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14+ Abstract Brochure Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Brochures are folded pieces of print media used to promote products or services that they were made for. They are extremely versatile in the way they do it too, being able to carry as much comprehensive information in their extremely limited space. The main destination of a brochure is its audience’s hands. Their aim is to deliver the information printed on their pages and transform them into paying customer. However, they cannot do that if, in the first place, they cannot catch the attention of the said audience.

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Therefore, it is imperative for a sample brochure to be as visually pleasing as possible. That being said, being visually pleasing does not mean to include as cram as “nice” or “beautiful” photography. It does not mean to include photos of as many good-looking girls and boys having the time of their lives in the first fold of your brochure. No, rather which visual elements you include in your brochure would depend on the type of brochure you are designing.

Multipurpose Abstract Brochure

Abstract Brochures

18 Pages Abstract Brochure

Notice that the above paragraph mentioned “which visual elements to include” rather than photographs. This is because the visuals that will make up the overall look of your brochure is not just limited to pictures. Illustrations, shapes, colors, lines, iconography, and even type, the harmonious use of these design elements will build up the visual identity of whatever it is you are designing for, which in this case is your brochure.

A well-balanced and well-matched use of these graphical design elements can lead to a visual design that is able to convey all relevant information. Such application of graphic design will be the embodiment of the old adage that goes “A picture paint a thousand words.”

Abstract Landscape Brochure

Pink Abstract Brochures

Colorful Abstract Brochure

Abstract Art and Design

Abstract as a concept is very difficult to pin down. By definition, abstract exists in thought or as an idea but does not have a physical or concrete form. In a way, it is nonrepresentational and nonpictorial. It is a distillation of the art elements into the most basic of forms. Letters are turned into lines and shapes and colors are just that, colors. These elements are then put together that seem as if they do not make sense, but in a way they do. Abstract art is, therefore, indicates a departure from reality and representation. You can also read printable brochure designs.

This departure could is also the cause of the abstract art’s many woes. With its unorthodox and unusual sensibilities that approach the avant-garde, abstract art can alienate a lot of people who seek clear and present representation in their art. Problems have beset abstract art for as long as possible. In 1910, Wassily Kandinsky one of the pioneers of the abstract art movement had his first abstract watercolor shredded to bits (figuratively, not physically) by a German newspaper publication, Münchener Neueste Nachrichten, the newspaper in question, said “Either the majority of the embers in this association are incurably insane or we’re dealing with a group of unscrupulous con men that very well know how to sensationalize the weaknesses of our contemporaries and try to take advantage of the large demand.” You may also see landscape brochures.

Despite this, abstract art has surged towards the future. Abstract art designs can be found almost everywhere. Fashion, furniture, architecture, advertising, all these have been touched somewhat by the abstract movement. In fact, modern art and contemporary art have a tendency to move towards abstraction. That being said, there are still people who view abstract art as some kind of elaborate con and those who just do not get it. You can also read bi-fold brochures.

Haweya Clean Abstract Brochure

Abstract Bi fold Brochure-16 Pages

Blue Abstract Brochure

The Appeal of Abstract Art in Design

Abstract art has found its way in the present time due to its versatility and applicability. There is some kind of timeless charm that surrounds it. Abstract art is liberating. It is freedom in a sense. This freedom is what makes abstract art very versatile and applicable to many uses. You may also see resort brochures.

Another appeal of abstract art is that it can evoke a feeling. It might make you think. The non-representative nature of an abstract design can build curiosity. This curiosity can lead to interest. The audience is usually left to ponder what it means and more importantly, what it means to them.

Aren’t these characteristics appealing to a field which aims to drum up interest among viewers and customers with the use of everything and anything? You can also like PSD business brochure template.

Abstract Ecologic Brochure

Autumn Brochure Design Set

Abstract Modern Brochure

Creative Design Tips for Your Brochure

Although abstract art is some kind of an embodiment of freedom, if you want to apply abstract design in your brochure, you should still leave some constraints. These constraints could help give harmony in your design. Remember that your brochure’s design will only be effective if holds together..

1. Know the brochure’s purpose before you start – Brochures are usually made with a purpose in mind. Before making any physical steps in creating your brochure, make sure that you understand what the brochure is for. Ask yourself why a brochure is needed. If you have clients, ask the reason. In any case, take a step back and distill this information to get a grasp of what you or your audience aims to achieve. You may also see free brochures.

2. Limit your fonts – If too many cooks can spoil the broth, too many fonts can spoil the copy. You do not need that many fonts when writing in information in your brochure. It just screams unprofessional and inconsistent not to mention, tacky. You may also see professional brochure templates.

3. Take note of the paper you are using – Where you print your design is just as important what you print. Choosing the right paper might be tricky. The ideal paper would be one that both cheap but has good quality. Cheap but good quality just does not exist, and if it does, it is an endangered species. Think of the finished product first then choose the proper paper, be it coated or uncoated. You may also see sample marketing brochures.

4. Get your copy right – Copy is the written content that aims to increase brand awareness. It can ultimately persuade the audience to take a particular action. A lot of designers underestimate the value that a great copy can do. They do not even consider copy as a design element that you can play with. Headlines, and by extension, copies are nothing to scoff at. You can also read vertical brochure templates.

5. Put readers first – It has been stated countless times that brochures, like all the other print advertising and promotion, can only do their duty when they reach the hands of their readers. Afterall, it is meant to be read. That said, it is important to keep these end purpose in mind when designing your brochure. Think of where it is going to be distributed. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader and design the brochure as your reader self and not as the designer self. You can also read geometric brochure templates.

6. Simple is good – Simplicity is key. Sometimes, simplicity stands out. Especially in abstract and minimalists design, Find a way to show this simplicity by playing with and experimenting with your design elements, copies included. You can also read brochure design ideas.

7. Sketch our ideas – Before setting out work on your ideas, it would be a nice idea to sketch it out on paper. Brainstorm everything among everybody, ask them about concepts that you can use in your design. You will have fewer worries when it is time to finalize the product. You can also read luxury brochure templates.

8. Keep what works – It is easy to become too wacky and different if you are trying to go for an abstract design. However, do not be different just for the sake of it. Abstraction might mean breaking down everything and anything, including the rules, however, remember that the overall goal of the brochure is to convey information. Some design reasons just work in any brochure design. Keep them. You can also read advertising company brochures.

9. Make a good first impression – First impressions are vital to a brochure. Brochure stands are very competitive. Not only should your brochure’s design attract your customers within that few seconds of contact with a potential customer, it should be consistent with the message of the company it is representing. Think of the brochure stand as an orphanage and the brochures as the little orphan kids. You would not want your brochure to be the one left to be an orphan forever. You can also read modern brochure templates.

10. Do not cut corners – This applies to any work actually. Just do not cut corners. It might save time in the immediate present, however, sooner or later, that time will be taken away. If you are working for a client, cutting corners could lead to unsatisfactory work, which means needing more time to design again. Always make use of the best elements you have as you can. Never cut corners. You can also read infographic brochures.

Abstract Architecture Brochure

Minimal Abstraction Multipurpose Brochure


The design is one important aspect of creating a brochure. A brochure’s purpose depends entirely on its design. A well-designed brochure will do wonders for whatever company it is representing. It is of paramount importance that the design process is taken seriously. You can also read square brochures.

Abstract concepts are good concepts to apply in a brochure’s design. Abstract art and design mean to break down design elements in the most basic of their forms. It makes use of lines, shapes, colors, and type to form nothing or anything. The harmonious use of these elements can make for a striking or curious design, characteristics that may just encourage people to pick the thing up. However, abstract designs should be properly thought of, otherwise the audience may not understand it or worse, may breed contempt. You can also read consultant brochures.

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