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An annotated bibliography is different from an ordinary bibliography in the sense that each source in the bibliography has a brief description attached to it. Ordinary bibliographies usually just mention the source a particular point or information has been taken from. An annotated bibliography delves into the details and gives small annotations along with the source. For example, in academic projects or research papers, a simple bibliography is not enough. It requires a more detailed description in the form of Word Annotated Bibliography Template. Basically, the whole purpose of an annotated bibliography is to give the reader not only a summary of the source but also an evaluation. The Annotated Bibliography Template must consist of relevant details regarding the actual matter, and must paint a clear picture in the minds of the reader.

Annotated Bibliography Template Free PDF Document Download

annotated bibliography template free pdf document download

Informative Annotated Bibliography Template PDF Document

informative annotated bibliography template pdf document

MLA Style Annotated Bibliography PDF Template

mla style annotated bibliography pdf template

An Example Format of Creating APA Annotated Bibliographies Template

an example format of creating apa annotated bibliographies template

Annotated Bibliography Evaluation Rubric Template Free PDF Download

annotated bibliography evaluation rubric template free pdf download

Annotated Bibliography Helpsheet PDF Format

annotated bibliography helpsheet pdf format

Annotated Bibliography Template For Journal Article

annotated bibliography template for journal article

PDF Document Guide of Annotated Bibliography Template

pdf document guide of annotated bibliography template

Combination Annotated Bibliography Template PDF Format Download

combination annotated bibliography template pdf format download

Annotated Bibliography Template on Research Methods PDF

annotated bibliography template on research methods pdf

> Types of Annotated Bibliography Templates

If you do not know already, there are actually quite a few types of annotated bibliographies. Some of the most common types of annotations in bibliographies are

Informative Annotated Bibliography Templates

Informative annotated bibliography templates are used when you want to give a detailed report of the source you have used in the paper. That way, the reader knows more about the source and is also impressed by your detailed research. It always helps to know exactly where the information was taken from.

Evaluation Annotated Bibliography Templates

Evaluation annotated bibliography templates are used when a evaluation is provided in the annotation. It is preferred to a simple informative bibliography, because it provides a critical analysis of the source. That shows how seriously you take your work, and how you’ve studied the subject matter in details.

Combination Annotated Bibliography Templates

A combination annotated bibliography template will consist of both information and an evaluation. It is a combination of the above two types. Technically, this is the best kind of annotated bibliography, because it imparts both knowledge and provides a critical analysis along with it.

> Why Should You Use Annotated Bibliography Templates?

Most of us are only used to giving citations and simple bibliographies in the form of points. If you’ve never created an annotated bibliography before, you need to know about the different types and how they are each arranged. In order to do that, you can take the help of sample annotated bibliography templates. These contain examples for you to follow and that makes your job comparatively easier. You will also be saving precious time and energy which could have been used for something more productive. These free annotated bibliography templates are perfect ways of citing your document and mentioning the source. Also, such a detailed Annotated Bibliography Template is sure to impress the reader. Once you download annotated bibliography templates, you can start editing and customizing them.

> How To Create Annotated Bibliography Using Templates?

Creating annotated bibliographies have now become much easier with the help of templates. But if you have indeed decided to download such templates, you must know how to use them. First, you must decide how you want your references section to look like. Based on that you can look for annotated bibliography templates online. If you’ve already selected a template for yourself, you must start editing it. But do not ignore the format of the annotated bibliography provided in the sample. The Annotated Bibliography Template Examples have been created so that you can follow their example. It doesn’t matter how many annotations you have, or how many citations you need to give, you can always seek the help of amazing templates online.

> Tips While Using Annotated Bibliography Templates

Have you been wondering how to devise annotated bibliographies? You must remember that these are grave matters that must be taken seriously. Then these are a few things you must keep in mind while using them

  • First, you must decide the content of the annotation. What do you want your bibliography to say? Do you want it to have interesting facts and figures? Or do you want to briefly analyse the source as well? Based on that, you can narrow down your search for annotated bibliography templates.
  • Arrange your sources in a chronological format. It must go with the pattern mentioned in the paper. If you mess up your numbering, or use the wrong annotation for the wrong information, it could lead to severe consequences. Be careful while arranging your sources on the template.
  • Keep in mind the format while organizing the sources. The format has been created on the template for you to follow. If you ignore it, what is the point of even using annotated bibliography templates? Make sure you stick to the pattern provided in the templates you download.
  • Do not forget to mention any details that might be important, especially if it is an informative annotated bibliography template. All information must be provided in a comprehensive and logical manner. If you are providing an evaluation, ensure that the critical analysis makes sense.

> What To Do And What Not To Do With Annotated Bibliography Templates


  • Mention the sources clearly.
  • Try to keep the design simple and professional.
  • Use large font for the text so that it is easily understandable.
  • Arrange the sources properly


  • Do not make the design clumsy and untidy
  • Do not miss out on important or relevant details
  • Do not add information unless you’re absolutely sure of it
  • Do not be impulsive while choosing the design

Most of use are usually familiar with ordinary bibliographies which do not require any explanations. But if you’re asked to present a paper with annotated bibliographies, what do you do? You need to know the exact format, which is unknown to many. In that case, you can take the help of annotated bibliography templates found online.

> We Can Help You Out!

At, we have an amazing collection of downloadable annotated bibliography templates. All our templates contain the standard format for annotated bibliographies, thus you can rest assured. With our templates, you can create informative, Evaluation and Combination Annotated Bibliography Templates based on your requirements. So what are you waiting for? Try out our templates today and see for yourself! If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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