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19+ 3D Pop-up Brochure Designs

Below are some three-dimensional pop-up brochure designs. They are not created just for colors. There is something beyond that. Along with a rich tone, they are the 3D versions. With these, you can create one for your business that makes you feel proud even after months. Right from the concept to design to execution- everything of these samples will astonish you. They already empower global brands and agencies. Now it’s your turn. Run an ultimate campaign for various clients with these.

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Expocolour 3D Pop-Up Brochure Template

3D Pop Out Designs Album

Editorial Design Pop-up Brochure

This was created by the artist to promote Toy Machine’s line of Deco Skateboards. Here he tried to recreate the life and energy of skateboarding through the effects of pop-ups. However, he succeeded to inject a surprise with every flip of the page.

Microsoft Pop-up Brochure

This Pop-up brochure is for a program of Microsoft Partners in Columbia named “Partnership for Education”. The intention is to inform students, managers, and teachers about the initiatives of this program and their opportunities for participation.

Applying the pop-up technique to street art. It surely helps the opening of your street art exhibition or event while augmenting the reality. It went down so well here and you still have time to try this.

Visual Identity Pop-up Brochure

Replace your Brochure Template with this virtual identity pop-up brochure. Nowadays, many brochures are popping up all the time. But is your brochure popping up in a three dimensional way? Check.

3D Pop-up Brochure with Monument

This Pop-up brochure with the monument is to announce Toyota’s rugby world cup competition to their dealers in Australia. The brochure features two pop-ups and a flashing LED that plays the French national anthem.

Printing 3D Pop-up Brochure

Illustration 3D Pop-up Brochure

A handmade pop-up brochure for a mock-up event in Singapore Design Festival. Finding inspiration has never been easier. Very true. Let’s do it this way. Let your customers keep an eye out for this.

Inspiring Pop-up Brochure

You cannot make such a brochure time and again. See those ingenious sides. That’s no mundane fold job. Use it for your product’s special sales. Take a stand with this now.

Cadburry Fal?m Brochure

Amazing Pop-up Brochure

3D Pop-up Brochure by Bronwyn Rogers

Editorial Design Pop-up Brochure Design

Landscape Pop-up Brochure

Folder Pop-up Brochure

Fantasy 3D Pop-up Brochure

UV Coating Pop-up Brochure

Creative Pop Up Brochure

The above ones are proposed to make lasting impressions. To increase your product branding, they work like magic. They are exciting, beautiful, and sophisticated. With technology upgrading every day, the static flyers and brochures stand no chance in competitive market. Hence start advertising with these new era pop-ups. They look so real that people want to touch them to feel them.

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