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Building a structure or any edifice requires a lot of planning and meeting with various suppliers to assure that the vision of the construction project will be brought to life. There are many items in the field of construction that should all be listed and well prepared so that it can give the function that they are required to serve for the purposes of the construction project.

A construction company brochure is very essential for construction companies to present their services and products to their clients. Other than our construction company brochure samples and templates, we can also give you samples of other brochure templates, which may be used for other industries and functions.

Free Construction Brochure Template


Free Construction Company Brochure Template


Construction Company Brochure

construction-company-brochure-pdf Download

Simple Brochure Construction Company

brochure-construction-company Download

Charles Construction Company Brochure

charles-construction-company-brochure Download

Computer Construction Company Brochure

computer-construction-company-brochure Download

Construction Company Trifold Brochure

construction-company-tri-fold-brochure Download

Construction Company Brochure

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Trifold Construction Company Brochure

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Architecture Portfolio

A construction brochure may actually serve as a portfolio for an architecture business. A construction company brochure used for this purpose includes the following items:

  • A short background about the company and its nature of business and operations
  • The sample architectural projects that the company has already done the past years
  • The photographs of the projects and the details of the project for the clients to see the attention to details being put in all the projects that they have made
  • Description of the projects that they have already done to assure the clients that they have a wide range of products and services to choose from

Construction Needs and Items Brochure

A construction company brochure may also be a way for a company to present its products, especially if they specialize in providing items and tools that are needed for the processes of constructions. Businesses who may use a construction company brochure this way are the following:

  • Carpentry shops
  • Businesses concerned with wood works
  • Roofing plants and warehouses
  • Glass ad aluminum suppliers
  • Other businesses that are involved in the process of construction may they be directly or indirectly involved in the processes of constructing the structure of the building as some are more concerned with providing parts needed for construction

Aside from the samples that we already have in this article, you may download more construction brochure templates in the link provided.

Bifold Construction Company Brochure

bifold-construction-company-brochure Download

Sunshine Construction Company Brochure

sunshine-construction-company-tri-fold-brochure Download

Energy Construction Corporate Brochure

energy-construction-corporate-brochure Download

The Construction Company Brochure

Whatever template you use, make sure that you put these items in the construction company brochure that you are to make:

  • The kind of construction that you offer which can be for residential or commercial purposes
  • The products and services that consumers may get and acquire from you
  • The nature of business of your construction company
  • The number of years that you have already been in the business and the list of clients that you’ve already handled
  • The kind of projects that you can commit yourselves into
  • The vision and mission of the company
  • The kind of professional relationship that your company can offer to the clients

Kinds of Projects to Showcase

If you are a construction company, you need to assure that the projects that you are to present to your clients through a brochure are your best works. This means that you need to select samples that shows your best works and your field of expertise in terms of construction businesses.

It is truly important to know the kind of company that you are and the projects that you can offer and deliver so that your brochure can fully reflect those and you will be able to present yourself well in the market where you have a current hold and the markets that you still want to penetrate.

Other than our construction company brochure samples, you may also download our company brochure templates.

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