7+ Legal Tri-Fold Brochure Templates

Capitalist overlords ruled in a monotony of economic domination during the last years of America’s 19th century. The exploits of Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and a couple other names in the United States’ corporate history defined post-modern American entrepreneurship, fueling the rise of one of the most significant private organizations—the law firm. Since then, the legal profession became a competitive industry rife with overwhelming downward pricing and the pressure of relentless competition.

Elements of A Legal Brochure Tri-Fold Template

Today, lawyers are earning a mean annual wage of over $136,000, from a total of 101.8 billion in legal services with corporate legal departments in the United States accounting for 37.1 billion market share in 2018. The legal services industry is changing as demand for expansion of corporate legal departments, globalization, and alternative law firms continue to grow. If you’re a partner, you can improve your firm’s marketing strategy by going traditional with a tri-fold brochure.

Here are the elements it should include:

1. Name and Logo: The layout of your tri-fold brochure template should be built around the firm’s logo, name, and corporate identity. If your firm is relatively new, your logo may need some work and added graphic touches so that anyone who looks at your brochure will remember it well. The name and logo also add professional flair to your brochure thereby making it a worthy visual representation of your business.

2. Cover: Design a cover that demands and catches attention. Effective brochure covers have organized designs made up of high-quality images, business logo and a catchy headline which would hook the reader in, enough for him or her to want to flip the pages and read the brochure in full, instead of just glancing at it twice and throwing it after a minute or two. Set your headline in bold font to make it prominent and easy to notice.

3. Photos: Using images and photos are another way to reaffirm your firm’s brand statement without having to say much with words. However, you can’t be dependent on images alone in getting the desired result. Keep it to 2–4 images so that the layout wouldn’t look cluttered. Also, putting a picture of your office building just would be a turn-off, no matter how good it looks, because people need to see that you’re there to help them and not just show off how far you’ve come.

4. Main Text: The main text should be found at the center of your legal brochure making it the design’s focal point. It needs to have all the information regarding the services you provide, with costs and specifications but you need to be wary of using a dollar amount so that your brochure wouldn’t look like a price list. Write your content, in clear, business language and avoid using too many legal terms that the client won’t understand. Before you begin, come up with a list of legal services and corresponding descriptions.

Law Firm Tri-Fold Brochure

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Legal Tri-Fold Brochure Template

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Law Firm Tri-fold Brochure


Legal Brochure Tri-fold Template


Tri-fold Brochure for Law Firm


Legal Tri-fold Brochure Template


Law Firm Tri-fold Brochure Template


The law firms’ golden age spanned from the late 1950s through the early 1960s, developing deep, enduring relationships with corporate clients and securing steady growth through the decades. Just when you thought the firm’s glory days were over, corporations are lining up to get legal advice and those who are in trouble with the law know which firms to trust.

To build your client base, create a brochure using these steps:

1. Understand your base: Make sure you understand what your audience wants. What is that one thing that keeps them coming back to you, choosing your firm to represent them instead of the lawyers across the street? How do you take on special cases? What are you offering that the competition can’t match? Start asking these questions with your sales force and ask feedback from your customers before planning your brochure design.

2. Plan your tri-fold brochure for AIDA: To garner your targeted response, plan your brochure for attention, interest, desire, and action. The design needs to have enough aesthetic elements and great content for the audience to want to read it in full and be interested to choose your legal services. It also has to have a call to action, convincing your prospective clients that they need your services and it is only through your firm that they can solve a legal problem.

3. Be mindful of your graphics and headlines: The average person’s attention span is less than ten seconds. That’s all you’ll ever get, so if your brochure design isn’t good enough to hold their attention in a split-second glance, your material isn’t going to make it. The headline and graphics you use on the cover need to make an impact, otherwise, your brochure is simply going to the trash.

4. Make it professional: You may have a compelling content full of client reviews and topnotch highlighting of the best services your firm can offer, but it won’t make much impact if it has a haphazard design. A brochure with a cluttered layout and one that lacks visual hierarchy will be hard and confusing to read. Having too much gone on in a limited space won’t get your message through and makes your business look second-rate, which is the last thing you want if your goal is to strengthen your client base.

Tips In Designing A Legal Brochure Trifold Template

You’re not just promoting any business. You are promoting legal services which means your brochure need all the look of authority its design can give. Use these tips in finalizing your legal tri-fold brochure design:

  • Have a layout for your content: Once you have approved brochure design submissions, you can start planning the layout of your design. Grids will help you to break copy or information into digestible, readable chunks. If you have decided to use templates as your guide such as the ones included in this article, you’re free to customize and edit to tailor them to what your firm needs.
  • Use white space wisely: Have you noticed blank space on magazine, brochure and flyer designs? That space is there for a reason. Using white space strategically gives the brochure a clean look while maintaining its visual appeal. No matter how phenomenal and authentic your imagery is, if the brochure, on the whole, looks messy, it won’t be able to give you the results you want.

Depending on the type or format, a brochure can follow any size, although the following are the most common:

  • (Opened or flat) 8.5″ x 11″, or a normal letter format
  • Other popular sizes are 8.5″ x 14″, 11″ x 17″and 11″ x 25.5″

Legal Brochure Tri-Fold Template FAQs

What does it mean to be a partner in a law firm?

Most law firms operate as partnerships so when a lawyer becomes a partner, that’s the time he or she transitions his or her role from being an employee of the firm to becoming a part-owner and sharing in the firm’s profits (and liabilities).

What’s the best way to draw attention to my brochure?

One of the things you need to consider in designing your brochure is how to make it easy for your audience to respond. Include your online platforms on the content and make sure your business phone number, website URL are easily found in your call-to-action.

A firm’s ability to manage overhead costs and keep from overspending eventually decides its survival in an increasingly competitive and demanding industry. As traditional as a brochure may seem, a winning design still gets the job done when it comes to winning more clients. You may have the best rookies, hungry to prove themselves but if you fail to market your services well, their capabilities won’t be enough to sell themselves and represent the firm.