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A brochure serves as a portfolio or a compilation of the products and services that can be purchased and acquired by the market who is interested in such offerings. There are many ways that a brochure may be done, and it basically depends on the marketing program that a company wants to achieve. 

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Brochures are great marketing tools as they are handy; hence, they can be brought anywhere and can be stored appropriately. Also, they can provide many information about a business while also expressing their creative and aesthetic point of view. We can provide you with Brochure Templates that can be used for different functions. 

Free Photography Brochure Template

free photography brochure templateDownload

Free Printable Brochure Template

free printable brochure template1Download

Free Restaurant Brochure Template

free restaurant brochure templateDownload

Free Travel Brochure Template

free travel brochure templateDownload

Free Tri-fold Brochure Template

free tri fold brochure templateDownload

Photography Brochure

A photography brochure is a document that shows all the best works of a photographer. This kind of compilation seen through a brochure is commonly used for the following instances:

  • Photographers may always carry their photography brochure so they can present it to their clients anytime, anywhere.
  • There are trade shows and conventions where a photography brochure will be very handy for prospective clients who have attended the said events to see the works of a photographer so they can decide whether to hire him or her for their next photography needs.
  • A photography brochure may also serve as a compilation of a photographer’s collaboration with models, stylist, makeup artists, and even other photographers.
  • It can show the projects that have already been done by a photographer especially the clients and entities that they have already handled and worked at.

Company Brochure

A company brochure is used for the following purposes:

  • It helps in the dissemination of information with regards to the company profile for the new hires, applicants, and refresher trainees.
  • It allows the company to have a document which may be given out to guests, people who have inquiries about the business, and those who are interested to purchase products or acquire services from the company.
  • It can serve as a marketing tool by allowing guests to get one as they visit the location of the business or even provide many copies to be used for trade events and other functions.

If you want to be more aware of the usage of a company brochure and see more samples of this specific type of brochure, you may download our company brochure templates.

Free Spa Brochure Template

free spa brochure templateDownload

Free Business Brochure Template

free business brochure templateDownload

Free Corporate Brochure Template

free corporate brochure templateDownload

Free Blank Brochure Template

free blank brochure templateDownload

Free Company Brochure Template

free company brochure templateDownload

The Brochure Format and Layout

How the brochure is to look like depends on the decision of the business who is to create it. A brochure may be seen as follows:

  • It can follow the format of a book or a magazine where there are several pages that provide information about the purpose of the brochure creation.
  • It can be just an entire page layout.
  • It can be folded in many ways to provide accurate and appropriate spaces for the information that is to be presented. It can be bi-fold or tri-fold, depending on the details it holds. You may browse through our tri-fold brochure templates for more samples of tr-fold brochures

If you want to reach a wider market and if you want to create a document or marketing tool that will help you give more awareness to your brand, then having a brochure is the next thing your company has to consider doing.

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