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6+ Breast Cancer Tri-Fold Brochure Templates

One in eight women in the U.S. or 12.4% will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. In 2018, there were over 2 million new global cases with the highest rates of breast cancer in Belgium and the United States ranking 22nd in the top 25 list of countries with the highest cases. Over the past twenty years, health advocates, especially those who wanted to stand for women and patient empowerment started an annual worldwide campaign to emphasize the importance of early detection, diagnosis, treatment and research funding for breast cancer which happens in the month of October.

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Elements of A Breast Cancer Tri-Fold Brochure

The first breast cancer awareness stamp in the United States featuring a pink ribbon came out in 1996. Because it didn’t receive the targeted response from the American community, a semi-postal stamp sans pink ribbon (breast cancer research stamp) was created two years later. These products wanted to highlight the connection between an average consumer and women diagnosed with breast cancer. As such, it is important to have similar marketing campaigns using a brochure to promote breast cancer awareness starting with these elements:

1. Cover: Design a cover that draws the audience further into the brochure. Well-designed medical brochure covers are organized and clean, usually made up of a high-quality image, the company’s logo and a compelling message, with the latter being the most important part since breast cancer brochures are essentially cause marketing campaign ads. The most effective phrases are set in larger type. Make your message pop off the page. It’s best to do this with less than ten words as it would be the first thing that the customer will see.

2. Visual Story: Research says people only read about 20% of today’s content on and off the internet and their desire to find out more whether it’s a print ad such as a brochure or a digital version of it, is driven more by a photo or a very short video than a text-based, full content. Back in 2007, in an aim to raise funds and support breast cancer research and awareness, German automobile corporate giant Mercedes Benz placed an ad in the Netherlands Pink Ribbon magazine, juxtaposing car safety issues and self-examinations into one image. The result was a subtle and tongue in cheek ad depicting a crash test broken down dummy performing self-exam and completing it with the copy, “Unfortunately, we can’t test everything for you.”

3. Emphasis: Award-winning campaigns weren’t dependent on one type of storytelling; they provided multiple media types with strong messages designed specifically for what works in each marketing channel. In their 2005 print brochure campaign, Avon Slovakia featured an all-too-perfect woman reclining with one arm raised showing dark hairy armpit and one hand covering her breast. The effect was a dramatic contrast to her armpits to her otherwise flawless appearance. Tying back the theme at hand, the ad said, “Not everything that grows is visible. Regular self-examining of your breasts can save your life.” Put the same emphasis on your brand’s message in fighting breast cancer and the stigma that surrounds it.

4. Contact Details: Without your contact information, people won’t have a way to get in touch with you, except perhaps if they go out of their way to search for your page on the internet or check your company in the yellow pages. If you want them to take advantage of any pink ribbon merchandise or participate in your campaign, you should have your business name, email address and phone numbers on the brochure as well as the name of your website.

5. Theme: The moment of pride with that first post-treatment haircut. The heartbreak before chemotherapy and the insurmountable hope during treatment. These are the things that too many people take for granted and for a businessman serious about getting the message out and helping to raise awareness, having a powerful theme is as much a marketing strategy for the company as it is a brand’s unwavering social stance.

6+ Breast Cancer Tri Fold Brochure Template

Breast Cancer Tri Fold Brochure Template

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Breast Cancer Bi-Fold Brochure Template

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Breast Cancer Brochure


Breast Cancer Brochure Tri-Fold Sample


Breast Cancer Brochure Template


Breast Cancer Sample Brochure


Steps to Design a Breast Cancer Tri-Fold Brochure

There’s no greater sense of fulfillment for an entrepreneur with a heart or any person than knowing that you’re not simply making money but you’re using your brand to make a difference. This is because giving back to your community, supporting relevant causes such as breast cancer awareness, is also good for business, in that it strengthens your ties with your customer base and potential clients. Here are the steps you can use for designing a compelling breast cancer tri-fold Brochure:

1. Find your social tribe: Brands should understand the concept of social tribalism wanting to use a breast cancer awareness brochure for their campaigns and create shared values with the audience starting with understanding them comprehensively, and how they look at a message from their perspective. People are checking on social “tribes” to have a group to relate with, make the most of what they have and are happy to be motivated by members of their tribe as they discover that their goals are aligned.

2. Decide your AIDA (attention, interest, desire, and action): A brochure can hold more content than the flyer but you don’t want one that’s crammed with too much text or unorganized layout. Attention, interest, desire, and action are what makes up an attention-grabbing design. This can also get people to take action whether it is to ask for clarifications regarding the campaign, visit your company’s website, call you over the phone for donations or buy the product they’re interested in.

3. Share your cause: Once you have picked a focus for your campaign, whether it’s for awareness, raising funds to help further breast cancer research or any other program related to it, you must look for genuine opportunities to help that cause whilst furthering the cause of the whole patient and advocates’ community. You can do this by working with a non-profit organization and include them in your brochure design. In so doing, your brand has a bigger chance of communicating with an audience through a campaign that wants to address the same experience, connecting with a larger audience emotionally thereby gaining their support.

4. Make it professional: You can end up with a compelling copy for your brochure but it won’t get much response or the results you need if you have a poor design. A messy layout or one that lacks organization and visual hierarchy may be confusing to the audience. You don’t want to risk sending the wrong message with an awareness or cause campaign for obvious reasons. Additionally, text that’s hard to read falls short on quality and professionalism. Make it look professional or ditch it altogether.

Tips In Designing Breast Cancer Tri-Fold Brochure

A well-developed breast cancer brochure will resonate with customers on a deep, emotional level that goes beyond any creative advertisement. In other words, the act of giving back and supporting a worthy cause fosters an authentic connection among people in the community and a wider audience. Here are some tips to get your message through the community:

  • Be mindful: Today’s consumers are ad savvy. They are no longer easily fooled with hard selling tactics and hard selling is hardly effective in a widespread awareness campaign such as the ones done for breast cancer. Be mindful because people are, and they’re also thinking about what they believe, consume and why they consume. Many companies have tried the pink ribbon campaign but you can’t just stamp a pink ribbon on material and align your brand with the larger conversation about breast cancer.
  • Use white space wisely: There’s a reason why you see a blank space on flyer designs, brochures, and magazines. The strategic use of white space adds visual value to the brochure since it makes it less cluttered. No matter how great the imagery is, you have to admit that it has the tendency to look messy if you”re not careful. White space can also be a great way to direct the reader’s attention to the brochure’s key images or information.

Breast Cancer Tri-Fold Brochure Sizes

Depending on the type or format, a brochure can follow any size, although the following are the most common:

  • (Opened or flat) 8.5? x 11?, or a normal letter format
  • Other popular sizes are 8.5? x 14?, 11? x 17?and 11? x 25.5

Breast Cancer Tri-Fold Brochure FAQs

Who started the pink ribbon campaign for breast cancer?

Going strictly grassroots, then cancer patient Charlotte Hayley gave out peach-colored breast cancer awareness ribbons, attaching them to cards which said: “The National Cancer Institute’s annual budget is 1.8 billion US dollars, and only 5 percent goes to cancer prevention. Help us wake up our legislators and America by wearing this ribbon.” Unable to use Hayley’s ribbon, Self magazine and other people interested in promoting breast cancer awareness with a ribbon a symbol decided to go pink since Hayley refused to commercialize her campaign in 1992. And the rest as you know is history.

What happens during Breast Cancer Awareness month?

October is an eventful month for breast cancer patients and their millions of advocates. Corporate and nonprofit organizations also run campaigns related to breast cancer, taking part in the conversation and using their brand for a cause in the hopes to increase sales and strengthen connection in the community.

In addition to selling pink products, corporate advertisements may promote the company’s progressive policies or may provide free advertising for a chosen charity, such as designing and printing brochures for the breast cancer awareness campaign or other breast cancer cause-related marketing activities and materials. Through creativity, empathy, and thoughtfulness the most compelling campaigns provide a stage to show people they can help and support as well as encourage others to do the same. Breast cancer awareness done right, helps change lives and empower not only women but a multitude into rallying behind the fight for breast cancer and survival.

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