How to Make a Preschool Brochure [10+ Templates]

Preschool is an important part of a child’s development. It allows children to learn how to socialize with other children their age. Make sure that your preschool gets the attention it deserves by using brochure designs. Brochures are a great way to market your preschool because it is something parents can bring home, read, and use it as a comparison. Show them what you have to offer by making your own preschool brochure.

5 Steps to Make a Preschool Brochure

Step 1: Choose an appropriate template

Why waste time making a preschool brochure from scratch? Save time by using a preschool brochure template. By using a template you essentially cut out the time you could have wasted. A template, however, is simply a guide for you to use. The overall design is still up to you.

Step 2: Compile the necessary details

Know what details you want to be added to your preschool brochure. The most common details or information provided are as follows; brief school description, vision and mission statement, an overview of the classes, school address, and all contact details. You can add more information if you have space, or if you need to.

Step 3: Compile the images that are to be used

Taking and compiling all the pictures you intend to put into your preschool brochure. There are plenty of royalty-free images you can use online. Having your own images, however, gives your brochure a personal touch. Compile these images early on. This way, you don’t have to keep looking for images later on.

Step 4: Finalize and finish the layout

At this point, you should already be finalizing your preschool brochure. Make sure that your preschool brochure is not overcrowded with too many images or too much information. Keep your descriptions brief, concise, and straight to the point. The brochure is your way of advertising. Make sure your brochure catches the attention of parents.

Step 5: Test Print the brochure

Colors and images do not always come out the way it looks on the computer. Be sure to print several samples before ass producing your preschool brochure. This ensures that your preschool brochure comes out the way you want it to.

10+ Preschool Brochure Templates

1. Preschool Tri-Fold Brochure Template


Show everyone that you are the best choice of preschool for young students. Show off your facilities through this advertising tool. This preschool tri-fold brochure template allows you to show off not just your facilities, it also allows you to show parents a brief overview of your curriculum.

2. Preschool Bi-Fold Brochure Sample


Parents want what is best for their children. When choosing a preschool, these parents want to know exactly what they are getting into. Show them what you can offer with this preschool bi-fold brochure. This template is downloadable in multiple file types such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and other similar software.

3. Preschool Promotional Bi-Fold Brochure


Choosing the right preschool is a very important decision for any family. Show them that your preschool is the one to beat with this preschool promotional bi-fold brochure. Conveniently, this brochure can be downloaded in multiple formats. Download now, edit, and print! Download this flyer now and show them why you’re the best!

4. Preschool Promotional Tri-Fold Brochure


Knowledge is an early investment in our children’s futures. Show parents why you are the best choice of preschool. With this preschool promotional tri-fold brochure, show off the reason why you are a worthwhile investment. Conveniently downloadable in multiple file types such as Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and other similar editing software for your convenience.

5. Simple Preschool Bi-Fold Brochure


Preschool is an essential building block in the growth of children. This part of their childhood helps them develop social interaction skills. This is where they learn the basics of most subjects as well. Show parents that you and your school are capable of helping their children learn and grow.

6. Pre School Brochure Template


You are going to have more kids than you bargained for with this preschool brochure. Colorful, vibrant, eye-catching, and best of all, informative. Download this preschool brochure and edit in your choice of editing software. Available in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and Publisher for your editing convenience.

7. Child Care Preschool Bi-Fold Brochure


What better way to show parents that you run a trustworthy and caring preschool than this child care preschool brochure? This informative brochure was designed by professionals with preschools in mind. Simply download in the file format you are comfortable working in, edit with your preferred software, then print!

8. Free Preschool Brochure Template


Use this amazing attention catching preschool brochure. This brochure is perfect for promoting excellent establishments like your preschool. Downloadable in multiple file types such as Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Publisher for ease of editing. Download now and customize to fit all your advertising needs.

9. Simple Preschool Tri-Fold Brochure


Preschool was designed for children to learn not only the basic subjects that will be taught to them in the early stages of life but to teach them social skills as well. This will be the cornerstone of how the children learn, grow up, and become active members of society. Show parents why your school should be chosen with this brochure.

10. Trifold brochure for Preschool


This tri-fold brochure was designed specifically for preschools. Professionally and artistically designed, to not only catch the attention of parents looking for preschools, but this brochure was also designed to be easy to use. Download in your preferred file type, edit, and print.

11. Elegant Preschool Trifold Brochures


Looking for the right preschool brochure template to use? Look no further. This elegant preschool brochure template is sure to fulfill your needs. This high-quality brochure is easy to customize. Simply download and edit in your choice of editing software. It’s quick, easy, and simple.