8+ Best Catering Food Brochure Templates

Brochures are advertising pieces that help companies communicate important attributes and benefits about their products and services. Food brochures may speak about things like a new food product for your company, information about a food catering business you are opening, nutrition facts for a particular food item, a food event/conference, etc.

Create a Beautiful Food Brochure in 5 Steps

Step 1: Layout and Design

Decide on a beautiful layout and design for your company brochure. Choose the thematic elements that match your business. These include a broad theme, colour and appearance for the brochure. If your business has a colour scheme, design your brochure to match it perfectly.

Step 2: Work on the Front Cover

Your brochure front panel works like the eye-attracter of what you are going to present inside. Design the front panel to catch the eye of the reader. Include your logo and business name, your business motto, etc. Do not put too much information on this panel. It should look simple, but very bold and attractive. Write a captivating headline that makes your reader want to open your brochure and continue reading. Keep your brochure templates short and sweet.

Step 3: Design the Inside Panels

This is also one of the most important parts of your brochure. Consider whether a graphic matches the theme and colour of your brochure. Confirm that it will be appropriate for the size of the block you have set aside for it. The most important benefit of your food product or service should be in the headline. Make your customers mouth water by providing delicious looking pictures in your brochure. Highlight your best and keep the restaurant’s identity in mind.

Step 4: Outline the Remaining Spreads

Choose a theme for each of the other four panels. Themes include a description of different products and services, company history, company’s contributions to charity and help, etc. Gather attractive and appropriate graphics for each graphics block. On one of the sides, write a brief description of what your catering service does and include pictures and images of your food product or service

Step 5: Finally, the Back Cover

Put contact information, directions and/or a location map on the back panel to give customers a detailed view of your locality. This makes it easier for people to find your business location. For contact information, including your company name, address, telephone number and email address. Summarize the food product or service you are offering and give reasons why consumers should buy it.

8+ Best Catering Food Brochure Templates

1. Elegant Food Catering Brochure

elegant-food-event-catering-brochure Download

It is very important to make your brochure designs look elegant and pleasing to the reader’s eye. It acts as a representation of you and your food catering service. A brochure can also be in the form of a booklet, like the one above. Give a detailed description of your company, what your facilities are, what events do you cater to, what dishes and cuisines you offer, etc.

2. Brochure for Food Catering Template

brochure-for-food-catering-template Download

The more attractive your brochure is, the more people will want to read it and try the cuisines you offer. Do not forget to mention who you are and what all services you provide. Contact information is very important, as that is the only way people can reach you. If you are a subsidiary of any other company, do give credits to them.

3. Sample Catering Food Brochure Template

sample-catering-food-brochure Download

Mention all the possible cuisines you provide in your catering service. Also, don’t be afraid to try out new cuisines from time-to-time. This will increase the chances of increased profit for your catering services. Give a detailed list, like the template above, which gives details of the Japanese dish sushi with the price. This will not only make your brochure look good, but will also help clients choose the dishes in their budget.

4. Basic Catering Food Brochure Template

basic-catering-food-brochure Download

Communicate the message you want your reader to take from your brochure. Include a visual of your food product or service as well. This will make the brochure more appealing to the eye. Make it a point to keep your brochure simple but attractive.

5. Modern Food Catering Brochure

modren-food-catering-brochure Download

Catering plays an important role in events. The way you present your event brochures to all the guests should be pleasing enough. The brochure should give a gist of all the available food cuisines and dishes at your catering service and also the services you are willing to provide on special requests.

6. Standard Food Catering Brochure

standar-food-catering-brochure Download

There are multiple catering brochure templates available to design your brochures in your own way. The type of food differs from event to event. Your brochures should follow the same too. Different looks for different occasions. Make sure that you design your brochure in a way that attracts the reader’s eye.

7. Corporate Event & Caterer Tri-Fold Broucher

corporate-event-caterer-tri-fold-brochure Download

In every brochure you make, add all your contact details. If you have a website, then give the website details and email address through which people can contact you. Mention the services you provide, whether you do the event planning or you work for someone who does, etc. Mention the events you possibly cater for.

8. Sample Food Catering Brochure Template

sample-food-catering-brochure Download

Events like weddings, parties, corporate events, ceremonies, etc. and the type of cuisines you provide for each of them can be mentioned in your brochure if required. If you provide special services like boxed lunches, desserts, lunch buffets, etc., make sure that you use vibrant pictures and fonts to make your brochures look elegant and colourful to the reader’s eye.

9. Catering Event Tri-Fold Brochure Template

catering-event-tri-fold-brochure Download

Any sheet of paper or cardboard, folded into three sections along two parallel lines and is used to present information, typically as a brochure or pamphlet is called a tri-fold brochure. If you are using a tri-fold brochure, make use of all the space to create a beautiful catering service brochure for your company. Mention all the possible details and services about your company in it.

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