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There’s probably nothing more exciting and more worth celebrating than the birth of a baby. Everybody from a the soon-to-be-parents colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors would be rejoicing. Well-wishers would be congratulating you through social media, phone calls, and text messages. Others would come for a visit. The husband would start his initial celebrations of being a dad by going for a drink with friends and the wife will be having one of her branches with her girlfriends. But of course, none will be more fitting than throwing a baby shower for the mom or better yet, for both parents.

Unlike weddings which are traditionally common in June, baby showers are a thing for all seasons since women give birth practically every minute of every day around the world. Anytime is a perfect time, as long as the mother is already showing and not near her due date yet, for her to make it and feel everybody’s love and good wishes for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

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Baby Showers

There are very few celebrations that are happier than baby showers. It makes the parents-to-be both excited and a little scared about the future because having a baby, even if it was planned, changes a couple’s lives, but the happiness all around the expectant mother from both her and her spouse’s parents, to her friends, can be felt in many ways. You may also see wedding dinner program templates.

Your loved ones would want to make you feel pampered by throwing a memorable baby shower and you can’t deny that you’d love to be the center of such a thoughtful gesture. In this case, you won’t need to do anything but sit like a queen, waiting for it to unfold, if it wasn’t meant to be a surprise. The role of being hostess or organizer would either fall to one family member who would most likely be a woman, or in most cases, your closest friends. You may also see training program schedule templates.

Playing Host

The role of being the hostess of a baby shower program has evolved over the years but the basics of putting together one that everybody, especially the expectant mother would remember, is pretty much the same, so it’s important to be acquainted with the basics of event planning to have a successful, if not, organized program or celebration. It doesn’t have to be too festive. But it does need to be memorable. If your friends have appointed you to the task of being a host and you have accepted, there are some helpful steps you can follow so that you won’t feel lost.

You can begin by having a planner o getting a printable checklist to list down all the things you would need for the program itself or what you have to include on the program flyers or posters and invitation. You have to remember that the success of the event, no matter how intimate you plan it to be, with only friends and family on the guest list, still depends on how well you organize the program, to avoid or manage any type of mess or if anything goes wrong. It requires a good deal of planning, support from the rest of your friends and getting the materials that you would need for the big day.

Timing is Everything

You already know that a baby shower is something the expectant mother does yourself. This makes it different from your usual parties and if you’re one of her friends or family and figured out you’re ready to do this, then plan ahead. The timing is an important part of the event, so it needs to be at least four to six weeks before her due. you have to know when that is so that you will still have plenty of time to get your supplies and everything else sorted out for the party. You may also see obituary program templates.

Things to Consider in Planning a Baby Shower

The date and time is something you have to verify with the guest of honor herself although it’s pretty much a given to do it when she’s safely into her pregnancy and is still comfortable moving around and being with a number of people. This would also allow you a time frame for her and her spouse to still have plenty of time to get their baby shower presents organized after it’s done, so that they can figure out whether or not they still need to run to the store and buy something the baby would need before it arrives. You may also see wedding ceremony program templates.

Once you got the theme decided with the others, or if they trust you to decide for yourself what the best theme would be, it will be easier to plan the communication materials and activities like party invitations, program, decorations, games and party souvenirs and food. You may also see concert program templates.

1. Determine the Guest List and Budget

Again, if this isn’t a surprise party, the guest of honor has the complete privilege to pick the guests and once she has given you the complete guest list of those who she wants to attend the shower, with their contact information and addresses, come up with an estimated budget so that you can start planning the venue as well as the menu. It needs to be realistic. For example, if you, your friends and their family were able to arrive at an amount near a thousand dollars with about 20 people on the guest list, you can probably splurge on a posh venue and food but you may have to fit 75 people on the same budget by picking something that can accommodate that number.

2. Dealing with Special Situations

All babies are worth welcoming into the world and in the circle of family and friends of both its parents. There are some situations that calls for a few questions on the planning process of the program. You need to get the invitations sent two weeks into the date and because the expectant mother has given you the guest list’s addresses, make sure that she hasn’t forgotten her baby daddy’s side of the list. You may also see sample program agenda templates.

Of course going over the top for the invitations isn’t really necessary and the program invites don’t have to be costly but they need to fit the baby shower’s theme. You can have a DIY if it’s a fairly intimate party with only the closest of friends and family in attendance, or you can buy them if your hands are already full and if a guest list is a bit long. You may also see best program agenda templates.

3. Pick a venue

In choosing a venue, you need to consider the season, your guest list and the simple budget. Having it in your own backyard, if you’re going for the rustic, relaxed country theme, or your living room, is quite intimate and you won’t have to worry about the cost of reservations to make sure your space will be kept reserved for your party while waiting for the date.

However, if you have a larger guest list and a budget that can go with it, you might think about the most popular local restaurant or hotel, in which case you can worry about the party of activities since the staff would be in charge of the whole party setup, food, and clean up when it’s over. If the shower is in summer or fall, the outdoors will be a better option, like parks. You would just have to secure a permit in most cases so that the local government can allow you to use it and make sure you have a Plan B ready just in case there’s a drizzle. You may also see program word templates.

4. Plan the decorations and the menu

About three weeks into the shower, you need these details already figured out. Do your legwork and buy decoration materials that aren’t easily damaged or perishable. For example, flowers should be bought or delivered to your door a day before the event and cards or other paper decors can be made or purchased a week or so before. Get the final list of the menu and make sure that it goes with the celebrant’s taste. If she wants an array of pastries so badly, then get her pastries. If she’s the type who craves for certain Greek or Mexican dishes, include tacos and salsa bar on the menu and so on. You may also see program outline templates.

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Get Creative

Involve as much people in the guest list as possible in decorating the plac with infant-themed stuff like bibs and baby bottles made of paper. Let them make it themselves. It can get messy, but that’s part of the activity and it can turn out to be a good and fun one. You may also see birthday program templates.

Leave it relaxed, comfortable, casual and nothing too fancy so that you, the guests and the guest of honor won’t feel too pressured. If you want to, you can ditch the traditional way of throwing baby showers altogether. You can have something closer to a ladies night out with the mom-to-be to bring it to the next level with champagne and have light hors-d’oeuvres. You can have a sleepover to go back to your childhood years or you can go walk around in matching tank tops then drop into a spa and have a spa party.

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