photography business, our Photography Studio Whatsapp Post can manifest the quality of service you offer. When people see this kind of advertising material, they would definitely want to be your client. And since you’re into photography, we invite you to check our Bake Sale Whatsapp Posts for some stunning food photography.

photography-studio-whatsapp-post Use This Photography Studio Whatsapp Post

47. Wedding Photography

If your studio specializes in wedding events, it would be best to promote your services like our Wedding Photography Whatsapp Post template. Flaunt your prowess in capturing romantic moments between couples.

wedding-photography-whatsapp-post-template Use This Wedding Photography Whatsapp Post

48. Recruit Volunteers

If you’re part of a charity organization, do your part in inviting more people to join. The more volunteers you have, the more successful your organization will be. Use our Charity Whatsapp Post to invite kind-hearted, passionate people.

charity-recruitment-whatsapp-post-template Use This Charity Recruitment Whatsapp Post

49. St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

Take part in this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities with our awesome St. Patrick’s Day Whatsapp Post. Everything about its aesthetic is perfect for the occasion, especially the beer mug art in the lower-left corner.

happy-st Use This Happy St. Patrick's Day Whatsapp Post



50. It’s Pary Time!

If you’re a club owner, your lifestyle is basically all about partying. The majority of people love to party. That said, you should try inviting them to your club via Whatsapp. Send them invitations as elegant as our DJ Whatsapp Posts and they’ll surely show up for tonight’s party.

club-dj-whatsapp-post-template Use This Club DJ Whatsapp Post

General FAQS

1. Is Whatsapp similar to Facebook?

Yes, there are some features in Whatsapp that are similar to Facebook, particularly the sharing of images and other content. In fact, Whatsapp is owned by Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. He acquired Whatsapp in 2014 worth $19.3 billion.

2. Can I send messages on Whatsapp?

Yes, you can send messages on Whatsapp just like Facebook Messenger. You can either send written messages or voice messages.

3. Where can I download Whatsapp?

You can download Whatsapp from Google Play Store if you’re an Android user or the App Store if you’re an iOS user.

4. Can I invite friends on Whatsapp?

Yes, you can invite friends on Whatsapp much like on Facebook.

5. Can I delete my posts on Whatsapp?

Yes, you can delete anything you’ve uploaded and posted on Whatsapp anytime.