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The overall look of a designer’s space and display area can say a lot about the entirety of his or her visual and design aesthetic. However, these can also be translated to the brochures sample that he or she gives to the clients. A fashion brochure is a very much needed marketing tool for people to be interested about the designer and his or her design pieces. You may view our brochure designs and incorporate different elements depending on how it will be used and what will it be used for.

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Fashion Designer Tri-Fold Brochure Template

fashion designer tri fold brochure
File Format
  • Ms Word
  • Pages
  • Publisher
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign

Size: US, A4


Fashion Designer Bi-Fold Brochure Template

fashion designer bi fold brochure template
File Format
  • Ms Word
  • Pages
  • Publisher
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign

Size: US, A4


Tri-fold Fashion Brochure

tri fold fashion brochure Download

Fashion Square Brochure

fashion square brochure Download

Modern Fashion Brochure

modern fashion brochure Download

A5 Fashion Brochure

a5 fashion brochure Download

Fashion and Beauty Brochure

fashion and beauty brochure Download

Fashion Store Tri-fold Brochure

fashion store tri fold brochure Download

Fashion Brochures for Fashion Weeks

There are a lot of fashion brochures that you may see during fashion weeks. In these times, participating designers create a brochure to showcase the new designs that he or she has created for the event. It serves as a souvenir for the unveiling of new items that are included in his or her line.

Fashion brochures are very important during fashion weeks as it allows people who have attended the event to share to others the different details of a designer’s specific fashion week collection.

Fashion Brochures for a Capsule Collection

A capsule collection also uses brochures to have a compilation of the items that are included in a specific collection. Capsule collections are available only for a limited duration so it is needed for fashion brochures to give details about it and let people know the time frame that the items included in the brochure will be available for purchase.

Capsule collections may also be a result of a collaboration of ready-to-wear clothing stores and a designer so a fashion brochure used for this purpose may also serve as a documentation of the output made by the two merging parties. Aside from our fashion brochures, you may also download our photography brochures from our website.

Spring Fashion Brochure

spring fashion brochure Download

Fashion Photography Brochure

fashion photography brochure2

Fashion Catalogue Brochure

fashion catalogue brochure1 Download

Fashion Bi-fold Brochure

fashion bi fold brochure Download

Fashion Portfolio Brochure

fashion portfolio brochure Download

Designer Fashion Brochures

The world of fashion is very competitive. The field is a mix of seasoned designers and the newcomers who can emerge as one of the industry’s movers in due time. With the amount of competition that each designer have, it is not only important to create stunning wearable pieces but also to be able to present them the best possible way both in person and in print.

Designers use fashion brochures to compile and give information about their specific collections. If all of these brochures are gathered, it can serve as a portfolio that the designer may present to his or her clients.

Brand Fashion Brochures

Different clothing and accessory brands also need fashion brochures to create a list of their items for sale. If used for this purpose, it very usual to see the amount of each piece and a minimal description about it. Brands use fashion brochures to promote their products and raise awareness about what they are offering.

It is of most importance for businesses to create a fashion brochure that sticks with their brand and represents them really well. The best thing to do is to select photographs, designs, and contexts that are true to the product offerings of the business.

You may also view our beauty parlor brochures if the information that we have provided about fashion brochures is already enough for you.

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