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4+ Lodger Agreement Templates – PDF, Word

If you’re someone who owns a particular piece of property and does not mind opening up a couple of rooms for rent, then you’ll need to remember that there are things that you’re going to have to think of before accepting any lodgers. You and the lodger will need to discuss on just what how the entire arrangement is going to happen before finalization. You may also see sample agreement templates.

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There has to be a limit as to what the lodger may do while he or she is living on your property, and you want to make that particularly clear. So how are you going to do that? The best way in ensuring that your lodgers know about the conditions that they have to accept before moving in is through a lodger agreement sample, and this article will teach you how to make one.

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Blank Lodger Residential Agreement

Blank Room Rental Agreement

How to Make a Lodger Agreement

A lodger or rental agreement is a document that comprises of all the agreements that a possible lodger will have to accept in order to gain access to another person’s property that’s up for rent. Landlords will need to learn how to make this as this agreement is very important in ensuring that both parties are in complete understanding in regards to how everything will go.

So if you’re going to create a lodger agreement, then here are the components you have to make sure that’s in it:

1. The Parties Involved

This is the section which comprises of the basic information of both the landlord and the lodger. It’s important to take note that both will need to include all of their basic information so that one may contact the other in the event that there are any issues that may occur that’s related to the rental agreement. So the following must be written in this section:

  • The complete names of both the landlord and the lodger
  • The landlord’s complete rental property address
  • The contact information of both landlord and lodger (email address, phone numbers, etc.)

If the lodger is going to have a roommate, then you’ll also need to draft a roommate agreement where the parties involved will also need to write down their basic information.

2. Accommodations

This would discuss all of the different areas of the property that the lodger will either have to share with the landlord or any of the other lodgers and the ones that the lodger will have complete privacy to use. When it comes to the shared areas, these would usually be something along the lines of the lounge, bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, study room, etc. If the lodger would want more details regarding the areas that need to be shared (such as when they can be used and what can be done in them), then all he/she has to do is ask the landlord to share more information. You may also see blank rental agreements.

For the private accommodations of the lodger, then all of the details regarding what the lodger has exclusive rights to must be listed down in the contract. For example, the lodger may have his/her own bathroom that he/she does not have to share with the other lodgers. You may also see basic rental agreements.

3. The Start and End Date

This is the section where you and the lodger have finalized the duration of his/her stay on your property. While there doesn’t have to be a specific date as to when the lodging will end, there are still those landlords who prefer to have the date written. So while you’re writing either of the two, you need to make sure that you’re able to put in the month, day, and year within the agreement. This will make it really clear as to when the lodger has started his/her occupancy with the property and when it will end. This information will come in very handy during situations where either of these pieces of information will need to be proven. You may also see rental agreement forms.

Sample Lodger Rental Agreement Template

Simple Apartment Agreement Template

4. Rent

This is the section where just about every lodger will need to go through to ensure that they know the amount they have to pay during every rent period. If you’re the landlord, you’ll have to place in that the first payment will be paid on the start date and that every other subsequent payment will be paid on the same date of each calendar month/same day each week thereafter.

At the same time, there should be another statement regarding what should happen should the lodger repeatedly fail to pay rent. So you can put in the agreement that should the lodger fail to make payments, then you, the landlord, will have every right to send the lodger an eviction notice wherein the lodger will be given at least 2-3 weeks to come up with the payment or be evicted from the property.

5. Tax and Utilities

This is basically covered in the monthly rent that the lodger will need to pay. It’s the responsibility of the lodger to always come up with the payment for their share of the council tax and utility bills. While you always have the option wherein you don’t have to specify what the lodger will be paying for, it’s always best to give them a list of what tax and utilities they have to pay and the amount that they’ll need to pay. This is good as the lodgers will gain all of the information they will need and there will be no room for misunderstanding. You may also see rental agreements.

And similar to the rental payment, if the lodger fails to pay the tax and/or the utility bills, then the landlord will have all the right to send the lodger a notice of eviction or notice of payment. You may also see house rental agreements.

6. Deposit

This is a form of security measure for the landlord to ensure that the lodger is always able to keep up with the payments. You can state that on or before the start date, the lodger will need to hand over a security deposit to the landlord.  Also, it should be noted in the agreement that when the lodger is able to pay the security deposit, the landlord will need to provide a receipt for the paid security deposit. You may also see rental agreement samples.

There should also be another statement of the document which will discuss how the security deposit will be used should the lodger incur any damages to the landlord’s property. This has to be discussed thoroughly as you want to make sure that the lodger fully understands the basic agreements regarding the purpose of the security deposit.

And there should be another statement which discusses how the lodger will be able to take back his/her security deposit once his/her time on the property is up. You can state that the depositor remainder of the deposit will be refunded to the lodger within 14 days, or as soon as possible after the termination of the occupancy agreement. if there have been any deductions made from the deposit, then there has to be a list provided which will showcase what these deductions are and a breakdown of the amount deducted. You may also like simple rental agreements.

7. Content

When we’re talking about content, this would be all of the items that the lodger will be given until the end of his or her period within the property. So this should be a statement saying that the by signing the agreement, the lodger has agreed that signed inventory is complete and accurate at the beginning of the lodger agreement. The lodger should be given at least a 7 day period to confirm the accuracy of the inventory, as well as informing the landlord should there be any mistakes. You may also see simple rental agreements.

It’s also important to put in that you, the landlord, will have the right to deduct from the deposit any costs incurred from the damage or destruction of any items on the inventory that was caused by the lodger. Remember that the security deposit was made just for reasons such as this, so you want to have this on your lodger agreement. You may also like blank rental agreements.

8. The Duty to Take Reasonable Care of  the Property

This is just a formal way of saying that the lodger will need to do everything that he or she can to ensure that there are no problems when it comes to the lodging. Meaning that the lodger will need to do everything to make sure that he or she is able to maintain a clean living environment, as well as taking all of the reasonable steps to guarantee that he or she does not cause any property damage. You may also see sample rental agreements.

There should also be a statement here that the lodger accepts liability for any damage he or she caused to the Landlord’s property and that the lodger will bear the costs of repairs that are needed due to the damaged property. You may also see shareholder agreement templates.

9. Behavior Within the Property

This is the section wherein you will formally discuss how the lodger will behave will he or she is living in your property. You should state that all of the lodgers must treat each other with respect and should by no circumstance invade one another’s privacy. Also, you should point out that the lodger must not use the property for any illegal acts to prevent any issues from coming along your way. You may also see business agreement templates.

10. Pets

While there are some establishments who are strict to the point where they do not allow any animals on their property, there are those that will need rules and regulations should they allow pets. It’s best that you place a statement wherein the lodger will need consent from you, the landlord before having any pets. Other rules such as what animals are not allowed or how the lodger will take care of the pet should all be written within the agreement.

If you would like to learn more regarding how you should go about in creating a lodger agreement or anything related to this particular topic (such as how to create a rent receipt for rent payments), then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that have what you need, and use the information you’ve gathered to help you out.

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