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Are you looking for a new restaurant job or just want to have a better explanation of a restaurant’s employment agreement sample before you sign it? Or are you a restaurant owner who wants to make sure that you hire employees who are fit for your own business goals?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, you came to the right part of the internet as this article aims to discuss a common stipulation in most employment and business contracts today. And that is the use of non-compete clauses. More specifically, this article will deal with non-compete agreements that are commonly used by different restaurant, cafe, and bakery establishment owners.

Restaurant Non-Compete Agreement Template

restaurant non compete agreement
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As a business owner, you need to make sure that the people you hire will be committed to help your business grown and succeed. One way to do this is by letting them sign this above-shown non-compete agreement as part or in addition to their employment contracts. This serves as a way to protect your business interests even after an employee leaves your service.

Check Out These Restaurant Non-Compete Agreement Templates

In this article, we provide multiple examples of sample non-compete agreement templates that owners of dining establishments can use for their respective businesses. Use these templates as a guide so that you can create an employment agreement with an enforceable non-compete clause that is tailored to suit your business and any prospective employee’s preferences or demands.

Blank Restaurant Non-Compete Agreement

blank editable restaurant non compete agreement

A non-compete agreement is usually used in business where one party (usually an employer) provides a service, product, or employment to another person. And in exchange, the recipient will agree to not compete with the provider’s business within a set period or as long as the recipient is still employed by the provider.

Restaurant Contractor Non-Compete Agreement

independent restaurant contractor non compete agreement

What is a Non-Compete Agreement?

An agreement is a legal term that refers to the act of two or more parties unanimously assenting to a set of conditions or rules. It is usually formalized in the form of writing, witnessed by other legal age individuals, and notarized by an attorney. If you are operating a restaurant business, you would most likely need to create a separate non-compete agreement for your employees to sign. Or, you may just include a non-compete clause in the employment contract that each of your restaurant employees needs to sign.

In the modern age, creating non-compete agreements is usually done through the use of pre-made agreement templates. As we have mentioned earlier, this article is filled with different examples of non-compete agreement templates that you can base your non-competition agreements on. However, if you want your restaurant’s non-compete agreements to be truly original and tailor-made for your business and employees, you may hire a lawyer to draft a new agreement for you. You may then use this non-compete agreement draft or template for all other non-compete agreements for your dining establishment.

Read on below for more tips on how to create your non-compete agreement and for a list of the different pieces of information that should be included in a restaurant non-compete agreement. You may also see standard non-compete agreement form templates.

Restaurant Company Non-Compete Agreement Template

restaurant company non disclosure and non compete agreement template

Restaurant Employment Contract with Non-Compete Agreement Template

restaurant employment contract with non compete agreement template

Restaurant Non-Compete Agreement Template

restaurant franchise and non compete agreement template

How to Create Restaurant Non-Compete Agreements

If you are a restaurant owner, incorporating a non-compete agreement into your employment contract can be a way to help ensure that any trade secrets and operation policies stay within your company and its employees. This also prevents other people from profiting from business strategies that you have developed on your own.

Listed below are a few tips on how you can create the best restaurant non-compete agreement that will surely benefit your dining establishment without totally infringing on your employees’ rights.

1. Follow a Non-Compete Agreement Template

If you are new to running a restaurant, creating an employment contract with its non-compete or non-solicitation clause can be difficult. After all, contracts and agreements are the forte of lawyers which most entrepreneurs are not. Therefore, if you are still in the beginning phase of drafting a non-compete agreement, it is best to follow a non-compete agreement template just like the ones we have included in this list article.

Use these printable contract templates to guide you on what to write and how to format your non-compete agreement. By doing this, you are also saving yourself from incurring more charges from hiring lawyers. Use this approach if you do not have enough budget to cover the costs of an attorney or if you just do not want to needlessly spend money on attorney fees when you can do the preliminary work on your own.

2. Add Your Restaurant Branding Elements

Creating a business agreement or contract is another opportunity to showcase and assert your restaurant’s unique branding elements. For example, you can make sure to use your restaurant logo design and incorporate it on the agreement’s letterhead. Doing this does not only help legitimize your own business but it can also help make sure that your business logo is recognized and acknowledged by your employees.

If you are a new restaurateur, make sure to add creating a business logo as one of your main tasks before proceeding with your business’ marketing campaigns. You may also check this article for more useful tips on logo designing.

3. Consult a Lawyer

Even if you have done everything on your end to prepare a non-compete agreement as we have advised on the previous tip, remember that you will still need to hire a lawyer. The lawyer will need to look over and review the non-compete agreement that you have drafted. If he or she finds an issue or any legal discrepancy with it, he or she will inform you and make the necessary changes.

Hiring a lawyer to either prepare or review a non-compete agreement is an essential step in any agreement creation process because the lawyer will help determine and make sure that your non-compete agreement is enforceable by law. And at the end of it all, the lawyer will have to notarize the agreement to make legal and binding.

4. Be Open to Changing Your Restaurant Agreement Terms

The main purpose of a non-compete agreement is to protect your restaurant’s interests in the long term. However, you should also remember that these same terms may detract a current or potential employee from staying under your employment. Therefore, if you want to be a wizened restaurateur, you need to be open and make sure that you maintain the balance of your business interests and the interests of your employees.

Let’s admit it. Only a handful of employees will steal your restaurant trade secrets so that they could start their own business. Most of the employees’ disagreement with non-compete clauses is the limitation it creates when it comes to finding another job in the same industry. As a business owner, put yourself in the shoes of your employees who have only learned a certain skill set that fits them nicely in the restaurant industry. And if you restrict how they earn money from this skill set, you are risking their entire livelihoods. Think about this.

It is understandable to set up a restaurant non-compete clause on your employment contracts. However, you should do this carefully and with much thought. Internalize all the tips we have mentioned above so that you can make a better decision when it comes to drafting a written business agreement. When done right, you may just gain employees that value your restaurant the same way you do.

Sample Business Non-Compete Agreement

sample business non compete agreement

Restaurant Confidentiality Agreement Template

sample restaurant confidentiality non compete and non solicitation agreement template

Things To Include in a Non-Compete Agreement

If you are reading this article, you are most likely curious about non-compete agreements and how to create them for your own dining establishment. To aid you in this process, we have listed the different pieces of information that should be found on any standard non-compete agreement. Read them below.

  • Name of restaurant or dining establishment
  • Contact information and address of recipient or employee
  • Restaurant logo design, slogan, seal, or monogram
  • The parties involved in the agreement (company or business name and employee name) also known as discloser and recipient
  • Terms of the agreement
  • Agreement term validity
  • Compensation damage amount in case breach of contract
  • Name of lawyer or notary public
  • Witness names and signature (if present)
  • Date and place where the agreement was notarized or certified

Seafood Restaurant Non-Compete Agreement

seafood restaurant confidentiality and non compete agreement

Simple Restaurant Confidentiality Agreement

simple restaurant confidentiality agreement with non compete clause

Vendor Restaurant Non-Competition Agreement Template

vendor restaurant non competition and non disclosure agreement template

Apply What You Have Learned

Now that you know what non-compete agreements are and how they can help your restaurant small business, you can freely choose the best type of non-compete agreement template to use for your own dining establishment’s employment contract. Feel free to use any of the templates included in this list article.

Also, do not forget to save or bookmark the article link so that you could refer back to it in the further. Share the article with your friends, social media followers, and colleagues too.

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