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3+ Office Lease Agreement Templates – PDF, Word

As businesses are being established day by day, it needs an accessible area people can go to anytime. The city offers thousands of spaces for businesses to rent. But before any kind of business pops up, it comes on an office lease agreement. This happens if space is rented instead of purchased. You may also see agreement samples.

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An office lease agreement is a formal written document that is used when renting a space to a business or from another company. The tenant, or the one using the space, is given the right to use the property while paying the agreed amount to the landlord on a time-bound basis. The landlord, on the other hand, sets a few rules and regulations for the tenant in regards to the usage of the property. You may also see rental lease agreement.

Sample Office Lease Agreement Template

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Commercial Lease

The agreement can be used when you want to have your office or industrial space leased to another business, and when you are leasing an office space from a landlord. The said written contract includes the information of the landlord and tenant, they payment arrangement, and details on how long the lease would last. Some of the other parts of an office sample lease agreement are:

1. Parties involved.

The names, addresses, birth dates, and other personal information of the landlord and tenant should be specified in the contract. An agreement between the parties is included as well. The landlord, even if he owns the property, should respect the tenant’s privacy at all times. The tenant should also abide by the conditions of the landlord such as not bringing of animals within the premises of the property. You may also see land lease agreement templates.

2. Address of the property.

The location of the property is included. It is an important part of the contract. This is what people look up for when a business starts operating. The boundaries of the space being leased such as parking areas, basement, balconies, and roof decks should also be included to prevent the tenant from going over to other properties. You may also like blank lease agreements.

3. Description of the property.

The property should be described in the contract. How wide it is, how big it is, and how many stories it has (if it is a whole building). This gives proper context to the tenant on the space he is going to pay for. You may also see private lease agreements.

4. Payment mode and interval.

The payment can be made on a monthly, bi-monthly, or annually. The agreement is specific on this as this both benefits the landlord and tenant financially. The pay can be deposited in bank accounts or handed in as cash. You may aslo see sample lease agreements.

5. Renewal matters.

The contract should state what both parties can do as the lease comes to an end. If the contract is up for a renewal, a new one can be drafted. If it’s not, then let the lease end and bid goodbye to a beautiful journey. You may also like standard lease agreements.

Look at some of these templates to know more about office lease agreements.

Office Lease

Business Center Lease Agreement for Office Space

Renting an office space or any property for business purposes is a huge risk to take. You need to think carefully about every step you make. Money is a big factor that can be lost if you don’t keep track of what’s going on in the agreement. Here are some of the tips to avoid disappointments in renting an office space. You may aslo like house lease agreements.

1. Be realistic.

Take your budget into consideration. Find a space that fits the amount you set aside for rent in your starting capital. Do not aim to rent a lavish space when you don’t have the funds to do so. Draft your business plan well. This helps you in setting realistic goals when it comes to renting a space.

2. Understand the lease.

Read the whole contract and understand the terms and conditions of the lease. Know your rights and responsibility as a tenant and your power as a landlord. Check the date of the lease, when it starts and when it ends. Check also the escalation of payment for the rent and the other agreements you bargained for. You should understand every part of the lease agreement sample so you won’t get lost along the way. You should also know what you have to do with this whole setup.

3. Negotiate the best deal.

Always get ahead of the game in renting spaces by negotiating for the best deal. Read up the contract again. You might have missed something or found a part of it that you don’t like. Come up with a better plan and negotiate it with your landlord. Sometimes they are open to change and do the things you want. Things become easier when you agree with your landlord on so many things. You may also see basic lease agreement examples.

Leasing a space is the best thing to do when it’s too expensive for you to buy your own property. For the meantime, this saves money and energy as you find ways to buying a space soon. You may also see printable lease agreements.

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