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Awards are a wonderful way to honor and recognize somebody’s dedicated efforts. This is why all academic institutions and tournaments organize award ceremonies to celebrate the achievers and best performers. Besides, many corporate houses too organize award ceremonies to recognize their employees.

Here we have some Award Template files today that will help you to create Award Certificates easily with their pre-structured format. You will also get award templates for the award invitation letters that are sent to attendees or guests of award ceremonies.

> Award Certificate Template


An award certificate template will usually follow a formal layout where it will start with the name or title of the award, followed by the name of the recipient. It would mention the subject on which he is receiving the award as well as the date of the felicitation. (25+ Award Certificate Templates)

> Service Award Template


A service award template would be much needed when you are planning to confer award certifications to the best of your employees in the office. Added to the business, the Government Houses too felicitate individuals for their exemplary contributions with an honorary service award. The certificate would clearly mention the reason behind such an award. (10+ Service Award Templates)

> Employee Recognition Award Template


An employee recognition award template would be extremely important to you when you are looking to draft award certificates to honor your employees for their dedicated effort towards your company. It could be for specific individuals or for an entire team who has bagged the most special project for your business. (9+ Employee Recognition Awards Templates)

How to create Award Certificate?

Is your institution or office all set to host an award ceremony and you have been endowed with the responsibility of drafting the award certificates? Well, that’s great but if you have never created an award certificate before, it could be a tad tough for you. Award certificates are special documents that demand the right choice of the border, arrangement and formal language and if you are not familiar with the layout, you would need some help. Well, not to worry as there are readymade award certificate examples online today. Yes, these are pre-structured templates which are available for various ranges of awards.

Whether you are looking for sports awards or excellence awards or employee recognition awards, there are award template files for all kinds of such certificates. You would simply have to choose a suitable one as per your desired theme of the award and then download it. You can use one template for multiple similar award certificates. After you download, simply customize the template with the name of your award, organization, recipient and other relevant details before you print it out.

Some tips on creating the ideal award certificate for your ease:

  • Make sure all the spellings used in the award certificate are correct and there are no spelling mistakes.
  • There should not be any casual wording on the certificate and the tone must be thoroughly formal.
  • Follow a neat and clean layout- you can take to a bigger size template if there are too many details.
  • In regards to colors, never follow any funky colors and it’s best to stick to rich bold or neutral hues.
  • Do not ever use any lightweight paper as it renders a flimsy feel and cannot exude the very gravity of the award. It’s suggested to use heavy-weight paper as you print out the certificate.

> Student Award Template


A student award template is widely used to confer awards to toppers of academic institutions- be it a school or a college or a university. Besides, other training institutions like drama schools, dance academies and other cultural academies too would need the student award templates while felicitating their best performers. (9+ Student Award Templates)

> Award Letter Template


An award letter is the one which is forwarded to students to notify them about the financial aids available for them to study in the academic institution- it applies to both school and college students. The letter will offer insights on the exact cost of education in that institute as well as the various options to attain financial aid through State and a federal government. (11+ Award Letter Templates)

> Award Invitation Template


If you are about to host an award ceremony, you would have to send invites to the attendees and the honorary award recipients- and this is where an award invitation template would come in. The invitation letter will make sure a formal and cordial invitation to your ceremony on your part and will also share vital details like time and venue of the event. (14+ Award invitation templates)

How to Structure Awards for Success?

Are you looking to initiate a formal award ceremony for your workplace or institution? That’s excellent as awards are one of the most amazing ways to motivate your staff by offering them tangible recognitions that they can proudly show to the world. But then, creating awards for success is a huge responsibility. However, not to worry as below you will find the best guiding tips for you.

Always Establish the Award Criteria

As you proceed to host the award ceremony, first of all, you would need to establish the award criteria for felicitations and you have the most righteous and judicious here. It’s better to set tangible criteria like bagging a certain number of projects, reaching a specific sales target, etc. But then, there are some contributions that cannot be measured in numbers. In such cases, you have to offer the best demonstration of the contribution and the amazing results it brought to prove why it is worthy of being awarded.

Mention the Criteria on Award

The Word Award templates that you download for the award certificates should clearly mention the award criteria to ensure a proper and fair recognition.

Fair Decision on Felicitation

It would be unjust to honor just one member of a team when the whole team has worked hard to bring to your special project. In such situations, you must award the entire team. However, some awards should be reserved for single individuals such as an employee of the year award or the student of the year award.

Gather Right Data

Before you decide on the felicitations, make sure you have all the right facts about the specific contributions of your employees to ensure that the awards are going to the right people.

No award or felicitation would be complete without an award certificate and you have to award template samples to help you here.

> Year Award Template


The Year Award Template would be useful when you have to make award certificates to felicitate the best performance of the year award. It could be for the best student of the year or best player of the year or best employee of the year and so on. The template would clearly mention the year and stream on which the award is being bestowed upon. (9+ Year Award Templates)

> Achievement Award Template


An achievement award template is used for those awards that aim to commemorate exceptional contributions in any field. Such awards are conferred upon by any institution, be it a corporate house or an academic institute or a film industry and so on. These templates can also be used for lifetime achievement awards. (12+ Achievement Award Templates)

> Excellence Award Template


An excellence award template would be needed when you have to create special awards to celebrate and felicitate exemplary contributions by the best of the best of performers. These certificates have “Certificate of Excellence” written over them, followed by the name of the recipient and the field in which he has shown superior performance. (9+ Excellence Award Templates)

> Recognition Award Template


A recognition award is generally conferred upon by business houses to honor their dedicated employees who have helped the business to enhance and grow through their best of efforts, skills, and commitment. If your office is about to host a recognition award ceremony, a recognition award template would be helpful to save much of your workload. (8+ Recognition Award Templates)

> Ribbon Award Template


A ribbon award is usually meant to mark some outstanding achievement and such award certificates always have the impression of a ribbon on them. Different colors of ribbons symbolize different things- for example, green ribbons stand for achievements in the field of the environment while the red ribbon is for those doing great works in spreading AIDS awareness. (10+ Award Ribbon Template)

> Sports Award Template


A sports award template, as the name says, is meant to help you drafting award certificates that will felicitate great achievements in the field of sports. It could be for an entire team who has just won the tournament or also could be for an individual player who has been the hero of a crucial match. (9+ Sports Award Templates)

What are the tips to prepare for End-of-Year Awards?

The End-of-Year Awards are organized by many organizations and institutes as an annual program which aims to celebrate and honor the different achievements witnessed at the organization all through the year. It’s no doubt a lavish ceremony and hence demands meticulous planning. The post below offers some important tips that will help you to prepare successfully for end-of-year awards.

Plan for the Different Awards

An annual award ceremony would be felicitating a versatile range of achievements and hence there would be several award categories. So, you should first need to sort out what would be the different award categories for the year and whether or not you will introduce some new category. Then, you will decide on the individuals and teams to be felicitated at the ceremony.

Award Certificates

Then, you will have to prepare for the award certificates. You can check out the award certificate templates, for award ribbon template or excellence award certificate and so on. The templates come up with readymade structures which you can customize easily with your specific award details. Make sure to mention the category of the award on the certificate and also ensure there are no spelling or typo mistakes on the certificates.

Decide on other Important Stuff

You also need to decide on other important stuff related to the award ceremony beforehand. These include the venue, timing, seating arrangement of the guests, food, etc. If you are planning for any special performance for the event, start the preparations early.

Send Award Invitation

After you have finalized on the guests, attendees, and the award recipients, you must create award invitation letters for all. You might or might not inform the recipients about the awards but make sure to make each invite personalized. The invites must be sent at least 15 days to 1 month ahead of the actual ceremony.

If you are in need of help in creating award certificates, the award template files would be your best buddy. They come with a ready-made format to save you from creating the whole thing from scratch. You would just need to download a one and modify it properly with your own award and ceremony details.

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