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In just about every company, it’s important that there’s one employee who’s meant to handle complex yet important duties and responsibilities. These are what you call executive employees and they’re the reason as to why a lot of different businesses are able to function so well. You can also read employment agreement templates.

If you’re the type of person that’s looking to hire an executive employee, then you need to come up with a sample agreement that will bind them to your business. Which is why this article is going to teach you how to create an executive employee agreement that should be able to get you the type of employee that you need.

Restaurant Executive Employment Agreement

Restaurant Executive Employment Agreement Template


Sample Executive Employee Agreement

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Example of Executive Employee Agreement

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What Are the Duties of an Executive Employee

We all know that an employee has a lot of important duties and responsibilities, but what is it that makes this particular role so important? Why do these people get to be called executive employees? Well, an executive employee is defined as the following:

1. Someone who is usually compensated with a base salary of not less than $455 dollars a week. The standard base salary of an executive employee may differ depending in the country that you’re in. So it’s best that you do your research so that you’ll definitely know how much your executive employee will need to be paid. You may also like work agreement templates.

2. Someone who has the primary duty is to manage the enterprise n which the employee is employed. It’s either that or the employee can also be someone who is in charge of a particular division or department that is in the business. Basically, they’re people who must take charge of others to ensure that things go exactly the way that they’re supposed to. You may also read sample employment agreement templates.

3. Someone who has the responsibility of directing the work of at least one or more employees. Think of an executive employee as someone like a manager who has to make sure that every employee is able to meet expectations to ensure that the goals of the company are reached.

4. Someone who has the responsibility to either hire or fire other employees.  Not only that, but they can also give employees promotions, demote them, recommend them to transfer to different departments and much more.

Senior Executive Employee Agreement

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How to Create an Executive Employee Agreement

Now that you’ve learned what an executive employee does, the next step is to come up with the agreement that will allow you to hire one. The reason as to why you would want this kind of document is because it will ensure that the executive employee knows what is that he or she has to do, and that the employee understands what’s promised for his or her services. You may also see temporary employment agreement templates.

With that in mind, here are the steps that will allow you to create an effective executive employee agreement:

1. Make the Title of the Document

The first step to making any kind of agreement is to create the title. Make sure that it’s at the very top of the page so that readers will be able to easily spot it. Also, make the title as simple as possible. You can even go with just the standard “Executive Employee Agreement” as it gets straight to the point. The reason for doing this is because having the title at an easy to spot location will make it easier for the readers to understand what they should expect when they have to go through the document. You may also see employment agreement templates.

2. The Identities of the Parties

This is especially important as you want to make it clear as to who in the agreement is the executive employee and who is responsible for hiring him or her. So the beginning of the document must consist of a statement about who are involved. So you’re going to want two blank spaces in this opening statement. The first blank space is where the name of the organization that’s hiring the employee must be placed. The other blank space is where the complete name of the executive employee must be written. You may also see employee retention agreement templates.

You’re going to want to have both as you’ll never know when a situation may arise where you will need to prove the identities of those that were involved in the singing of the agreement. While writing your companies name, be sure to write it down completely. The same goes for the executive employee where he or she must provide a first name, last name, and even the middle initial. You may also like employment separation agreement templates.

3. Write the Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Employee

When you’re finished providing the identities of the party, the next step is to write about what it is that the executive employee will need to do if he or she agrees to sign the document. This is where you will list all of the duties and responsibilities of the executive employee and you’ll want to go into great detail so that you can let him or her know exactly what needs to be done. You may also see employee termination agreement forms.

Again, it’s very important that you give a detailed explanation of the tasks that he or she needs to do on a daily basis as the role of an executive employee is vital in ensuring that a business is able to run smoothly. You may also like sample employee non-compete agreements.

An example of the type of duty that you will be assigning him or her to would have to be ones involving management. Executive employees tend to be ones who are in charge of taking care of many employees that are under their wing, but how they’ll do so will depend on what’s written in their agreement. So you can state that the executive employee is required to conduct training programs and daily/weekly/monthly evaluations to check on the performance of every employee.

You can also include other duties in the agreement, but just make sure that you don’t give the executive employee to many of them. There’s only so much that one person is willing to do. So even though you think that this particular person you’re hiring is someone who can handle a lot of responsibilities, just make sure that you’re giving that person a good amount of them. You may also see employee confidentiality agreement templates.

4. Consider Making a Non-Disclosure or Non-Compete Agreement to Supplement the Document

Let’s say that there’s certain information that you have to share with the executive employee, but you also want to make sure that it doesn’t make its way to others that aren’t involved in the business. And let’s also say that you don’t want the employee to be working with your competition as he or she is working for you. This is where you should definitely consider creating both a non-compete and sample non-disclosure agreement.

With the non-compete agreement, you can state the the executive employee will not be able to work for another company that deals in the same business as your company for a number of years once the employee leaves. Although you don’t necessarily have to make this, it’s one of the best ways to ensure that your competitors don’t get a hold of your executive employee. Just take note that not a lot of employees are eager to sign this type of agreement, so consider this carefully.

As for the non-disclosure agreement, this is something that you want to consider deeply as you may be sharing a lot of important information with the executive employee. So to make sure that it’s protected, the non-dicslosure agreement can state what information has to remain confidential, how long the information must remain confidential, and the consequences for what will happen if the employee decides to break the agreement. Make sure that it’s clear as to what information has to be protected so that there’s no way for the employee to confuse what information has to be confidential.

5. Have the Executive Employee Sign the Agreement

Once the executive employee has agreed to all of the terms and the conditions of what has been set in the document, then it’s very important that the employee places his or her signature in the agreement. You’re going to need the signature as it’s definite proof that the employee whose name is in the document is the one that has agreed to the terms and conditions. There might come a situation where you will need to prove this. For example, legal matters are involved when your executive employee breaches the agreement and you need to prove who it was. Simply showing the signature will definitely help you out. You can also read sample hr agreements.

So leave a blank space at the bottom of the document where the employee’s full name and signature can be placed. It’s also best to include the date in which the signature was signed to ensure that the readers will know when the signature was placed. You can also read incentive agreement templates.

If you would like to learn about the other types of agreements that you could possibly make, then all you have to do is go through our site. It contains many different articles that should contain the information you’re going to need. The only thing that you have to do is to read these articles so that you can make effective use out of whatever they contain. You may also see employee exit agreements.

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