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In the economic sector, there are three different levels of services, and these are all part of the three-sector theory in the economy. The primary sector is geared mainly in the collection or extraction of raw materials from the earth’s natural resources, and this includes farming, fishing, logging, and mining. The purpose of the primary sector is to provide raw goods that will be used by the secondary sector. You may also see company services brochure templates.

The secondary sector of the economy focuses on the utilization of raw materials for the manufacturing of finished products. Here, the materials that are being passed on to them by the primary sector will undergo certain processes through various machinery for it to become usable for consumers. If you have noticed, the common factor between the primary and secondary sectors is that they are both always tangible. You may also see legal service brochure.

Now for the third sector of the economy, otherwise known as professional service, which involves intangible products including consultation, advice, discussion, and production of information. Later, we will be discussing some of the most recognized services that belong in the tertiary sector. For now, let’s focus on what we have gathered here for you, which is a collection of professional service brochure templates that you can download if you are in need of marketing tools.

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Multipurpose Professional Services Brochure Template

multipurpose professional services brochure template

Professional Wedding Services Brochure

professional wedding services brochure

Professional Services Trifold Brochure Sample

professional services trifold brochure sample

It started off with floppy disks, which then became the more compact diskette, followed by the CD’s and DVD’s which were able to hold a lot more data than the first two mention. After the CD’s and DVDs become outdated, there were the flash disks, or thumb drives as others would call it. In the more recent years, the external hard drives have become a thing because of its very compact size and is able to hold up to 4 terabytes of data. You may also see brochure design templates.

But now, the cloud storage has slowly become more and more popular because it actually protects people’s files from getting corrupted, which was a common problem in the previous incarnations of storage spaces. If this is the type of service that your business is offering, then you might want to use the appropriately-designed tri-fold brochure template above.

Catering Services Brochure Template

catering services brochure template

Sample Business Services Brochure

sample business services brochure

Professonal Plumbing Services Brochure Template

professonal plumbing services brochure template

What Kind of Content Should be Included in a Brochure?

Different sources usually mean a different set of guidelines, and while this seems fine, it may cause a lot of confusion among readers who wish to learn how to properly design their brochures. If you want to save yourself a headache, let’s simply focus on what the most important contents are on a brochure which makes them functional.

1. Compelling Content

The main content of brochure templates, it should be able to inform and educate readers as to what the business wants for and from them, and this is more than just business descriptions and explanations, it should something that will really keep the prospect reading. A brochure’s compelling content should include the following:

1. A short background of the business – You don’t need to write down the history of how the business was founded, you simply need to mention when it started, what it aims to deliver, and the credentials that make it a trustworthy business. You may also see professional brochure templates.

2. Bullet points of the products/services being offered – Here, simply list down in an organized manner the services and products that the business is offering, and don’t forget to write a short explanation for each product or service. You may also see flat design brochures.

3. Benefits that clients will gain – Listing down the products and services of the business and explaining them is never enough to call a brochure “compelling”, there should be more information that can further entice prospects, and you can do that by discussing on benefits. People will always think of the “the catch” while reading through your brochure, and you can provide them with answers by telling them how they will be able to benefit from your products and services. You may also see creative brochures.

4. Testimonials section – Further cement the reader’s trust in your business by sharing with them what other people have to say after availing of your products and services. This will help in giving readers feedback from other customer’s perspectives, which can greatly increase the effectivity of your brochures. You may also see modern brochure designs.

2. Striking Cover Page

The first thing that people see they get a hold of your brochure is the cover page, and this can give them an initial impression towards the brochure. If the cover page looks bland to them, then they will most likely lose interest and will not bother on opening the brochure. On the other hand, if the brochure’s cover page is able to really capture their attention, then they will be intrigued by opening the brochure and read its contents.

3. Convincing Call to Action

In any form of advertising tool, businesses are always required to indicate their contact details to allow prospects to get in touch with them to ask further questions regarding what is being advertised. With brochures, it is very important to write an inviting call to action to go along with the contact details, but what does this do? A call to action is a statement which informs readers what the business wants them to do, which is to give them a call to avail of their products and services or to simply ask questions. This can be done as simple as telling readers to “Call Now”, or you may also get creative with this if you want.

Horizontal Cleaning Services Brochure Template

horizontal cleaning services brochure template

Minimalist Business Services Brochure

minimalist business services brochure

Trifold Gardening Services Brochure Template

trifold gardening services brochure template

Beautifying your lawn or garden is every homeowner’s dream to make their humble abode presentable and welcoming. But there may be instances that the homeowner lacks either the time or talent in making up their garden, which is why they will most likely ask the help from professional gardeners. If you are one, then promote yourself by using the business brochure template above.

Modern Services Trifold Brochure Template

modern services trifold brochure template

Information Technology Services Brochure Template

information technology services brochure template

Not all computer literate people know how to manage their systems. Just because they know how to use computers, it doesn’t mean they also know how to fix it when problems arise. With information technologists, their main role is to manage computers with their software and programs, making it more efficient for users while also troubleshooting software issues when they occur. If this is your field of expertise, then you might want to download and use the IT brochure template above.

Professional Cleaning Services Brochure Example

professional cleaning services brochure example

Cleanliness makes a property not only look presentable, but also conducive and healthy for the occupants inside it, and this can be applied in homes, business establishments, and institutions. While homeowners or residents can always clean their own house, establishments and institutions will require the services from professional cleaners to do the job. If you are managing this kind of business, then the cleaning company brochure template above may be perfect for you.

Best Services Trifold Brochure Template

best services trifold brochure template

What Are Some of the Most Common Professional Services?

1. Insurance Firms

These offices and their professionals are tasked to provide people with various services that they can use to safeguard themselves, their properties, or even their businesses during times of distress and unpredicted events. You may also see security company brochures.

2. Law Firms

Lawyers are responsible for protecting individuals or organizations through the use of their knowledge on legal matters. They commonly deal with any issue that needs to be resolved through legal methods, but they also handle concerns such as securing legal documents. You may also see cleaning company brochures.

3. Accounting Firms

Also referred to as bookkeeping firms, they are commonly hired by business owners to allow them to keep track of their accounts payable and receivables, as well as managing their financials. You may also see computer brochures.

4. Real Estate Firms

When people purchase properties, it is not really “given” to them by the real estate agent or broker, what these professionals do is make deals or negotiations, and to act as an intermediary agent between the buyer and the actual seller of the property. Real estate professionals gather information from their clients and refer to the real estate market to look for properties that perfectly suit the given information.

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