How to Write a Consulting Agreement [5+ Templates to Download]


Before a consultant can accept a job that a client wishes for him/her to do, it is important to point out the agreements that need to be accepted before any consulting services take place. This article will teach you all that you need to know in regards to how you should go about in making a consulting agreement document.

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Steps for Creating a Consulting Agreement

Step 1: Start By Identifying the Parties Involved

No matter what kind of contract you end up making, it is important that it is able to identify those that are involved. So you will have to point out the names of those who will be taking part in the agreement, as well as the roles that they play. Make it clear as to which one is the consultant and which one is the client.

Step 2: Details of the Offer

This is the part of the contract document where the consultant will need to explain what services he/she is willing to offer to the client. It needs to be made clear as to what these services are so that in the event that the client wishes for any additional work to be done, the consultant can factor that into the final amount of compensation.

Step 3: Define the Consultation Service

Here is where you will need to go into more detail regarding the consulting services that the consultant is willing to provide to the client. Aside from what it is that the consultant is willing to do, it should also be made clear as to what the consultant is not obligated to provide.

Step 4: Provide Information Regarding Matters of Compensation

The consultant will want to be paid for whatever services he/she is made to provide. The form of compensation will depend entirely on the consultant, meaning that it might not even be money. This compensation can come in the form of things such as marketing services, products that the consultant asks for, or anything so long as it is equal to the service provided.

Step 5: Point Out the Length of the Agreement

It is at this point where both the consultant and the client will need to agree on when the service will begin and end. It is best that both parties are able to agree on specific dates so that they’ll know exactly when they expect the agreement to start and end. If you’re going to get specific, then be sure to include the month, day, and year.

Step 6: Define Matters Regarding Termination

There may come a time where either party may wish to terminate the service before it even ends. To avoid any issues that could negatively affect either party should it ever happen, then you’ll need to define the terms of agreement termination. That way, the parties involved can prevent any problems that could potentially lead to legal issues.

Step 7: Create Spaces for Signatures

Once all the agreements have been made and that the parties involved have no problems with them, then all that’s needed is their signatures. Create spaces where both the consultant and the client may each place their signature to show that the two have officially entered a business transaction.

5+ Consulting Agreement Templates

1. Consulting Services Agreement Sample

consulting services agreement sample Download

Consultants must be able to define the services that they offer and the agreements that need to be accepted before they are able to provide what a client wants. With the use of this template, you should be able to make a document which can easily outline all of the information that the client will need to know before any consulting service can take place.

2. Consulting Retainer Agreement Sample

consulting retainer agreement Download

There are instances wherein a consultant wishes to be paid in small amounts on a regular basis until the consulting service is complete. With the help of this template, you can make a document which points outs details regarding how much needs to be paid, the payment schedule, information on the parties involved and much more.

3. Real Estate Consulting Agreement Template

real estate consulting agreement 2 Download

Even those who are in the business of real estate will eventually need a consultant in order to see success. So if you’re a consultant that specializes in providing real estate-related consultation services, then use this template to make a document which points out the agreements that need to be accepted.

4. Consultant Agreement Template

consultant agreement Download

Being hired as an individual’s or business’s consultants means that you need to point out what you’re willing to do and how you expect to be compensated for your services. With this template, making a document that can do just that will be a very easy task.

5. Consulting Agreement with Sharing of Software Revenues

consulting agreement with sharing of software revenues Download

Sharing software revenue is tricky as there are some who may not know how to divide it amongst those that they need to. If you’re a contractor who can help out with that, then use this template to make a document which shows that you’re willing to help if these people accept certain agreements.

6. Marketing Consulting Agreement Template

marketing consulting agreement Download

Business marketing is never an easy task, meaning that there are businesses who are willing to hire consultants to aid them in their marketing efforts. By downloading and using this template, one can point out exactly what kind of marketing consultation will be provided and the agreements that have to be accepted before it is given.

7. Sample Consulting Agreement

sample consulting agreement 1 Download

If you are looking to make a consulting agreement that is easy to understand yet contains all of the information a client would need, then this is the template for you. You can use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Apple Pages to open it and then you can make whatever changes you want until you are satisfied.

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