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150+ Sample Agenda Templates

Carrying out a task requires a lot of planning and pre thought. This could be anything from manufacturing something to holding a meeting. When a lot of process is involved in a task, it is always a good idea to use an agenda that arranges all the steps for the task systematically. Designing this agenda however can be a tad tricky. But thanks to the sample agenda, any person can easily design one without the help of an expert. Let us take a look at some of the most popular sample agendas.

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> Sample Conference Agenda

A person organizing a conference needs to make sure that the participants are well aware of what all would be discussed. Thus, an agenda is designed to inform everyone about what to expect. (8+ Conference Agenda Templates )

> Sample Meeting Agenda Format

In order to ensure that the participants attending the meeting are aware of the topics up for discussion and come well prepared for these, the organizers usually share a meeting agenda with them prior to the meeting. A sample meeting agenda format gives them an idea of the format that should be followed when designing the agenda. (29+ Sample Meeting Agenda Templates)

> Sample Training Agenda

An organization that plans for a training program for its employees shares an agenda of the program with them to let them know of the various activities that they will be involved in. A sample training agenda can be used for this purpose. The user just needs to customize the agenda and then fill in the relevant details into it. (10+ Sample Training Agenda Templates)

What is a Sample Agenda?

A sample agenda, as the name indicates is a sample format of an agenda. It comprises of all the important segments that should be included in an agenda. It also follows a predefined format which is generally acceptable on a global level. Thus, using this sample can actually help a person design an agenda that looks extremely professional and at the same time is quite efficient. A sample agenda can be altered or edited by the user as per his requirements. Thus, he can customize it by adding the name of his company, changing certain sections and subheadings etc.

> Sample Business Meeting Agenda

A business meeting is called to discuss the various issues related to a business. Thus, it is very important that the participants come prepared for the meeting. Using a sample business meeting agenda, a meeting agenda can be designed that would inform the participants of the topics that would be discussed.  (10+ Sample Business Agenda Templates)

> Sample Staff Meeting Agenda

When holding a staff meeting, it is always a good idea to have an agenda in place. This would give all the staff members a clear idea of what topics would be discussed. In case, the person in charge is not sure how to design such an agenda, he can take come cue from the sample staff meeting agenda. (9+ Sample Staff Meeting Agenda Templates)

How to Write a Sample Agenda?

In case, you often need to write an agenda, it would be a good idea to design a sample template. This would ensure that every time you don’t need to begin from scratch when creating an agenda. You would just need to change certain segments before filling in the details. Here’s how you can write a sample agenda.

  • At the top should be the name of the company or committee for which the agenda is being designed.
  • This should be followed by a segment where the name of the agenda should be included.
  • Below this, design a table with a number of rows and columns. Give relevant subheadings to the columns based on the reason for designing the agenda. For instance, if you are making an agenda for an event the subheadings could be task name, person in charge, date to start the task, possible issues, outcome etc.
  • Leave out a segment or too to fill these with the relevant details that may come in handy for the people using the agenda.

> Sample Board Meeting Agenda

A board meeting is usually organized to discuss the various matters of an organization and is attended by the board members. In order to ensure that the meeting does not get delayed and covers all the crucial topics, an agenda is designed. A sample board meeting agenda with all the required segments can be used for this purpose. (8+ Sample Board Meeting Agenda Templates)

> Sample Meeting Agenda

This agenda can be used for any kind of meeting irrespective of its nature. It comprises of all the important segments that should always be included in an agenda. It also gives the users a clear idea of the format to be followed when creating an agenda. The user can further make changes to this as per his needs. (29+ Sample Meeting Agenda Templates)

> Workshop Agenda Example

The day to day functioning of a workshop involves a lot of tasks that should be undertaken by the workers. In order to ensure that the workers in the workshop do not overlook any process, the supervisor usually designs an agenda with all the processes arranged systematically. A workshop agenda example can be used to get an idea of the format to be followed and the segments to be included in the agenda. (6+ Sample Workshop Agenda Templates)

How to Write an Agenda for a Meeting Sample?

A meeting agenda should look extremely professional and should also be easy to decipher. It should be well planned to ensure that the meeting is a successful one. Remember that a poor agenda can ruin a meeting. Take a look at how to write an agenda sample for a meeting.

  • Start with a section where the name of the company or organization would be written.
  • Next put in a segment to enter the name of the agenda.
  • This should be followed by a segment where the basic details of the meeting will be listed like the person calling the meeting, time and date of the meeting, venue, facilitator of the meeting, note taker and timekeeper of the meeting etc.
  • Next add in a segment to elaborate on the objective of the meeting.
  • Below this put in a table with 5 to 6 rows and 7 to 8 columns. Give the columns subheadings like topic to be discussed, starting time, ending time, issues that could arise, end result etc.
  • There should be a couple of sections below this where you can add in some details, data or figure that may come in handy during the meeting.

Why do you need a Simple Agenda?

An agenda need not always be elaborated and complicated with a whole lot of data and information. Some people actually prefer to keep an agenda to the point with just the required details. This is known as a simple agenda. You can use a simple agenda at times when you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to design a full fledged agenda. A simple agenda can also be used when the task in hand is really not a complicated one but may involve a lot of steps. In such cases, listing down the processes would be more than enough and thus the simple agenda would be the perfect bet.

> Research Agenda Example

Carrying out a research is no mean task. It involves following a lot of steps in a systematic manner to reach the end result. To make sure that the person involved in the research does not botch up the sequence or the process, he can use a research agenda to list all steps in an orderly manner. A research agenda example can be used to design this as it gives the user a clear idea of the format that should be followed to design this document. (8+ Sample Research Agenda Templates)

> Simple Agenda Sample

When a person wishes to design an agenda with just the most important details like the topics and the time, he can go for a simple agenda sample. This sample helps him to create a basic meeting agenda without going into a lot of descriptions and including a lot of information. (8+ Simple Agenda Templates)

> Sample Event Agenda

Organizing an event requires making sure that everything is taken care of and all the processes are underway well within the predefined time. Using an event agenda can surely help in adding a systematic touch to the whole process. A sample event agenda can be used for this purpose as it gives the user an idea of the segments and elements that should be included in the agenda. (10+ Sample Event Agenda Templates)

> Wedding Agenda Sample

When planning a wedding, it is crucial to make sure that everything is taken care of and everyone is assigned their respective tasks. This can be quite confusing unless the person in charge uses a wedding agenda. In case, he is not sure how to design this, he can make use of the wedding agenda sample for the purpose and just customize it as per his requirement. (8+ Sample Wedding Agenda Template)

> Team Meeting Agenda

Before a team meets up for a meeting, giving all the participants an idea of what the meeting is about would be a great idea. A team meeting agenda is usually used for this purpose, with the topics of discussion listed in it. A sample of this agenda can be used for designing one that follows an acceptable format and comprises of the important segment. (10+ Sample Team Meeting Agenda Templates)

Benefits of a Sample Agenda

Using a sample agenda has a number of benefits.

  • Since it is designed by experts, it is highly professional and polished. With just few required edits, users can have their own agenda document ready with them.
  • With all the required segments and sections in place, the user just needs to fill in the relevant information into the sample. This helps him save a lot of time.
  • A sample agenda can be customized as per the requirement of the user.


Designing an agenda can sometimes seem to be a task especially if a person is not sure how to design it. However, using an agenda sample can solve this problem. Different types of these samples are available online thus making it easier for you to find one that would be perfect for your requirement. Easy to download and customize, these sample agenda help you to design a professional agenda.

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