9+ Design Company Brochures

When it comes to effective marketing strategy, a company or organization should come up with a visually powerful creative marketing tools (such as posters, flyers, or brochures) that could help the exposure of the company’s objectives and as well as attracting customers into buying or availing the products as great visual presentations can give out an illusion of desire and a great impression to those who see it.

An example of it is a comparison of two distinct design styles like a perfectly designed brochure with clean and decent design will give out a public impression of it being classy and of good quality, whereas a tacky design will give out an impression of cheapness. So the design of your marketing elements is vital to the success of your business, so it is important to focus on it if you want to increase the leverage of your sales.

Here are several beautiful 9+ PSD Company Brochures sample templates you can use on your marketing tools, as each samples are carefully and perfectly designed to create a powerful effect on your marketing plan.

Best Corporate Design Company Brochure



Garden Design Company Brochure



Modern Design Company Brochure



Property Company Brochure Design



 Design Company Profile Brochure



Some Elements to Consider

There is no hard and fast rule in creating a brochure, but to truly attract audiences and keep hold of their attention,  keep in mind these elements:

  • Create a design theme that will suit the company’s product and services.
  • Create a design structure that is simple and clean so that it would give out a sophisticated look and classy impression.
  • Be straightforward when writing a content for your brochure. Make sure it makes sense and no flowery words. 
  • Choose neutral or basic colors for your brochure design, as bright colors (especially neon types) will give out a trashy feel to it.

Some Sample Types of Brochure Templates

  • Half Fold Brochure Templates is best used when for business presentations.
  • Classic Tri Fold Brochure Templates is the most commonly used type, in which you usually see as a real estate brochures and other product brochures.
  • Four-Paneled Brochure Templates is usually as a promotional leaflet. Sample of this are church leaflets and magazine brochures.
  • Z Fold Brochure’s Template structure is created in a zigzag form and is commonly used for mailing or quick handout.

How Can I Edit These Brochure Templates?

Since most of the sample templates on this list are created as PSD files, then you can edit them on a photo-editing software such as Photoshop. If you don’t have the software, you can download the complete, paid license on the Adobe’s official website. For tutorials, you can always check out more on any browser, just use the keyword search “How to edit Brochure Templates.”

Real Estate Design Company Brochure



Restaurant Design Company Brochure

Restaurant Design Company Brochure


Security Design Company Brochure



Vintage Design Company Brochure



Fashion Design Company Brochure



More Awesome Brochure Templates

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