9+ Corporate Hotel Brochures

Hotels use brochures so they can have a document to present whenever their clients need to know more information about the services that they can acquire or the products that they can purchase within the hotel premises. Corporate hotel brochures may also be used to present information about the hotel business and its daily operations.

The design and the content of a corporate hotel brochure are both important as they reflect the entirety of the hotel where it is made for. We can provide you with samples of corporate hotel brochures and other Free Brochure Templates so you can have references in creating your own brochure to be used for a particular purpose.

Corporate Luxury Hotel Brochure



Corporate Hotel Business Brochure



Corporate Hotel Management Brochure



Corporate Hotel Indesign Brochure



Free Corporate Hotel Brochure



Hotel Facilities and Amenities

One thing to highlight in a hotel brochure are the facilities and amenities of the hotel. This will help the hotel to be viewed as a product where the room conditions and the available spaces within the bounds of the hotel will be seen as its quality standards. A few facilities and amenities that you can feature in a corporate hotel brochure are as follows:

  • Hotel rooms are very essential to be featured as it is one of the main reasons why clients select the hotel where they are to check in. Hotel room features may include the size of the beds, the bathroom facilities like bathtubs and heaters, the floor size and floor plan of the room, the basic necessities that the guests may use during their stay, and other attributes of the hotel rooms that can make them more salable.
  • The restaurants and other food establishments of the hotel may also be great selling points, especially if they can only be seen in the hotel premises and not on any other location.
  • Special facilities like gyms, spas, swimming pools, convention halls, and conference rooms should also be included in a corporate hotel brochure as these items can attract group stay ins and bookings.

Other than our corporate hotel brochure samples, our other Corporate Brochure Templates are also available for download.

Trifold Corporate Hotel Brochure



Multipurpose Corporate Hotel Brochure

Multipurpose Corporate Hotel Brochure


Corporate A5 Hotel Brochure




Corporate Hotel Catalog Brochure



Modern Corporate Hotel Brochure



Other Inclusions of a Corporate Hotel Brochure

Aside from the amenities and facilities of a hotel, here are more items that can be seen in a corporate hotel brochure:

  • A brief description about the hotel including its beginnings, the company who funded its operations, the owner of the hotel, and information or messages coming from the hotel director or hotel operations manager.
  • The corporate hotel brochure may also give emphasis on the kind of business that the hotel offers, which may be for leisure, business functions, or a combination of both.
  • The events that the hotel may host should also be included especially if they are targeting to get group sales both for the reason of income generation and for marketing purposes as more people will know about the hotel’s offerings.
  • The contact information of the hotel is very important to be included in a corporate hotel brochure as clients need to be able to know the numbers or addresses that they may contact should they want to place a booking or they want to know something about a particular product of service that the hotel offers

If you want to see more samples of this particular kind of brochure, we have more Hotel Brochure Templates available for download in the link provided.

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