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9+ Bowling Brochure Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Opening up your very own bowling alley may be something that takes a lot of responsibility, how much more when doing maintenance? With other sports venues, even though they seem low maintenance and will usually rely on how nature treats it, some level of maintenance is still required such as trimming the grass, leveling the soil, mopping the wooden floors, and the like. But with bowling alleys, they involve the use of different machines which is just one part of what you will need to maintain, the other aspects include the cleanliness and the oil on the lanes. You may also see professional sports brochure templates.

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But since persistence is one of the keys to success in businesses, and you are very much determined in opening this type of business, then feel free to do so. The next thing that you will need to consider is promoting your business, which you can do so via various marketing tools. What we have in this article is a collection of business brochure templates specifically for promoting bowling alleys, and since this is the kind of tools that you need for your business, feel free to look into them.

Colorful Bowling Brochure Template

You don’t actually need to have a colorful set of bowling pins to be able to use this sports brochure template, but if you do, then take a photo of it and feature it on your brochure.

Bowling Tri-Fold Brochure Template

Looking for a modern and clean-looking tri-fold brochure template? Then you might be interested in using the one above. This design makes use of vibrant colors which help in making the brochure stand out.

Simple Bowling Brochure Template

Keep it clean, keep it straightforward. With this minimalist brochure, it allows the readers to focus more on the relevant contents of this brochure.

How is Bowling Played?

To those who are really into the sport, they might wonder which type of bowling we are referring to here since there are actually a couple of variations to the sport. One of which is the ten-pin bowling that most people are more familiar with. This variation of bowling makes use of bigger sized balls with three indentations intended for the bowler’s fingers. There is another version of the sport wherein the bowling balls used are smaller in diameter, and these are referred to as either candlepin or duckpin bowling. And there is yet another variation of bowling which only involves five pins, but we won’t be discussing that here. You may also see infographic brochures.

Now back to the main topic, which is how bowling is played. Regardless of the type of bowling, most of its objectives and rules remain the same, which is to knock down as many pins as you can using the bowling ball. Each round of bowling consists of ten frames, and for each frame, a player is given two chances to knock down the pins. A strike is scored if they are able to knock down all ten pins in just one attempt, but if there are pins still left standing after the first bowl and are only knocked down in the second, then they are awarded a spare. Two consecutive strikes are seldom referred to as a “rhino”, three strikes in a row is called a “turkey”, and “hambone” for four. You may also see event brochures.

Bowling Brochure Design Example

Retro Theme Bowling Brochure Template

If you want to go for something creative and unique, then you might want to use the retro-themed tri-fold brochure template above. This template makes use of a lot of white space which helps to keep the design organized and easy on the eyes.

Guidelines When Designing Your Own Brochures

1. Before you even begin to design your brochures, think of why you are planning on using one and who your target audience is. From this information alone, you will be able to find the drive you need for your brochures and will even guide you throughout the design process.

2. After finding your reason for using brochures as well as who the target audience is, you will then need to formulate a thoughtful and targeted message on your brochure. This message should sound enticing enough for the readers that they would consider availing of what you have to offer on your brochure. You may also see free tri-fold brochure templates.

3. On the front page of your brochure, write a short yet catchy headline that is informative enough to provide your prospects with an idea as to what your business is offering. Allow us to emphasize that this headline should be as short as possible but also direct to the point. You may also see blank brochure templates.

4. Don’t just list down the things that your simple business is offering on the brochure, also indicate how people can benefit from them. In this case, since we are talking about bowling alleys, you may mention how different the experience is if they choose to play in your establishment.

Minimalist Bowling Brochure Template

If bi-fold brochures are what you need to advertise your bowling establishment, then maybe the brochure template above would fit you perfectly. The thing with bi-fold templates is it allows you to really get straight to the point considering the limited number of panels that you can use.

Bowling & Casino Icons Brochure

Flat Bowling Club Brochure Template

Here is another brochure template that follows a rather minimalist theme for those who prefer simple and straightforward designs. The thing about this template is that it also doubles as a layout for making flyer templates.

Modern Bowling Brochure Template

Printable Bowling Brochure

If you wish to go for a more modern theme on your brochures, then the brochure template above may be what you need. And the great thing about this brochure is that it uses a dark color scheme, which is ideal for reading at long periods of time.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Bowling

1. Bowling posture and balance

Bowling is a sport which involves the use of heavy objects, and we already know how harmful it can be for our spines if we lift heavy objects while not maintaining a good posture. Though in general, if we are to make a lot of physical exertion, good posture is indeed necessary regardless of the weight of the equipment. Here, we will be discussing the proper way of playing bowling to prevent risks of injuries. You may also see A4 business brochures.

1. DO flex your knees and maintain around 1 to 3 inches of knee flex throughout the approach in order for the leg muscles to support the weight of your body as well as generate enough power for the release of the ball. Also, lean your body forward a little bit during the approach, about 10 to 15 degrees of forward tilt is just right, but always remember to keep the entire back straight. You may also see free brochure templates.

2. DON’T bend too much at the waist or curve your back during the approach because this will cause back pains or injuries. But at the same time, do not maintain a perfectly upright spine angle when making the approach because this angle is actually poorly-balanced and might cause you to stumble upon release of the ball. You may also see brochure word templates.

3. DO keep your head in a steady or constant position while and after releasing the ball, and try to focus on your target during this time. The reason behind this is because maintaining a steady head can help in producing a good body balance, and at the same time, give you an amazing photo finish that spells “Champion”. You may also see watercolor brochure templates.

4. DON’T bounce up and down while making your approach towards the foul line, and avoid thrusting your rear—or balance—leg backwards. Doing so can create a momentum that might throw your heel and leg up in the air which in turn, can cause the unwanted rotation to your hips. You may also see golf brochure templates.

5. DO make a smooth, complete, pendulum-like motion with your arm during the approach and when releasing the ball. When doing the back swing, wait until it is complete before following it with a forward swing to release the ball. After the ball is released, complete the cycle by swinging your arm towards its endpoint and hold it there for a few seconds or until the ball has knocked down the pins. You may also see InDesign brochure templates.

6. DON’T make sudden or unnecessary movements during the approach, and don’t be in a hurry when releasing your ball. Unnecessary movements may cause you to lose your follow through and may even result to injuries. And cutting short your follow through motion might cause a premature release which in turn, may cause your ball to roll off-target. You may also see luxury brochure templates.

2. Bowling Alley Etiquette

Just like any other sport—or even life, in general—proper etiquette is observed when playing bowling. Since bowling is a family-friendly sport and is appropriate for all ages, you can expect to see people both young and old at bowling alleys. And if you want yourself as well as others to have a positive experience while playing bowling, then you will definitely need to follow a few simple rules or policies when you’re at a bowling alley. You may also see blank tri-fold brochures.

1. DO give way to the bowler on the right if ever two bowlers on adjacent lanes are about to take their turns simultaneously. The bowler on the left should wait behind the approach area while the other is making their approach, and this is to avoid instances of confusion during a turn. You may also see modern brochure templates.

2. DON’T do practice bowls/swings behind the approach area because people who are waiting for their turn are usually seated in that area and you might end up hitting them when you do your back swing. If ever you want to practice your bowl, wait for your turn and do it within the approach area. You may also see print brochure templates.

3. DO prepare yourself before your turn and when it is, grab a bowling ball and begin your approach. You wouldn’t want to keep other people waiting for your turn to be finished, so avoid any forms of distraction and always be in the game. After knocking down the pins, walk back to the settee area before looking at the scoreboard. You may also see 3D brochure templates.

4. DON’T bring food and drinks on the approach area or anywhere besides the settee area. The floor around the approach area is already a slippery surface, and getting it wet could make it even more slippery, which is dangerous because it might result in falls, slips, or other serious injuries. You may also see half fold brochure templates.

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