8+ Bakery Brochures

Bakeries are everybody’s best friend. The smell of the pastries, sprinkles of chocolates and toppings on a cupcake, and the colorful and tasty cakes and muffins that surround you are just some of the tasty pleasures that you can give in to when you’re in a bakery.

But even great bakeries need marketing strategies to make their pastries standout. I’m not talking about the technicalities of baking, rather, about designing the perfect brochures to market your goodies. To help you with that, we have some available brochure templates that you can use to make your designs more appealing to the public. As with all our templates, these are all available to download for free or licensed at a small fee since all the templates and designs our website offers are made by professional and talented graphic designers—you get the better end of the deal!

Bakery Menu Brochure



Bakery Food Brochure



Bakery and Confectionery Brochure



Bakery Cake Shop Brochure



Cupcake Bakery Brochure



Delicious Bakery Brochures

Generally, bakery brochures are not easy to design. It is not just about pasting your favorites images of your goodies in a paper and putting in caption. You must go beyond the ordinary and style your brochure to make it uncommon and catchy. Here are some of our designs that you may use or refer to:

  • Bakery Menu Brochure
  • Bakery Food Brochure
  • Bakery and Confectionary Brochure
  • Bakery Cake Shop Brochure
  • Cupcake Bakery Brochure
  • Tri- Fold Bakery Brochure
  • Delicious Bakery Brochure
  • Bi-Fold Bakery Brochure
  • Bakery Store Brochure

These are just some of the templates that you may use to make your designs stand out. Let’s take the case of a bakery store brochure.

Take note that the bakery and pastry industry are so competitive and thus your brochure must be prepared for the competition. As you can see, our bakery store brochure is just an image of perfection. The brochure is enough to make it you crave for the goodies listed on it. The color scheme very well matches the images used. You can download it for you to have a closer view and see for yourself the quality of our templates. Aside from bakery brochures, you can also try our food brochures.

Tri-Fold Bakery Brochure



Delicious Bakery Brochure



Bi-Fold Bakery Brochure



Bakery Store Brochure



Bakeries and Brochures

As you can see from the designs, bakery brochure comes in different sizes and styles. Here are some of the specific varieties I am talking about:

  • Tri-Fold Brochure- this is considered as the most common type of brochure. It is widely used because you can incorporate an array of images and information. It is a great way to market ones stores because you can save paper and money without undermining the quality of the brochure. Indeed our tri-fold bakery brochure gives you a story-like structure and every page gives you beautiful and tasty pictures of goodies.
  • Bi -Fold Brochure- According to research, it is mostly used in formal settings. But, a bi-fold brochure does not have a lesser quality compared to the tri-fold one. It is just a matter of priority and theme. The advantages of a Bi-Fold one is that you can insert big images which will be the focus of the brochure.

Hence, there is no need to stress about a brochure design. We have given you so many beautiful options that are of high-quality and downloadable. Feel free to check them out including our restaurant brochures.

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