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Imagine yourself as a kid again. No stress and it was all play. You get your favorite toy on Christmas day and you get jumpy about it and thank your parents. But, let us try to turn things around. You have a brother or sister that also gets a gift from your parents. A gift that is way cooler than yours. As you look at him or her happy with his or her gift, you get jealous and stay quiet. You want the toy so bad that you think of taking it away. But, let’s say you’re the kind loving brother and sister. With that being said, you then decide to go up to him and ask if you could trade your toy with his or hers. He agrees and both of you play with your toys and really don’t lose anything.


That story represents what bartering looks like. You will find out the technical definition of bartering soon. After you understand that, we will introduce to you what is a bartering agreement and what are the tips on how to pick a potential client to exchange your goods for. If you are planning to have a business, this article will help you with that. Just don’t skim through this article and try your best to understand. We will also provide templates to let you visualize what the agreement would generally look like and be composed of.

Barter Agreement Template

barter agreement template
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Barter Contract Exchange Agreement

barter contract exchange agreement

Barter Agreement Form

barter agreement form

What is Barter and a Barter Agreement?

Before discussing the meaning of barter agreement, let us first know what is the definition of barter itself. Barter is understood as the exchange or trade of goods, products or services without using money as a form of payment. In other words, it is a systematic way of exchanging of goods between two people. This can be seen in the story where the brother used to exchange his toy for his sibling’s toy too. The process is quite simple if both of the parties really do trade fairly and honestly. With that being settled, let us talk about what is the meaning of a barter agreement. You may also like sample agreements.

A barter agreement is something more formal. It is an agreement in which two companies will exchange their goods or services to cater to the function and supply the needs of their businesses. If both parties look to have a partnership, they should make sure that they would stick to the end of their bargain with the things they would trade and exchange whether it may be goods or services. All that matters is that both would be able to benefit from it and grow. You may also like free agreement templates.

School Barter Agreement

school barter agreement

The Agreement Form

To give you a glimpse of how a “Barter Agreement” form would look like, you can look at and download the pictures above. All are written in a different way but what is common is the purpose and how it begins and ends. These are the things generally present in a barter agreement form. Take note of this if ever you are planning to grow business. This would be useful in writing your agreement form for the company you want to partner with. The agreement form is composed of:

  • Contact Information. This contact information refers to the one who is offering his services or products. This would include his name, contact number, company name, address, company title, email, and fax. You may also see sample employment agreements.
  • What He can Offer You. This is where the offeror would simply fill up in the form what he can offer and the quantity of his offer. Additional things like stating if the services are flat or hourly rated and the monetary value of your product or service to bid to the offeree for barter. You may also like sample legal agreement templates.
  • What You Request to Get. This part should be filled up by the offeree. This is the part where he would place the amount and quantity of products and services he wants to request from the offeror. He should describe in detail the specific product/s or service/s to obtain a quote.
  • Statement of the Barter Agreement. This is where the offeror and the offeree would fill up their respective names who agree to the terms and conditions when they will begin to barter their products and services to one another. You may also like agreement sample templates.
  • Terms and Conditions. In this section, this is the agreements that will be observed once the partnership would start. This would depend on how both of you would make the terms and conditions in a way both of you would agree and commit to. One thing that should also be mentioned here is the penalty if one does not give his or her end of the bargain. You may also like agreement letter templates.
  • Signing. If everything is being understood by both parties, then there is no time to waste. This section will be the section where the two parties would both sign as a representation that both of them adhere to the terms and conditions. This signing would also make the barter agreement and their partnership legal. After this, they can already begin to do their exchanges until such time their agreement expires. Byt this we mean, the initial date where all trade and exchange would stop unless renewed. You may also like business agreement templates.

Agreement for the Barter of Goods and Products

agreement for the barter of goods and products

Firearm Barter Agreement

firearm barter agreement

 Tips for Picking the Right One to Barter with

Like every successful business, there always has to be a plan. A plan that would fit and work even in the long run. If a company has the discipline to maintain the eagerness to grow and succeed in the future, then it should develop a good business plan. If the plan requires picking a potential company or client that could possibly partner with and barter, this can help the company in the future. But the fact is, it is easy to identify clients and hard to choose the best one. Luckily, you are still here and because of that, we will give you tips in choosing the right one for you. You may also like simple rental agreements.

  • Know Them. It is important that before starting any kind of negotiation, you have to know the background information of that company. Start from the history all the way down to the goals of the company, its purpose and how they handle things. It is also important to know if they have ever received special awards and how they are perceived by the community through looking at how the people would post a review about them. It involves thorough research to see if this company is worth having a partnership with. You may also see basic agreement templates.
  • Have the Discussion. Once you have potential candidates, talk to their CEO’s. May it be over coffee or having you go to their office and negotiate with them what you can offer in return if they decide to partner with your company. You can also present what you can offer through powerpoints so that you can explain more. But, before you initiate a meeting with the CEO, always send a request letter to the HR addressing to the CEO.
  • Record and Document Everything. As you’re having the negotiations, it is important for you to note down the things they have said and what they can offer in return. Doing this would give you an easier task to pick which candidate has more interest in partnering with you and you can weigh in on the offers the other candidates said that they can give in return for the barter. You may also see simple rental agreement templates.
  • Re-Evaluate what You Guys Have. It is always important to see and observe if you and your partner would do good as business partners once the barter agreement has been signed and approved and the work really starts. Observe how your popularity and theirs went up and try to see if you still want this partnership to continue to be able to share the same benefits you two have. You may also see agent agreements.

Sample Barter Agreement

sample barter agreement

Always Take Caution

A barter agreement is a simple agreement to understand and do if you have the right person to trade with. A barter relationship could benefit both parties one way or another. But, just like any other agreement or even anything in this world, it has its advantages and disadvantages. An advantage of having a barter agreement is that of its flexibility. This means you can trade in anything your company offers for something that is entirely different but needed for your benefit. A disadvantage would be if you underestimated your value and overestimated it with your partner. This may be caused by poor observation and not see things through clearly. You may also see work agreement templates.

With that being said, always do a background check and study their products even if it takes time. An timely research can help you evaluate and waste no time in judging if the company and its products can benefit yours if ever there will be a barter agreement at hand in the near future. Being disciplined once in a while is not a bad thing to practice. It may be painstaking at times but in the end, you will see the fruits of your labor once your business is slowly starting to grow and theirs too. You may also see sales agreement templates.

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