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3+ Time Impact Analysis Templates – PDF

If a business were to conduct a project, particularly one involving construction, then it should be no surprise if delays happen to occur. Although one would wish to avoid them as much as possible, there are times when certain factors will force projects to undergo delays. You can also like sample organizational analysis templates.

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So those who in charge of handling the project must be able to determine how long these delays will prevent the project’s completion, as well as providing the information to the employer. And that’s why this article is going to teach you how to do a time impact analysis.

Sample Time Impact Analysis

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Simple Time Impact Analysis

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Time Impact Analysis in Engineering Projects

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The Benefits of Doing a Time Impact Analysis

As much as nobody wants delays, there are times where its’ inevitable. While the time impact analysis tells you how much time these delays will take away, there are things that you one can benefit from knowing the information. You can also like budget analysis templates.

Here are a few examples:

  • It lets the client know that delays are going to happen – By knowing that delays are inevitable, a client won’t be surprised for when they actually happen. Giving them the information regarding when these delays will take place will be much appreciated as at least they can better prepare for it. You may also see risk analysis templates.
  • It gives time to come up with solutions to them – When you know that something is going to be delayed, you may be able to come up with methods which can prevent that. If a client knows when delays are going to happen and what’s going to be affected, then the information will help them figure out if there’s anything that can be done to prevent them from happening. So long as they’re not inevitable then there’s always the possibility that something can be done to stop them from happening. You can also read cash flow analysis templates.
  • It lets everyone know what will be affected and what changes have to be made – Since people know that delays are going to happen, then they will also know that there will be changes in the project schedule. So the analysis should be able to point out what will be affected, what schedule changes will have to be done, and when these will all take place. This should give everyone time to prepare and adjust to the new schedule.

When to do a Time Impact Analysis

It’s not always necessary to do a time impact analysis, however, there are situations where they are definitely required. So here are a couple of reasons which would require you to conduct one:

  • If there are actual delays in events that are undergoing construction activities – This is pretty much obvious but it still has to be mentioned. In the event that there is a delay in a project that’s currently being done, then the contract will definitely want to know just how much impact these delays will have as soon as possible. So make sure that you are able to analyze in the quickest and most efficient manner possible so that you can point out just how much the delay has affected the project’s completion time. You may also see business analysis templates.
  • If delays are expected – Sometimes delays just can’t be helped. There’s always the possibility that the manager in charge of the project already knows that something is going to happen that will cause a delay in the project’s completion. This could be because of either internal or external factors. In any case, it’s important to point out what’s causing the delays and then gathering up information on just how long it’s going to take to complete the project. You can also read requirement analysis templates.
  • When delays are absolutely necessary – There are moments wherein it’s required for a project to have momentary delays. One of the possible reasons as to why would be that sometimes it could be discovered that acquiring certain materials or tools can actually help ensure that the project is done well. If those in charge of the project will know that it’s going to take time to acquire what’s needed, then he or she can state that delays will take place because of this. You can also check financial analysis samples.
  • When the contractor is not able to come up with remediation instructions – There are times where the contractor either forgets or fails to provide instructions on how employees are meant to deal with situations that could cause delays. This results in the employees not knowing what it is that they have to do, ensuring that delays actually take place. So all one has to do to avoid such a problem is to provide information on what has to be done to avoid and prevent these delays from happening. You may also read free analysis templates.

How to Come Up  With a Time Impact Analysis

Remember that the purpose of this type of analysis is so that you can figure out just how long a project’s completion will be delayed. You have to make sure that you are able to analyze everything from the possible causes, the amount of time,  and what factors are at play. Clients will definitely want to know when a project is going to be finished so that they can make adjustments to whatever plans they may have. So long as you’re able to obtain all the information that one would need, then you’ll at least be able to figure out what kind of impact certain delays will have, thus allowing the contractor to figure it out as well. You may also see business impact analysis templates.

So with all that in mind, here are the steps that will allow you to do a proper time impact analysis:

1. Describe the Project Delay

The first step when coming up with this type of analysis is for you to point out what kind of delays are going to take place. It’s always possible that there will be more than one, meaning that your clients are going to want to learn about them. You can also read printable analysis samples.

So what activities of the project will be affected? You’re going to have to figure this out so that you can describe each of them in the analysis. Be sure that you explain it in a brief yet detailed manner. You can also see printable project analysis templates.

Time Impact Analysis on Construction Projects

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2. Select the Schedule that Will be Impacted

When you’ve already figured out what kind of delays are going to happen, the next step is to figure out when they’re going to happen. Understand the dates wherein certain project operations are going to get hit with delays. Doing so will allow you to factor everything in to come up with an estimated amount of time it will take until the project will actually be completed.

It’s very important that you are using the recently updated sample project schedule. You’ll never know if there were any changes that were made before conducting the analysis so it’s important that you are able to grab hold of the updated schedule to ensure that you don’t miss out on any last minute changes that you could have missed.

3. Point Out What Activities Will be Impacted and the Changes that Need to be Made

Although you already know when the delays are going to happen, you will still need to be specific on the types of activities that are going to be affected. What you will need to do is specifically point out which of these activities are going to be hit with delays as you will be relaying them to the client. You can also see force field analysis templates.

Once you have been able to identify all of the activities that are going to be affected, the next step is to point out what changes will need to be made. This is where you will have to make the necessary adjustments to the sample schedule to fit in with the inevitable delays. You will be required to do this as the client will want to know when a particular activity is going to be done if it cannot be conducted at the time and date that it’s supposed to.

4. Recompute the Time it Takes to Complete the Project

Once you have the information on how long the delays will be, you will need to recompute the estimated time in which the project is supposed to be finished. Take a good look at the schedule once you’ve finished making the changes and come up with a reasonable amount of time in which you think it’s possible for the project to be completed in. You may also see sample software gap analysis.

When you’ve done so, then move on and proceed with writing down the project completion date. Again, you’ll have to come up with a reasonable date. Point out the month as to when the client can expect everything to be done. If you’re sure about the date on which the project will be done, then you can also consider adding in the day. You may also see cost analysis templates.

If you would like to learn about the other types of sample analysis that you can come up with, then you may decide to go through our site. It contains many different articles and all of them have information that should provide you with what you need. Just be sure that you read these articles thoroughly so that you can make the most out of whatever information they have to offer you.

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