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Whenever you wish to have a service to be provided, you and the person in charge of providing that service agreement need to have a mutual understanding of certain things. A good example? How the service will be provided and how the provider of the service will be compensated for the work.

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To ensure that both parties are able to create and finalize a deal that has a fair exchange, they will need to come up with simple service agreements and the document which contains them. This article is going to focus on how you will go about in creating service agreements for whenever you need work done on computer-related projects.

Computer Service Order Agreement

computer service order

Computer System Services Contract Agreement Template

computer system services contract agreement template

Pc Installation, Repair & Maintenance Agreement

pc installation repair maintenance agreement

What Your Computer Service Agreement Document Should Contain

Before any kind of computer service can be provided, both you and the person you’ve tasked with providing the service need to come to terms about what will be done, how it will be done, etc. And that can only happen if there are a good number of well-made service agreements on a document. You may also see Lease Agreement Template

So here’s a list of what this particular document should contain:

1. Scope of the Work

Considering that you might have a number of things that you would like to have the service provider do for you, you’ll need to point out the specifics of the document. The scope of the work will depend entirely on what you have requested the service provider to do. So it can be anything from repairing the computer’s hard drive to checking the central processing unit for internal damages. Be sure that you write down all of the different things that you would have the service provider do for you if you had him or she provides you with more than one type of service. You can also Non-Disclosure Agreement Template.

2. Terms of Agreement

This is where you place the date of when the service agreement will take place. That would mean that everything that both parties in the transaction have discussed and agreed upon will take effect on the date that has been placed within the document. Also, this means that the simple agreements made will continue to take effect all the way until the service has been completed. It’s also best that this document contains a statement template wherein the agreement may be extended if both parties mutually agree to it and that the extended agreement must be in writing.

Doing all of this ensures that both parties are in complete understanding in regards to what has to be done and that neither of them should break these agreements until the day that the service provider is finished with his/her job. Think of it as a safety precaution that will make sure that everyone gets what they want. You can also visit Purchase Agreement Template

3. Termination

There might come a time where one party member might no longer need the service or another states that he/she wishes to end the service whilst in the middle of the job. Should this happen, it’s best that you provide a statement within the agreement document where if one of the parties wishes to prematurely end the service, then that person will need to provide a notice of termination within a specified time period. For every other type of service agreement, the time period would usually be 30 days. This is fine for computer services that could possibly take that long, but there may be some wherein it will only take an hour or 2. In that case, it will need to be stated just how long the person or the provider can still manage to terminate the service.

IT Equipment Repair Agreement

it equipment repair agreement

Hardware Support Agreement

hardware support agreement

Hardware Maintenance Services Agreement

hardware maintenance services agreement

4. Compensation

No matter what type of service will be provided, the customer is obligated to pay the service provider for the work that has been done. This should be stated specifically in the agreement document as you want to ensure that the customer pays the exact amount that is owed. So let’s say that the service provider charges by the hour, the document will need to contain the exact amount that will be charged for every hour that passes while the service is being provided. If the service provider charges based on the different types of services that will be worked on, then these different types of work have to be specifically be stated within the agreement document along with the price of each. Also, it’s best that you put in that the service provider will only be paid should the services be completed. Because you don’t want to pay for anything that hasn’t even been finished yet. You may also like Employee Agreement Template.

5. Independent Contractor

For formality’s sake, the agreement document needs to state that the service provider will be designated as an independent contractor, rather than an employee of a company. The reason for having this agreement is so that businesses wouldn’t have to fear any lawsuits or deal with unnecessary issues should the independent contractor fail to provide the service. Also, the parties that agree to this will ensure that this agreement will not create a joint venture or partnership between them. Meaning that the reasons for the service being worked on will fall under the customer, and the provider is not involved with these reasons except for providing the customer with the service.

6. Modification of Agreement

Sometimes it can’t be helped that customers might want to have a couple of services added or removed to fit with what they want and need. So there will be times where contract agreements will need to be modified so that these inclusions or removals will be official. However, one cannot just modify a service agreement just because he/she wishes to do so.

If you tasked the computer service provider to help you in cleaning out your computer, and then you suddenly think that it may be best that he/she should also install certain hardware, you don’t just ask for it straight away and thinking that the additional service will be provided.  You may also see Confirmation Agreement Template

Both you and the service provider will need to come up with another agreement wherein these additional services will be written in them. Then once these additional services and agreements have been written, both parties must then sign the document with their email signatures. The reason as to why this should be done is so that the customer gets the additional service that he/she needs, and the service provider gets proper compensation for the additional service that he/she has to provide.

7. Notices

The service agreement document will need to state that every single notice or demand by the terms of the agreement will have to be made in writing. Once they’re done being written, they will need to be delivered to the respective parties.

8. The Amount of Time Given for the Completing of the Service

If you gave the computer service provider a job in which he/she will require 6 days to finish, then the agreement document will need to contain a simple statement wherein the service will need to finish the work within that amount of time. Before writing down the time of when the service will be completed, both the customer and the service provider will need to discuss on the duration of the service or services that will be provided. The more services that the customer wishes to have done, then the more time it’s going to take to complete everything. So the time that’s placed within the document will need to be reasonable.

9. The Law

To ensure that these agreements are well protected, the agreement document will need to contain a personal statement wherein all suits and proceedings under the agreement will be construed in accordance with the law. You’re going to need to specify the state or country in which these laws or constituted in to ensure that your agreement document holds up.

10. Performance

This is basically the section of the computer service document where it states that the service provider will do everything necessary to ensure that the service is completed, while at the same time honoring to the agreements that have been made within the agreement contract.  It’s a good thing to have in the agreement document as it will ensure that the customer gets what he/she needs from the service provider.

11. Confidentiality

Sometimes a customer will require the service provider to go through his or her computer that may contain important files. These files may contain valuable information that the customer may not want to share with the public. This would mean that the customer is putting these pieces of information at risk by allowing the service provider to work on his or her computer. You may also see Legal Agreement Templates.

To prevent these files from being spread to the public, the document may contain confidentiality agreements where it states that the service provider will not share any personal or work-related data that are found within the customer’s computer. This ensures the customer that he or she is safe from the risk and it’s an extra layer of precaution. Because should the service provider break the agreement, you can state within the document that the customer will have every right to take legal notice for the violation.

Be sure that whenever you make any kind of computer service agreement, you have all of the above in your document. It will ensure that you get the kind job you need to have done and it will help make sure that the service provider is properly compensated whilst following what should be worked on and when it should be worked on. You may also visit License Agreement Template.

If you would like to learn more about how you can create a computer service agreement or anything related to this particular topic, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles summary that contain the information that you need, and utilize whatever you have been able to acquire to help you and possibly your business out.

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