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6+ Application Templates for Transfer of School – PDF

To have the opportunity to enroll in a University or school is a great privilege. It provides basic education and at the same time some fun. This is where our unanswered questions, whether we wondered about it when we were younger or older, most of it gets answered there in the school. But the underlying truth about things in the world is that there will always be something better. A better institution. A better education. If you’re lucky or even rich enough, you have the option to transfer giving you the chance to actually learn more. But in some cases, it would give you the opportunity to change or be better as a person. You may also see application templates.

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If ever you do decide to transfer, you have to be formal first and inform your current institution of your decision through an application for transfer of school letter. This article will not only show you templates but also reasons why transfers happen not only to students but also to teachers. So, get a pen and paper and take note of the following.

Application for Transfer Form

Student Transfer Application

High School Transfer Application

Parts of the Application

The parts of the application letter are just really easy to answer and not that hassle. As seen above with the 2 templates being displayed, you have to fill up:

  • Contact Information
  • School you want to transfer
  • Reason why you want to transfer

This is one of the easiest forms you can fill up and finish in just about 5 minutes if you’re certain enough with your decision. It also requires a parents signature indicating that the ones who are taking care of you approve of your decision and also for them to assume that it is not a prank. You may also see school transfer letter templates.

Another Way

If you’re too shy to ask for an application to transfer from the principal or departments office, you can always choose to write a letter stating your desire to transfer to another school. When you will write it, make it as formal and as honest as you can. What I mean by this is that you have to give every detail and reason why you’re choosing to transfer. If you need a template to follow or to serve as hour guide. You may also see application form templates.

Sample Instruction for Transfer Application

Admission Transfer Application Worksheet


In every move we make, there is always a reason. Like how we walk to get to a destination or how we eat to fill our hungry stomach. That concept applies to filling up the application for school transfer. There are numerous reasons why one would choose to transfer to another institution or academy and here, we would give you some of the common reasons why and as you are reading and trying to understand them, try to reflect at the same time if ever you experienced that reason but never got the chance to transfer. This can give you the awareness or “Calling” to change your life right now and transfer to a better institution that would help you achieve in whatever dreams or aspirations you want to achieve in the near future. You may also see sample application templates.

1. “Better Things to Come”.  What I mean by this is that most students transfer for the sole reason that another school can deliver better education. I mean, let us be honest, no student ever wants to stay in a school that does not give the right amount of knowledge and be taught by teachers who don’t even know how to teach. In the college level, some might even get affected so much by the poor teaching skill that one might strongly lose his/her interest in the course he/she has chosen. You may also see school application templates.

2. Money Problems. This is one common reason why students transfer to another (cheaper) school. If a university decides to increase its tuition fees and amount of school materials, it can give students who are not financially stable a push to look and transfer to another school that does not cost much. It can also happen if a student loses his/her scholarship that has been supporting his/her school payments ever since he/she started at the university. But if ever you’re experiencing the same situation yet still want to stay, you can always choose to come back when you save enough money. Look for a job. It’s a good training to be independent. You may also see college application templates.

3. Prioritizing Family. Situations like these can be clear if the student transfers to a school nearby his/her hometown because he/she needs to take care of his/her family. Depending on the circumstance of the situation, some would really go back and prioritize their family’s need first. Often, one cannot focus properly if he knows something went wrong with his/her family and he/she is just in a school, far away from home, living every day wondering if they are okay. It’s better to have a calm mind rather than a mind that overthinks every second. You may also see sample application templates.

4. Change of Course. Probably one of the most understandable reasons why a student would choose to transfer is because of a change of passion. Realizing what you really want late in your college years is not uncommon. College is often the time where one assumes that he knows himself well until the time would come that he does not. This strong awareness can drive someone to take risks and transfer to start a new life again in the hopes of completing and achieving the course he decided to shift to. You may also see academic application letters.

5. Social Difficulty. This is where students want to transfer because simply they don’t feel at home at all in their school. Factors like bullying can also affect a child’s choice to either stay or transfer. Not having a group of friends can also be a factor. Let us face it, nobody ever wants to be alone always in college. He or she might decide to transfer to a school where a childhood friend is studying. You may also see application sample templates.

6. Talent + Scholarship. This is applicable to those athletes who are excelling in their field of sport. The best talent usually gets a dozen of invitations from other schools to transfer to them and would likely offer big scholarships and not to mention a great area where he or she can improve his or her skills and talents in whatever field of a sport he or she is in. Paid education and a great coaching staff is a great opportunity and reasonable enough to transfer. You may also see scholarship application letters.

Secondary School Application Transfer

Application Form for Transfer to School

Know what you want

Transferring to another institution is not a joke. In fact, for some, it is one of life’s greatest decision to make. Before you decide to permanently transfer, you have to reflect on it for a while. One of life’s saddest feeling is when you regret things when it is already too late. But then, it is also one of life’s saddest feelings and realizations when one regrets not the things he or she has done, but the things he or she wishes he/she could’ve done. Seems hard right? So, have a clear mind and think it through. Know what you really want but also keep in mind what you really need. You may also see scholarship applications.

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