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Nowadays, people tend to look more on outer beauty more intricately, which is the reason why there are a lot of both women and men who need services to assure that they always look their absolute best. With this, a visit at the salon is becoming a modern-day essential. 

There are a lot of salons out there, and the competition to penetrate a specific target market is harder than ever. Aside from assuring that their professional services are better than the competitors, salons must also be able to think of ways on how to market their business. A salon brochure is very important in this situation. You may view our brochure designs and select other templates which may be used as a salon brochure.

Beauty Salon Brochure



Hair Salon Brochure



Salon Tri-fold Brochure



Spa & Beauty Salon Brochure



Salon & Beauty Treatment Bi-Fold Brochure



Spa Salon Brochure



Highlight Salon Services

To be able to fully market your salon, make sure that the highlight of your brochure is the services that you want people to acquire. It is very important for a marketing tool like a brochure to include all the items that your target market would be happy to see and would want to try. Always give focus to the services that your salon is known for or is actually great at.

Offer Salon Products

Aside from the services of the salon, you may also use the brochure to sell products that are available. Some salons create their own shampoos and conditioners to prevent hair color fade easily. Others are retailers of items that they use in actual salon processes.

Products can also be a source of income to the salon and will also allow clients to feel that they are in the correct place as hair and beauty care does not end after the salon services have been done but continues up to their houses for maintenance by using the products that they have brought from you.

Kindly check our beauty spa brochures as well for a different kind of brochure if you’re in to the “relaxation” industry.

Nail Salon Trifold Brochure



Hair Stylist and Salon Brochure



Beauty Care and Salon Brochure



Hairdresser Salon Brochure



Trifold Spa & Massage Salon Brochure



Designing a Salon Brochure

When you are already designing a salon brochure, here are a few tips that you may want to follow:

  • Know the lifestyle of your clients so you can have an idea of which salon services to highlight and give focus on
  • Make sure that the prices of your services are up to date
  • Create a design that is related to the design of the salon space
  • Use images that are eye catching. It may be photos of past clients or a photo shoot of hair care and other beauty products; and
  • Present your services and products in groups so it will be easier for those who will look at the brochure to identify where their needed salon services are located

Importance of Having a Salon Brochure

It is very important for a salon to have its own brochure. As said, competition is very stiff nowadays. You don’t want to log behind your competitors, right? It allows salons to offer their clients new services and promotions. Having a salon brochure can also provide a wider market reach as it may be brought by your clients to other places and may be shown to their colleagues who wanted to get salon services as well.

Aside from our salon brochures, you may also download our massage brochures .

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