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10+ Business Analyst Brochure Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Every business runs on their own way based on the business models they are built upon. In time, problems start to surface and they need to have solutions as early as possible. This is where the practice of business analysis comes in. It is the process of studying the business model and see what changes can be made to the organization. Business analysts are needed in this type of job.

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A business analyst must have a strong client reputation for him to be recognized in his field. One way to achieve that is by having a brochure. It is a cost-effective promotional tool that puts into detail every single thing about the analyst. For ideas on a business analyst brochure template, go over our collection of templates to get some good ideas. You may also see Business Brochure Templates.

Business Analyst Bi-Fold Brochure Template

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Size: A4, US


Business Analyst Tri-Fold Brochure Template

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Size: A4, US


Business Analyst Brochure Template

Business Analyst Brochure Template

Tri-fold Multipurpose Brochure

Business Analysis and the Business Analyst

A sample business analysis is a process of finding out the right changes needed in the organization. It also aims to improve the performance of the business, and how they do their transactions better. A business analysis needs to have enough information for the changes to be implemented. The needs are addressed and it should have a set of solutions that will surely deliver value to the stakeholders of the business.

People who are in this kind of job are called business analysts. These people create a disciplined approach to identifying the needs of the business and solving its problems. They also make a detailed timeline of the duration in which the changes can be made, as well as determining the factors and requirements for the business to reach its objectives. Business analysts have to understand the business model and how it works, before making decisions on which parts have to be changed. They work at all levels of the organization just to make the changes possible.

Business analysts can have such a broad job description. Several job titles that require business analysis skills have also come out. These jobs include software development, product management, and quality assurance.

Market and Business Analysis Tri-fold Brochure

Business Tri-Fold Brochure Example

Business Tri Fold Brochure Template

Multi-Use Trifold Brochure Template

Things To Consider When Designing A Brochure

Designing any kind of promotional tool that heavily relies on visuals takes skill, patience, and persistence. Several factors have to be considered when you design a brochure. Here are some of them:

1. Color

When designing a brochure, colors should be used to their maximum potential. Learn how to contrast and blend some colors in your photo editing applications. Software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign have a wide range of choices in colors, in all shades and contrasts. Colors matter in a brochure design since it is a visual promotional tool to attract more customers and clients. Use colors as effectively as you can to fully enhance the visuals of the whole brochure.

2. Content

The words written on brochure matters as much as the colors do. It has great weight in making people feel things when they read the brochure. Words can convince and call a person to action. Your brochure should include a section that tells your story as a business analyst, and why you provide the best service in town. If it is for a firm, include a brief history of the company and the profile of the business analyst being endorsed. Be careful when writing your content, as this can gather different perceptions from the readers. You may also see modern business brochures.

3. Photos

Just like colors and content, photos are also an important factor in designing brochure. People would always love to see something out of a simple and minimalist design. Edit your photos well and place them at the center in order to gain more attention from the readers. It is a principal rule in design to put photos in the center of most printed materials to gain curiosity.

4. Size and folds

More content will be printed if you use a bifold or tri-fold brochure. The good thing about brochures is that both sides can be printed. Brochures come in different sizes. Choose one that fits your budget before getting into the designing process. The popular sizes of brochures are 8.5 inches by 11 inches, 8.5 inches by 14 inches, 11 inches by 17 inches, and 11 inches by 25.5 inches.

5. Finishing touch

It is basic in design to add some finishing touches to the design before getting it printed. Check if there are imperfections in the most important details. Proofread the content to get rid of spelling and grammar errors. After adding some finishing touches, you are now ready to print the brochure. You may also see professional business brochures.

Gate-fold Business Brochure Design

Simple Business Tri-Fold Brochure

How To Do A Business Analysis

Business analysts exert so much effort in analyzing the processes of a small business. It is not a simple job where one gets to sit all day and look at documents. It is a job which requires high intelligence to understand how a business works. If you are curious on how business analyses are done, here are the basic steps in conducting one.

1. Collect information

The very first thing that you have to do when doing a business analysis is gather and collect information. It is information about the company, history, current state, and other operating matters that should fall on your lap. The system and process records are also good sources of information for your in-depth analysis. You may also see A4 business brochures.

2. Identify stakeholders

The stakeholders of the business are the ones making the decisions for the good of the whole company. The identification starts with the owners, board of directors, managers, employees and the competitors. Every party in the business must be clearly identified to have an easier analysis. Suppliers, partners, and customers of the business should also be identified as well. You may also see corporate business brochures.

3. Talk about business objectives

Analysts lay out the business objectives to be able to stay focused on the vision of the business. In order to come up with the objectives, a SWOT analysis has to be done to further dissect the current situation of the business. It determines the strengths and weakness of the business, as well as the opportunities it can get and the threats that can destroy it. After the business objectives are determined, analysts convey them to the stakeholders and ask if they agree with the said objectives. It needs a lot of discussion and brainstorming to come up with a decent list of business objectives.

4. Consider options

Business objectives are made to be achieved. To do that, several options have to be considered. Some of the possible options in achieving business objectives include building a product from scratch, buying an existing system or service, and customizing an existing solution. The factors that can affect these options are cost and feasibility. Every option needs to be discussed to further narrow down the objectives. You may also see tri-fold business brochures.

5. Define the scopes

The scope identifies which parts of the business are included in the analysis and those parts that are excluded as well. It states the boundaries on where the analyst can only do his work. There are some parts that should be left out as well. A scope definition document is written in this part of the business analysis. You may also see business PSD brochures.

6.  Make delivery plan

The delivery plan of the business analysis is the detailed timeline made by the business analysts and project owners in delivering the needed requirements for the analysis to be completed. The delivery plan should include the stakeholders and their availability, the project requirements and the methodology to be made. You may also see business marketing brochures.

7. Define project requirements

The project requirements will be listed in the document. When stating the project requirements, you have to clarify them to the business owner to get a go signal so it can be sent to the development team. This team will put your plan into action. Project requirements are divided into functional and non-functional. The functional requirements include prototypes, wire frames and storyboards. The non-functional ones are those that include the stability, security and the performance of the project. You may also see business event brochures.

8. Proceed with implementation

Before the project gets to be implemented, it has to go through a series of processes. The deliverables have to be aligned with the business requirements. For the implementation to be facilitated, update and repackage of the project requirements are done first. Once it is implemented, you have to manage the changes being made as well. You may also see professional brochure templates.

9. Evaluate

After all the necessary implementations and planning, every part of the project must be evaluated. Progress is tracked in this stage and there will be several revisions along the way. Every change will surely help the business become better in the long run. You may also see flat design brochures.

Multipurpose Tri-fold Brochure Template


Business analysis is important in changing some things in the business. It is a helpful tool for the business to achieve better performance in the market and stay in their current position, or even go beyond that. You may also see modern brochure designs.

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